Be There As OTKB's Celebrates Its First Anniversary on Sept 26 to 28 With This Exclusive and Sexy Italian-Inspired Tasting Menu

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Get ready as OTKB is celebrating their first ever anniversary with all your favorite dishes with an Italian twist, along with a few of the best cocktails (and mocktails) here in the metro. And knowing that they've just been awarded by Philippine Tatler as one of the Best Restaurants this year, you would know that Olive Tree Kitchen and Bar is serious when it comes to providing good quality food and service to its guests.

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Their anniversary kicks off on September 26 to 28, where you can of course, enjoy all your favorite ala carte dishes, unwind as you sip through their special cocktails, and devour this foodporn-worthy tasting menu which will be available only on the dates above, so reservations are highly encouraged. However, I was fortunate to have tried this a few days ago prior to the actual celebration, and mind you, it was unforgettable.

If I only I was asked to day just one word on how to describe this tasting menu from OTKB, it's mindblowing. (I really wanted to say or_ _ _ _ _ _ - hehe. Make a guess. Hahaha.)

But before we officially started, I first had a few of these delicious fried spuds topped with cheese shavings, a whole roasted garlic and (assumingly) aioli. There's the crispy skin and the hot starch oozing from the potatoes, the saltiness from the cheese, and a balance when you dip it in the sauce. My mind told me not to squeeze out that perfectly roasted garlic mash, but my heart said I should do it, and it was so good. This is not your ordinary side of fries, I should say.

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According to Chef Jonvic Mangibin, OTKB's Pre-Fixed Menu is a combination of Italian influences and inspiration from Chef Rob's other restaurant, The Goose Station. He's the main man of the kitchen so we have yet to experience his awesome culinary magic for us during that night.

The menu itself is both dramatic is surprising, even with the names of each dish. Just as you expect they'd bring you Cacio e Pepe, you'll get..Cacio e Pepe! 

But it's not the Cacio e Pepe that you've seen Anthony Bourdain eating when you watched one of his episodes of The Layover.

Instead, the first on the tasting menu is a cocktail, made with House Made Limoncello Liqueur, Peppercorn Berries and Pecorino Romano Shavings, with a side of lemon wedge and a slice of Pecorino. Surprise surprise. I can't believe I didn't finish this one, even if I am a fan of cocktails. Halfway through this drink I was complaining the aircon wasn't on and it was getting quite hot, only to know that my body temperature is to blame.
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"Cacio e Pepe"
And then the 'Panna Cotta' came, which are actually Blue Crab Cakes served with Bufala Mozzarella Panna, Tomato Carpaccio, Purple Basil Flowers, Calabresh Hash and Oil. They weren't the most perfectly round fried crab cakes, but each bite is like an explosion of textures and flavors in the mouth.

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"Panna Cotta"
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OTKB's main man, Chef Rob Pengson, gladfully sits with us during that night. Hi Chef!
Next up: The 'Uovo', is a dish made with a Sous-vide Organic Egg, Parmesan Polenta, Morel Spuma, Pan Roasted Wild Mushrooms and Pistachio Citrus. Sous-vide is when you cook anything under a very low temperature for a long time (thanks to my unofficially designated seatmate and blogger friend Billy from

And yet, despite the simplicity of ingredients, with a careful eye on technique, a knack of inspiration and a love for all things new, this has got to be one of the most unique things I've ever tasted. Food porn level: 100.

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And it doesn't stop there. Next is the Agnolotti, which is filled with a Mousseline of Chorizo and Potatoes, served with a Red Cabbage Broth, Octopus Tentacles and Whipped Butter. Served like a masterpiece, the flavors go very well together in this dish. The pasta is relatively thinner but can hold even the light red sauce. The octopus is the most flavorful of all, which was why I had to cut it in half to go with my agnolotti pieces. 

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The next course is the Maialino allo Spiedo, or simply a Milk Bathed Suckling Pig, Spiced Baby Carrots, Bitter Greens Gnudi (made with mustard greens, spinach and kale), Raspberry Vinaigrette, and Pig's Head Au Jus. The meat is also fried in between two hot pans to make the meat more tender and the skin crispy, which is true by the way. Forgive me if I'm making you hungry now.

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"Maialino allo Spiedo"
And the final main course during that night is the Bistecca. A Mulwarra Tenderloin, Foie Gras Shavings back to back with a Sweetbread Caponata, Mosto Cotto and Zucchini Frites.

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For me, the fact that the meat is cooked rare, gave a distinct texture that went very well with the rest of the elements in the dish. The sweetbread capanota is amazing. The sauce is thumbs up. I'm full, but then dessert came.

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I never knew why they decided to plate a dark chocolate cake on a black plate though. But all I know was that this dessert is the best olive oil based cake I have ever had so far. Just. I can't explain. It's SO SO SO good. And to think this is supposed to be a 'healthy' dessert!

Our tasting menu ended with Olio d' Oliva, which is an Olive Oil Sponge with Pineapple Mousse, coated with Lemon Liqueur Ganache and topped with a Compressed Orange and Fennel.

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"Olio d'Oliva"
This is by far the most dense sponge I have ever had, plus there's no hint of that sour pineapple taste that I thought would ruin the whole thing. It was smooth, not so sweet, dark and sexy.

Kudos and Congratulations once again to the people behind OTKB, and again a happy happy anniversary!

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OTKB's Men of The Hour: Victor, Chef Jonvic Mangibin and Chef Rob Pengson
Dont forget to contact them if you are itching to try this special tasting menu! To know more about OTKB's other dishes, check out my other article:

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To contact OTKB, check out the following information below:
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