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There's a new rewards card program in Manila which aims to take over 500 partner establishments by the end of this year. Exciting, isn't it? Last August 1, I went to the Zing Rewards 'Unboxed' Launch where I found out about all the best things that you can get with just one loyalty card.  

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When I arrived at the venue, I was welcomed by the acoustic serenades of Julianne. It was really nice to hear her song 'Grateful' live.

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The food being served during the Zing Rewards Card Launch may not be the star of the show, but it was the star on my own show. Only had a salad that night...surrounded by a myriad of other wonderful dishes.

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It was an added surprise when I found out that I registered not just for the means of attendance/presence, it's also because I am now a proud owner of a personalized Zing Rewards Card! I didn't include a photo of it here for security purposes though. 

The Zing Rewards Card currently has 100 partner establishments, wherein you can use them for rebates and freebies right away, while still earning points for more rewards! You can also refer them to your friends so you can get more points and surprises.

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After a while, I went back to the buffet area and saw these cute lil' zing rewards cupcakes!
Just AmaZING :))

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The Unboxed: Zing Rewards Card Launch hope to change the Filipino's way of using Loyalty Cards. Some details were briefly introduced by the hosts during the event.

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And elaborated even more by the Marketing Team behind the brand. Some of the exciting features include:

  • Flexibility: or ability to use the card from different establishments; regardless of company or affiliation
  • Security: since it's powered by AIG; where purchases can be insured for up to 30 days and up to P20,000.
  • Points can be made through referrals.
It's basically the only card you'll need to use from now on! That's exclusivity at its finest!

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The night became more magical when Erik Mana hits the stage to show his playful array of magic tricks to the audience. Some were even quite funny actually!

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He even brought different guests onstage to help him out with the tricks that he has up in his sleeves. Two of which are Elian and Ines, who are owners of Chihuahua Mexican Bar and Grill, which is also one of the partner establishments of Zing Rewards.

Ed Limjoco, CEO of the brand, hope to help the Filipinos change their ways on how to use their loyalty cards. He tells that the Zing Rewards card is powerful enough to create an emotion attachment with it. He stresses that not only are the consumers going to benefit from it, even the partner establishments can also be recognized even further, strengthening their business even more. 

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Of course, the event isn't complete without a special raffle draw for the guests. Some of them won spa packages, overnight stay, mobile phones and even a plane trip to Mt. Pinatubo! How spectacular is that!

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The event was a successful one, ending with this group photo from the people behind Zing Rewards.

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Of course, I didn't end up feeling empty-handed at all, as I was about to go home, we were all given more freebies, such as this USB pen with laser pointer...

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..and this light and handy power bank! Woohoo!

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If you want to start living your life with zing, learn more about Zing Rewards and the Zing Rewards Loyatly card on their official website:

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*Disclaimer: This post is created from the writer's own thoughts about Unboxed: The Zing Rewards Launch.

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