Munchtown Offers Everything But The Kitchen Sink (Dog) And More To Foodies

It's the only town I know where you can enjoy a wide variety of all the munchies you can think of...and they're all seriously delicious. Take a trip to the new and extended Promenade mall in Greenhills and come on over to Munchtown. This new casual dining restaurant is a must-visit for those who are in for something different while watching a movie (since the place is just right beside the cinemas)

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It's like a food collective on its own as Munchtown currently offers a wide variety of food choices for the picky, the hungry, the health conscious, the sweet tooth, and all other types of eaters, both young and old.

From the guys that brought you Green Pastures, Cyma, Yumi, Kessaku in Alabang, and Burgers and Brewskies (and more), I was assuming that Chef Robby Goco and Donny Elvina envisioned Munchtown with only one word: EVERYTHING. 

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Even their drink selection doesn't get left behind at all. And they also serve beer (yes, I can see it clearly on the photo)

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Forget about your usual burgers, hotdogs, and soda as Munchtown literally takes movie food to a whole new level. But if ever watching a movie is not your thing, the place has enough chairs for groups and families alike.

Would you care for a whole pizza delivered right to where you are seated? WHY OF COURSE. Check out this Cheese Pizza, which is made with mozzarella and cheddar. Best served hot of course.

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And who would be in the wrong mind to order a Pepperoni Pizza? No one! Munchtown gave this pizza it a bit more depth of flavor with just a few addition of cherry tomatoes, baked into sweet morsels as they cling on with the warm cheese and savory pepperoni.

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Nothing to be confused here. The one on the right is the Margherita (a classic blend of red, white and green); while the one on the left is the Marinara, which has a more rustic flavor combination with bell peppers, capers, olives, cherry tomatoes and oregano.

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I just noticed that the way Munchtown's pizzas are shaped makes them a bit more sturdy to hold inside the cinema compared to the normal round pizza that other restaurants may have. If you're interested to go short on the cheese instead, try the Vongole Pizza. It's made with clams, garlic, chili flakes, parsley oil, salt and Grana Padano (which is not exactly but quite similar to Parmigiano Reggiano). 

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You can't find ordinary cheeseburgers on this joint. Munchtown's Burger Jam with Cheese is made with 130g Black Angus Beef and a homestyle jam that sets the record straight. It's a wonderful combination of sweet and savory and gooey all over.

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What I live about Munchtown is that the place seems to be a fast paced food joint with the luxury of still customizing your food according to their available choices. This Cheeseburger, for example, was made 'munchtown style' by using caramelized onions instead of the fresh kind. You can make it even more appetizing by adding bacon or a side of fries if you want!

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Munchtown is also 'Home of the Sliders'. These not-so-mini burgers are made with Black Angus Beef, served with Russian dressing, ketchup, pickles, caramelized onions and cheddar cheese. Can't get enough of these Sliders? These are available in one, three, six and nine-piece orders.
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I have always been particular about eating fries, especially if it's not made the proper way. As I grew wiser (and my waistline gets bigger), I can say that in my age, I have perceived fastfood fries as one of my worst enemies. However, I love it that all the fries at Munchtown are made fresh (with Igarota Idaho potatoes) straight from the Munchtown kitchen.
Munchtown's Black Truffle Fries is a must-try in its simple yet elegant glory. Sprinkled with truffle salt, dressed with truffle oil and topped with grilled chicken liver. Oh my I am craving for it again as I write this.

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You may not see this on the menu, but if it be, then try ordering some Bacon Fries for your quick bacon and fries fix. Look at how Muchtown doesn't skimp on ingredients at all, which proves that you're always gonna get the best out of anything you'd like to eat there.
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And what else could be better with fries than dogs! Their line of Smokees are as follows:
This Deputy Dog captured my heart, because it's made with pulled pork, cheddar cheese and topped with pickled onions. It's actually one of Munchtown's bestsellers, and I got to know that even better with just one bite. The hotdog wasn't like the one you used to buy in the supermarkets, but it had quite the texture of a good quality sausage. 
More on pulled pork after the next few photos below!

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If you're wondering what the E.B.T.K.S. Dog is all about, then you may be surprised to discover that it literally means Everything But The Kitchen Sink! It's got chunky meat sauce, cheese, jalapenos and caramelized onions on top of their special in-house hotdog.

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Munchtown combines the classic American hotdog with a Mexican flair with some Taco Dog. This one is a crossbreed of all sorts of goodness in that can be achieved with a few short bites of this.

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Dreamin for chicken? If it's classic fried chicken that you want, then Muchtown don't have 'em. But if you want them glazed in honey butter, served with coleslaw and bernaise dressing, then I don't think I need to explain further and you would know what do to by now.

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The best thing I've had was the Pulled Pork, which I had made into a salad. This should normally be used to make a Burrito but since I'm cutting on the carbs, I think this is a great filling meal without the flour tortilla. Aside from other choice of meat such as Chipotle Chicken, BBQ Beef Brisket and Vegetarian, you can also choose what type of cooked beans you want too (I chose refried beans during this time).

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And did you think everything stops with the burritos? Sorry to say but Munchtown even serves Gyros. Now beat that!
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Chug everything down with this Salted Caramel Milkshake if you must! It's like eating a sundae slash cupcake slash caramel chews in one.

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I've also managed to scour the fridge near Munchtown's prep area and also found these yummy desserts to end off your meal! Say hi (and ahhhh) to these sweet endings that just blew my mind with delight. Red Velvet Crinkles or Chocolate Cake, anyone?

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If you haven't tried eating at Munchtown before, you can opt for my recommendations above, or maybe try to order some sliders and join their current Instagram promo below!
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Or better yet, look for their special combo meals and feast on them while watching some great flicks inside the new Promenade cinemas. You can join the pizza and dog madness with the 'Monday Margherita' and 'Two For Tuesdays' promo as well!

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*Disclaimer: This post is created from the writer's own thoughts about Munchtown. Special thanks to Chef Robby Goco, Richie Zamora and Donny Elvina. 

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