Fresh and Unlimited: The Road to Sushi and Sashimi heaven is at Genji M in Kalayaan Makati

Normally when you think of buffets, there are times when you think that the quality is compromised. I am always a fan of sushi and sashimi as it is always mandatory on my first plate when I go to buffet places, but to try it at its freshest is something I haven't experienced, until I tried Genji M.

Lately, I'm seeing quite a lot of online raves about Genji M, which is just one of the many Japanese/Korean restaurants located along Kalayaan, Makati City. It can be considered as a sushi/sashimi guru's paradise, but the place has been more popular online and best known to serve unlimited premium cuts of sashimi and sushi rolls. 

photo from Genji M Facebook Page
After weeks of contemplation about the fact that I can't find a perfect time to eat at Genji M, then came a lucky day when I got an opportunity to try it with some other bloggers. I'm sure there might be others who have experienced this, but when I think about a certain thing constantly, in one way or another, I eventually get it. The power of Law of Attraction, I guess? 

And the best thing? After my almost 30 minute walk to Genji M from my office, just when I came inside the resto, that's the time when the rain finally poured outside. Great timing! 

Inside, you can see Genji M's improvised photo booth....

Nines vs. Food - Genji M Kalayaan Makati-1.jpg

...and some of these cute props that you can use to take photos with. To my surprise, I was informed that these were all thanks to Mimai of Nice work, Mimai!

Nines vs. Food - Genji M Kalayaan Makati-2.jpg

This fragile but rather interesting looking paper lantern is just one of the unique things you can see inside Genji M.

Nines vs. Food - Genji M Kalayaan Makati-3.jpg

Genji M doesn't really scream extravagance and sophistication in terms of interiors, but it's a mix of Japanese and Korean influences that is highly reflected on their furniture and when you pass by their sushi station. Note: if you are looking for korean bbq grill, there are no table grills installed on their tables, but you can check out their Korean menu for the list of available dishes and items instead.

Nines vs. Food - Genji M Kalayaan Makati-24.jpg

One of the best rooms in the restaurant, for me. It reminds me of Fatal of my most favorite games ever! Not sure if the kids now would know about that crazy game.

Nines vs. Food - Genji M Kalayaan Makati-23.jpg

Nines vs. Food - Genji M Kalayaan Makati-4.jpg

Another cute sight to behold inside Genji M is this mini cherry blossom tree!

Nines vs. Food - Genji M Kalayaan Makati-5.jpg

And some authentic wine cups (I can't tell if these are Chinese, Japanese or Korean)

Nines vs. Food - Genji M Kalayaan Makati-6.jpg

Genji M's current prices for their unlimited sushi promo are as follows:

Nines vs. Food - Genji M Kalayaan Makati-22.jpg
photo from Genji M Facebook Page

However, Genji M has also got a lot of other great promos as well. First, they have an 'Eat For Free On Your Birthday' promo, and just in case you are interested for a quick lunch or dinner with your friends or officemates, they even have "timed" unlimited sushi and sashimi promos. This is great especially for those who need to run afterwards to go back to their work.

That night, I along with blogger friends Stacy, Mich and Karl, tried the P1,499 package, and as we waited for our food to be prepared, it is not impossible to notice that they are very keen when it comes to serving their sushi and sashimi to customers. Unlike most buffets here in Manila, Genji M makes them as soon as you make your order, so each piece of sashimi is prepared fresh, guaranteed! This way, the quality of the fish is at its peak, giving yourself lots of happy mouthfuls of sushi and sashimi.

Some behind-the-scene photos:

One of the chefs at Genji M gets a number of fish varieties from their chiller, slices them and all arranged on this neat sushi boat.

Nines vs. Food - Genji M Kalayaan Makati-7.jpg

The rolls are just made and still wrapped in each individual plastic wrap. Each roll was sliced and plated in front of us.

Nines vs. Food - Genji M Kalayaan Makati-8.jpg

To watch this sake sushi get seared until it releases the fish's natural oils just made my mouth water.

Nines vs. Food - Genji M Kalayaan Makati-9.jpg

For the sushi items, we got some sake sushi, seared sake sushi, sushi with tofu wrapper, kani, maguro and ebi sushi.

