Where to go this Father's Day? Check out Brotzeit Manila in Shangri-la Mall

I had a tongue-twisting and gastronomic dinner last week at Brotzeit, and it was my first time to try eating in a German Bier Bar and Restaurant. Thanks to my fellow foodie friend Mich (of dekaphobe.com), I was able to try their dishes, which actually changes depending on the seasons in Germany. 

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The restaurant was very spacious, with rustic tables and long stool chairs in twos.

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The bar area is equipped with elegant draft beer apparatuses and high chairs. I would love to hang out there but I was there mainly for dinner.

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Since there were no back support on the chairs situated inside Brotzeit, I decided to relax specifically on this couch, where above me are layers of bottles almost shaped like pyramids. Behind me is their list of items, available only for a limited time.

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Brotzeit is still celebrating the festive Meifest: a traditional Bavarian celebration welcoming Spring, where you can see a lot of people enjoying Munchner beer with meats and sausages of different kinds, and dishes made with asparagus. Brotzeit offers Asparagus: An Epicurean Feast until the end of June, and there are tons of dishes to choose from, and each one of them features asparagus in different ways. I had the chance to try some of them that night, and I was so impressed!

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But before that, I actually had a rough time before arriving at Brotzeit, because I was supposed to bring a friend with me who cancelled on the last minute. It's not the first time I've ever eaten alone, but I just thought that Brotzeit was a perfect venue for catching up with friends and it was a shame to have no one to accompany me that night.

If only I had somebody to support me with my food escapade at Brotzeit, I would have easily gave in for this awesome pork knuckle.

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I'm also excited to try (for the first time) the Spätzle (listen how it's pronounced), which is highly recommended by none other than The Pickiest Eater himself. Brace yourselves, ladies and gents...the German (words) are coming.

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Chef Ivan Maminta and Maricar of Brotzeit were very approachable about what I want, and I then started with this very light glass of Radler, which is a combination of the original Paulaner Munchen beer and lemonade. It's sweet, light, and best served cold! Chef Ivan told me that beer is best served within 15 minutes after you ordered it, so you still get that good quality and taste to the last drop.

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After a few minutes of pondering, keeping myself busy chatting with online friends, and watching TV at Brotzeit, my appetizer finally arrived. The Spargel mit Shinken (spargl-meet-shingk-en) is a colorful medley of asparagus ham rolls (forest ham, chicken ham and leg ham) that's either filled with an asparagus salad or a pickled asparagus. It's served over a bed of crisp fresh lettuce with pickles, tomato and eggs. This is a simple but very appetizing dish indeed.

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And then the Schwenkbraten (shwengk-bratn) was served. It's two huge skewers of marinated pork, onions, zucchini and red peppers on a bed of asparagus with cracked black pepper that adds a lot of depth to the dish. Chef Ivan explains that they used the same cut of pork when making their awesome Schnitzels, which I agree is great, since you get a more tender and flavorful piece of meat once it's cooked. It's served with some potato salad which I've never had before, because instead of using the tradional mayonnaise from most american salads, the one at Brotzeit used, would you believe it - onion water?? And a bit of vinegar to give it that unique and tasty tang. It's unusual, but it's so 'lecker'

Tip: If you prefer to add a kick of heat to their dishes, ask for their in-house hot sauce. It's a bit mild, sweet and tangy, but really good! It complements the dish rather than give you the sensation of having a burnt tongue.

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I didn't really touch the Schwenkbraten until the Spätzle was brought to the table. Oh this is heaven. It's a traditional type of noodle/dumpling that's widely consumed in German homes. Brotzeit served the one with butter (only), but I ordered the one with Gouda, Emmental, Parmesan and Fontina cheeses. 

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I was alone with all these food in front of me, and I couldn't be any more happier. Suddenly, the sad feeling of being by myself slowly faded away as I ate the dishes, and although I wished that someone was eating with me during that time, well, it's easy to come back at Brotzeit soon, right?

Brotzeit's dessert was a sweet ending, and probably sums up everything on why I need to go back there soon. This Schokokuchen is a molten dark chocolate cake and served with a Stracciatela (chocolate chip) ice cream with almonds. It's a mix of warm and cold. It's a romantic dessert that you can share with your loved one.

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Plus, I really think that one of the best foodie gifts that you can give to your Dad on Father's Day is this HUMONGOUS GLASS of German Beer. This glass is equivalent to having nine bottles (or 3 litres) of beer. Have it by yourself, or share it with friends! What's even more interesting is when someone orders it, it arrives to your table while servers shout the German Drinking Song that's also become a familiar chant from 'The Man Show'. If you're clueless what it is, try searching for a video on YouTube using this words "ziggy zaggy ziggy zaggy oi oi oi man show" :)

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I was hanging out at the bar a few minutes before I left Brotzeit and even heard of a story that once they had two senior citizen customers who ordered a huge glass each and just gobbled it all up by themselves. I don't want to force anyone into drinking this many, unless you are really up for it!

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See how they tilt the glass so that there would be lesser bubbles forming --- a trick that I've learned from my own father! True story.

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And because they can't fill it with beer while on a tilt, they used another beer glass to do this.

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Yes, master of beer glasses. I'm going to be ready for you soon!

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More on the Paulaner Original Munchner Merzen and Maifest Dishes at Brotzeit below:

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*Disclaimer: This post is entirely made from the writer's own thoughts and views on Brotzeit. Special thanks to Michelle Melo of Dekaphobe.com, Rossana Unson, Chef Ivan Maminta and Maricar of Brotzeit Shangri-la.


  1. Glad you enjoyed, Nines! :)

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed too Mich! If you know what I mean :P
      One thing's for sure...I'm definitely coming back to Brotzeit! Thanks thanks so much!