Sinfully Sweet Treats Only At Wicked By Cravings

Super late post! If you have seen my post on Kettle, then you would know on how full I was with all the deliciousness from the dishes I've tried (their fried chicken is the bomb!)

Little did you know that I still had the chance to try Wicked, thanks to the lovely mom Jane Go aka Sugar & Spice, who invited us over to Wicked By Cravings for a sinful follow up treat, as we tried some of their desserts and other sweet endings from one of the concept stores from the Cravings Group.

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There are lots of yummy treats from Wicked by Cravings, and although I am not a true blue fan of sweets, they are still worth trying, especially if you are a dessert foodie. There are no rooms for confession when eating their sinful desserts on this sweet joint.

Some of which you can try, are these pop-in-your-mouth Dark Chocolate Pepper Truffles.

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I find these Macaron de Paris pieces fascinatingly good, and I envy those who can bake them. I think these are quite complicated to make, and very hard to perfect (in my opinion).

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Oh, and as Wicked By Cravings keep up with so many food combinations turned into one crazy item, here is the Brookie. It's a brownie and cookie in one....more of this in a bit.

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Or how about some White Russian Cake Pops served with chocolate sauce? Ooohh tempting!

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Wicked By Cravings also served these in-house Cherry Walnut Cheesecake Slices for those who prefer something new with cheesecakes. I didn't try this though -- Was. So. Full. Already!

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But I did try a small piece of these HUGE S'mores that's made straight from the Wicked Kitchen. Dollops of melted chocolate, mixed in into a sweet mess with graham crackers, marshmallows and more chocolate. Their playful technique turned these yummy elements that resemble chocolate barks.

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Wicked's Chef Christine says that their smores is a hit especially for groups and families with kids. Their s'mores come in milk chocolate, white chocolate..and THIS! S'mores that's made with dark chocolate. Oh my.

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Another unique treat is their Chocolate Tablea Cheesecake, which is not something you would always find in a cheesecake. I'm not sure if there is another place where this is available except at Wicked By Cravings.

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There's also the Twix Cheesecake, and a Pecan Tart that's out of this planet.

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I've tried French Macarons with sweet fillings, but I never tried Macarons with a more savory appeal. How about trying these Truffle or Black Pepper Macarons instead? These come in a big serving, and comes with a more unusual yet distinctive taste.

I tried the Black Pepper Macaron and find it a bit like your usual macaron but with a hint of peppery taste that you can experience after a while. The Truffle Macaron, however, has quite a sweet and salty finish. I prefer the Black Pepper for this one.

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And last on this list is the Brookie! Here it is, covered with dark chocolate and either slithered with white chocolate or slivered almonds.

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What is a Brookie exactly? It's a brownie in between two huge cookies, that's what. Layers of chocolate, cookies, and a dense brownie is what makes the brookie. This Hybrid treat comes in stick form which makes it a bit 'portable' especially if you're in for an on-the-run dessert.

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It was an afternoon S'mores party at Wicked!

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The S'mores looks complicated but made with simple ingredients, and as much as I can say that I can do this at home, I don't think I can make it like this one. I love it when sweets like the ones at Wicked By Cravings make me feel like a kid again! 

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*Disclaimer: This post is entirely made from the writer's own thoughts and views on Wicked By Cravings. Special thanks to Jane Go of Sugar n Spice and Chef Christine of Wicked By Cravings.


  1. I came across this once and felt in love with all the nice treats. Prices, however, are steep! :)

    1. Hey Roch! Really? Waaahh I have not checked all of the prices at Wicked unfortunately.... :( I was so full after my lunch at Kettle that the last thing I finished was a cup of coffee and a few pieces of dessert here and there

      However, I think for me the prices is just right, maybe because I'm no sweet tooth and I'd be happy to share their desserts with one or two people (so we can share the bill, hahaha!)

      Haven't seen you in a while Roch! Hope to see you one of these days! :))