My "Not-So-First-Time" At The Buffet International Cuisine in Commonwealth Quezon City

The Buffet International Cuisine is one extravagant venue for all occasions, at affordable prices.

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I've been at The Buffet International Cuisine before, which is located along Commonwealth, Quezon City. It was during one of our friend's wedding reception, and inside was like a small palace with majestic interiors like being inside a hotel.

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The stairs are quite jaw-dropping, and very dramatic especially for occasions like debuts and weddings.

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This door leads to their biggest private function room.

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This room accommodates guests of up to 200 people.

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And there's a separate buffet area at the back of the function space.

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I wasn't able to see the hot items because they were still being prepared, but here is a quick sample of how their desserts were arranged, as well as their salad bar.

This other function room accommodates about 100 people.

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There's another scheduled event in this room, as it is made with simple arrangements that customers don't even have to bother and worry about. You can talk to The Buffet's event specialists so they can cater to their customer's needs.

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Off to the buffet area, there's some kimchi that's made in-house. The Buffet International Cuisine's owner happens to be Korean.

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Which is why they've also got a grilling station, with all the bulgogi you can eat. There are also some other marinated meats that ranges from poultry to fish to beef and pork.

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Here's some grilled beef, and fish with lemon and ginger.

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They also serve steak during weekends. I really loved how charred their steaks are without getting really tough. They're not served in super big portions though, so it helps if you don't really want a massive piece of steak to consume.

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As for their Japanese station, here is a basket full of Ebi Tempura.

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And Kani Tempura as well.

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Their sushi station looks promising. There's Kani, Tamago, and Maguro Sashimi, while their sushi comes in tako and kani. Sadly, no Sake (salmon) Sashimi at The Buffet, so I went for the Maguro instead.

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More sushi and sashimi items to liven up your Japanese palate.

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Then again, there's more sushi anyway, so it's not really a big issue for me for them to not have Sake.

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I did enjoy their Spicy Salmon Maki too.

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There's a simple salad bar, with fresh romaine lettuce. Since I've been obsessed about salads lately, getting something at this station this is a must.

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They also have a Pasta Bar, where you can choose from different sauces along with other ingredients.

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I chose to have a Bolognese Linguine with some capers. Yum!

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Not into pasta? Then there's also a Mongolian Station. Really nice!

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There's even a Nachos / Tacos station :)

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Aside from the hot items featuring Korean, Filipino, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, and American cuisines, you can also try their shabu-shabu items.

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Really nice selection of greens, meats, other veggies plus a few types of noodles and you're good to go.

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You can choose from either satay and spicy soup. However, these are not the ones that are installed on tables, rather, the cooking stoves are portable, so there will be times when you are going to run out of gas. Simply approach their many kind waiters and you'll have a replacement in no time.

Also, The Buffet International Cuisine doesn't offer any tamarind powder should you look for some, but they do have fresh tamarind on their selection of vegetables. 

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As for their appetizers (sorry if it came last), I haven't really tried all of them, but here are some that I've seen. Here's a plate of bruschetta with cheese.

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Tomatoes with Cheese and Balsamic.

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Fresh spring rolls.

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Soy Chicken.

Some roasted pork.

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And I tried these crabs as well. Just in case, don't expect that they have crab openers, but this is not the case because each crab piece is already cracked so it'll be easier to get the meat inside.

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Ready for dessert? They try their blueberry muffins for a change.

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And fresh cinnamon rolls, which is baked by one of their chefs!

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Their halo halo station is so colorful with reds, yellows, greens and of course, purple!

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As for their juices, they don't really have everything compared to other buffet places in the metro, but you can try their watermelon shake if you prefer to have a cooler drink. Not to mention, they have some good freshly brewed coffee too!

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The verdict? The Buffet International Cuisine is a very accessible place to have an all-you-can-eat experience especially if you are within the Commonwealth area. The place is actually a wedding reception haven for couples because of their affordable packages with their function rooms (usually, when you get a package, venue use are already free). However, I must admit that my concern is that they really don't have all the food that you may expect to find in a buffet, but they are making sure that the food they serve are fresh. And they do have an affordable rate even on weekends, so that's actually a plus already.

The servers are very accommodating, but sometimes I can't find them as easily, because the venue is in fact, really big. Another disadvantage for the big venue is that it's not that cold inside, so there's a slight issue with airconditioning especially if it gets too hot outside.

My favorite is their macaroons, especially the toasted ones! Kudos to their in-house baker for this.

If ever you may feel hesitant to eat here (if you haven't tried it yet but you're planning to), then just come very early. I have been at The Buffet International Cuisine at a time when their lunch schedule is almost halfway, and sometimes refills are quite limited, so I wasn't really able to take good pictures back then as well.

There are also private function rooms near the buffet area, so it's perfect for Christenings and other intimate events as well.

See their updated rates as of June 2014.

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*Disclaimer: This post is entirely made from the writer's own thoughts and views on The Buffet International Cuisine. Special thanks to Mich Melo (of and Ms. Cathy of The Buffet (who is really nice and very accommodating...thank you!)

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