Nines vs. Food - Genji M Kalayaan Makati-10.jpg

Meanwhile, the sashimi boat looked fab! Here we have some blue marlin, maguro, seared maguro, sake, tako and tuna belly. I can literally cradle this until it sleeps...inside my belly! Of course, no plate of premium raw fish is complete without some pickled ginger, which is important when eating sashimi (gurus know that this are consumed in between bites of raw fish to cleanse their palate)

Nines vs. Food - Genji M Kalayaan Makati-11.jpg

As for the rolls, there's a bunch of makis made with sake, some california maki and tamago. Yummeh. 

Nines vs. Food - Genji M Kalayaan Makati-12.jpg

Here's a look on the other side of the plate. Me so hungry!

Nines vs. Food - Genji M Kalayaan Makati-13.jpg

These colorful plates then went straight to our table. I am so missing my sushi and sashimi action that happened that night. And would you believe these are only what they call 'samplers'? Hahaha! I love it.

Nines vs. Food - Genji M Kalayaan Makati-14.jpg

We also got some bowls of miso soup along with our unlimited food.

Nines vs. Food - Genji M Kalayaan Makati-15.jpg

It's also great to know that any unlimited package that you choose also comes with unlimited servings of salad, gyoza, kimchi rice and a number of other hot dishes which changes regularly.

Nines vs. Food - Genji M Kalayaan Makati-20.jpg

I only remembered that there's also Jap Chae, a pork dish, and some chicken feet.

Nines vs. Food - Genji M Kalayaan Makati-21.jpg

Another thing that I really appreciated is the quality of their wasabi, which is a big big deal for me! I'm not sure though if this was the real wasabi root, or just a better version compared to what we can buy in our local supermarkets, but the heat of this wasabi really hits the spot. 

Nines vs. Food - Genji M Kalayaan Makati-16.jpg

Some new items on Genji M's menu also includes Chicken Yakitori. Pieces of chicken that's skewered along with vegetables and marinated in a subtle teriyaki sauce. As much as I want to try them, I decided to pass on this one because me eating chicken without my meds is a recipe for disaster.

Nines vs. Food - Genji M Kalayaan Makati-17.jpg

However, my palate was tolerating shrimp (for now, and for a long time, I hope) so I enjoyed this plate of Ebi Tempura with friends! And while I eat our diverse selection of Japanese and Korean food, we were constantly being checked by the restaurant manager if we needed more. Clearly, there was still a lot on our table, so I told her, with the wholeness of my fighting spirit, 'challenge accepted!" 

Nines vs. Food - Genji M Kalayaan Makati-18.jpg

And then, the Tonkatsu came....

photo from When In Manila/Genji M Facebook Page
Here's how we murdered everything! And I'd have to say that I contributed a lot to finish that sashimi boat! I've actually never had good tuna belly sashimi before, so it's really something I would love to come back for!

By the way, just in case you run out, they have these small forms that are provided so the chef would know what else you might want to order again. After all, these are just samplers, so if you want more, then they will give you more! Just make sure to finish them all to avoid food wastage.

I'm looking forward to another intensified encounter with yummy food at Genji M. So gather your big clothes and avoid the tummy tucks! You re definitely missing out on the fun if you don't come here, especially if you love sushi and sashimi!

Latest update: Avail of Genji M's UNLIMITED MENUS at these SUPER AFFORDABLE PRICES starting July 21 until August 31 from 4:30 to 6:00PM (last order)

P499.00 will be P149.00 per personP799.00 will be P399.00 per personP1499.00 will be P999.00 per person

*coupons not valid

Nines vs. Food - Genji M Kalayaan Makati-19.jpg

For inquiries and reservations: please call (02)8042883 or 09063019153.
Operating Hours: Weekdays from 11AM to 10PM; Weekends from 1130AM to 10PM.

Check out the latest promos and updates on:
Genji M Official Facebook Page
Genji M official website

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*Disclaimer: This post is entirely made from the writer's own thoughts and views on Genji M. Special thanks to Mich Melo, When In Manila, Mae Ilagan and a shout out to the the management and staff of Genji M!


  1. Glad you had a great time, Nines. See you again soon! :)

    1. Yes Mich! I'm actually going back this weekend with some friends. Yeyy!!!