More Buffet Choices Now Available At Genji M!

My first encounter with Genji M started a few months ago wherein I had the chance to savor their unlimited, freshly cut sashimi and sushi; and considering that they prepare it only when you order them (ala carte style), it's one of the things I appreciate the most.

After all, eating raw fish is very crucial and you don't want to end up with an upset stomach just because what you are has been laying around untouched for so long, so Genji M serves their sashimi and sushi it the best way possible.

Then again, little limelight has only been given to the fact that their unlimited sashimi and sushi rates already comes with a set of Ban Chan and unlimited servings of some of your favorite Korean dishes, such as Spicy Squid, Jap Chae, and Beef Bulgogi, among others. Everyday, they would have around three to four kinds of dishes to serve.

But when I found out a few weeks ago that Genji M is adding more dishes to their buffet menu, I was hyped! The rain did not stop me from coming there, or even two of my many food BFFs, JV and Cris. Apparently, both of them were having higher levels of cravings with Genji M's sushi rolls.

TIP: If you are visiting Genji M for the first time, I highly suggest you follow them on Facebook first. Genji M has A LOT of promos depending on the day and time that you plan to go there. Also, instead of coming there as a walk-in customer, it's really effective if you would call them for reservations as there will be times that tables are packed and you don't have to wait until you get one. Numbers are indicated below this post :)

When I went there, Genji M were currently having a holiday promo where we were able to pay half the price for unlimited sushi and sushi rolls, and more from the new buffet spread below.

Note also that there are two buffet areas in Genji M. This new buffet spread has a different rate compared to their old buffet menu, which is priced with another promo (and located just outside this area). 

Nines vs. Food - Genji M New Buffet Menu-1.jpg

Take note that Genji M offers different food selections on different days, but I assume that most of their sushi and sushi rolls are served daily. Here's a quick preview of what we had during our visit:

Have a few bites of this yummy Maki that's topped with salmon fillet and avocado.
Nines vs. Food - Genji M New Buffet Menu-2.jpg

These babies has cheese on top.
Nines vs. Food - Genji M New Buffet Menu-3.jpg

A selection of premium sushi, made with salmon, tuna, tofu skin, and flamed tuna/salmon variants. Good thing I still had the chance to take this photo while they're still intact, because after a few minutes, half of what's on this platter were already gone.
Nines vs. Food - Genji M New Buffet Menu-4.jpg

The Japanese Ramen  tasted a bit like our usual Pancit Canton, but I liked it anyway.
Nines vs. Food - Genji M New Buffet Menu-5.jpg

Some Chicken Chili and Soy Sauce for the 'hot' ladies and gents.
Nines vs. Food - Genji M New Buffet Menu-6.jpg

Veggies in Oyster Sauce. I went back a few times for this dish. The ingredients are really fresh and the veggies still had that crunch that I was looking for.
Nines vs. Food - Genji M New Buffet Menu-7.jpg

Genji M serves Lemon Chicken too! I would love to try this during our visit, but the heavy rains outside Genji M prevented me to buy some medicine for my chicken allergy. Oh well, I can always come back next time for this.
Nines vs. Food - Genji M New Buffet Menu-8.jpg

The Beef Chili Sauce is also one of my favorite dishes, which is really spicy so I loved it.
Nines vs. Food - Genji M New Buffet Menu-9.jpg

Meanwhile, on the other side of the buffet area, we've got some Grilled Chicken Wings! PASS!
Nines vs. Food - Genji M New Buffet Menu-10.jpg

But I did have an ultimate bonding moment with their Korean Pork BBQ. It was not that sweet, a bit salty, and it's pork for pete's sake. I love love love it!
Nines vs. Food - Genji M New Buffet Menu-11.jpg

They also serve their Chicken Yakitori as part of their new buffet menu.
Nines vs. Food - Genji M New Buffet Menu-12.jpg

Here's their Salmon Salad for a healthy fix.
Nines vs. Food - Genji M New Buffet Menu-13.jpg

Ahh, Fried Spring Rolls! This was served with meat and a hint of scallions.
Nines vs. Food - Genji M New Buffet Menu-14.jpg

The Baked Mussels are not entirely the large kind that you would expect them to be, but I still managed to eat a number of them because it had ham and cheese on top. A bit new for me, quite unusual, but not bad at all.
Nines vs. Food - Genji M New Buffet Menu-15.jpg

And who would resist to Gyoza? Genji M serves it fried, though. These are like my Oreos. The best way to eat Gyoza is to dunk em' in the soy sauce, and eat it in mouthfuls.
Nines vs. Food - Genji M New Buffet Menu-16.jpg

When I went to Genji M the first time, I did notice that there were no dessert choices to end our meal. But with their new buffet, they have popcorn and some ice cream to balance your palate back to its normal, happy state.
Nines vs. Food - Genji M New Buffet Menu-17.jpg

Korean / Japanese Food cravings have been pacified once again!

For inquiries and reservations: please call (02)8042883 or 09063019153.
Operating Hours: Weekdays from 11AM to 10PM; Weekends from 1130AM to 10PM.

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Genji M Official Facebook Page
Genji M Official Website
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