Le Monet Hotel: One Of The Best Places To Stay In Baguio City

In this second part of my Le Monet series (the first part being how to get to Le Monet Hotel from Manila), this post gives you a sneak peek of what it's like to stay at Le Monet Hotel in Baguio. When I arrived, I waited for a few minutes to check if my room is ready, and while waiting, I was served with a glass of Cucumber Cooler, which is perfect after a long and tiring time on the road.

Just to let you know, Le Monet has been awarded as one of the best hotels in Baguio by Tripvisor, and has been widely popular because of their super friendly staff and employees. All throughout my stay, a lot of them have been kind enough to let me borrow an umbrella, offer me a refreshment, and greet me with their smiling faces.

Le Monet Hotel in Baguio is a classy boutique style hotel, and I just love how they value artists, not only works of Claude Monet, from which the hotel was named after. The paintings surrounding the lobby and dining area are just stunning.

My room is up on the fifth floor, and this was how the hallway looked on the way to my temporary abode for 2 nights and 3 days. There's also a big exit door on the left side just in case emergencies would occur (I hope not).

Having to stay in a typically cold place like Baguio, to use an aircon is not worth it. Considering that the city is just like living on top of a mountain, our rooms were equipped with ceiling fans. My room is both elegant and functional, complete with a small living and working area, bathroom/toilet, beds, and a terrace.

For your quick entertainment needs, the room also has a widescreen TV unit and DVD player. But who needs to slouch while you're traveling. In Baguio, one of the best things is to devour the fresh air and gazing through different scenery.

I just love this vanity slash working area, which is both functional and compact at the same time.

The beds at Le Monet are so comfortable that I spent most of my time under these covers. It's like the bed is one big fresh pillow!

Plus, the room also has a small fridge with juice, soda and beer. The room also includes complimentary mineral water, coffee and tea. A list of available items is also available so you would know how much they are.

The terrace has two chairs and a table. This place is just perfect to unwind, relieve some stress and get away from the hustle and bustle in Manila. Although I admit this is not my most favorite place at night (since it's pitch black, and Baguio is known for ghosts, so go figure hehe).

Looking down from my room, I can see the beautiful garden at Le Monet, surrounded by the preserved pine trees inside Camp John Hay.

This view is AHHH-mazing...

...as amazing as this electronic toilet. Le Monet is only one of the few hotels that offers this kind of luxury for a more affordable price than the other hotels inside Camp John Hay.

I've seen hotels in Manila equipped with television sets inside the bathroom, and Le Monet boasts of this exclusive feature as well. No more boring trips to the bathroom! And would you look at the view from the bath tub. Nice, isn't it?

Some bath essentials and compliments from Le Monet.

From the terrace, here is a clear view of how the bath and toilet looks like. Don't worry though! A sturdy blind can prevent you from being seen from outside.

A few minutes after arriving though, I wasn't able to control myself to work for even just a few hours. This hotel would have to be the best I have ever experienced in Baguio so far.

And now, time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the movie...in the bathtub!

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