Le Monet Hotel in Baguio City: How To Get There From Manila

Before anything else, I would just like to share that this is my FIRST ever travel post, so I'm just thrilled to share my awesome adventures with you from now on. Food is never going to be out of the picture though, so you'd have to bear with me a bit before we get through that part.

My trip to Baguio has been long overdue and me and my friend were lucky enough to block off one weekend just to go to one of my most awaited go-to places since my last trip there in 2011. Back then, my job entailed me the opportunity to go to different places in the Philippines (including Baguio) but it was never really about relaxing or taking time off, rather, it was working for different events that became a hindrance to my travels. I never really had the chance to roam around and REALLY smell the flowers until two weeks ago. Just to give you a quick info about my trip, our destination was at Le Monet Hotel, Baguio City where I stayed for 3 days and 2 nights.

How we got there: traveling to Baguio by car is the best option you can use, although Victory Liner offers trips to going there as well. Because we used a car, our usual route was NLEX via Miindanao Avenue, SCTEX, TPLEX going to Urdaneta, La Union to Benguet and finally to Baguio. Signs are always available while you are on the road so it's relatively easy to track where you are supposed to go to. But if all else fails, nothing can get you through than a friendly smile from random locals to ask them which way you should follow. It's part of your adventure so don't be scared to do it!

My amateurish video may not be the clearest video you've seen, but I made this to remind myself on how we got to Baguio in the first place. The use of Hyperlapse is so addicting and I just used a simple movie maker to wrap this one up. So enjoy the ride and read more about my Le Monet and Baguio adventure on my other posts!

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