Pan De Donuts Now Available At Pan De Manila's New Branch In Cubao

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If there was a god of donuts, well, he answered my prayers!

Remember my article when I first sinked my teeth at these 'baked not fried' Pan De Donuts from Pan De Manila? Originally, these scrumptious goodies are only available at their first ever branch at Market Market. However, they finally brought the same soft, sweet, and less-guilt Pan De Donuts in their newly opened branch in Cubao, and is officially the second branch where Pan De Donuts are available.

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Although there is already an existing Pan De Manila located just outside the skirts of Ali Mall, they managed to have a new store at the Telus Building, which is also within The Araneta Center. Not bad for having not just one, but two places where you can get fresh baked bread even when it's late at night.

But what's even better is that these donut are now within my reach, without experiencing the hustle and bustle of going to Makati just to get 'em. I can practically walk my way for ten minutes tops to the store when I need these Pan De Donuts.

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Nothing much has changed with the donuts though, they are the same as how I had them at Market Market. Although I wasn't able to make them myself like last time. 

I did, however, enjoyed their new product, Pan De Manila's Milk Tea, which is oddly made from soy milk. It tasted like the traditional milk tea though. Very refreshing with the milk taste of what else, but tea? :))

They also have bottled soy milk too, but I really didn't like the regular soy milk in general because I'm not accustomed to having taho in liquid form and without syrup/tapioca pearls. It's just not the same for me.

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This is P45.00, and if you're not too keen on buying this (if you're the seasonal calorie counter like me), it's a good thing that it isn't as heavy as your other milk tea drinks which can either be full of cream, sugar, or just full of ice....

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Pan De Manila is always my go-to place when it comes to light treats, or when I don't prefer eating rice on weekdays. And would you agree if I say that I can always see them everywhere? In my office alone, there are three branches not far from each other. It's like Pan De Manila is competing with the number of 7-11 stores.

Most branches offer their other line of sweet and healthy breads, a variety of fillings, and drinks.

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They also have a lot of bread spreads and dips for a more flavorful Pan De Manila experience. I love their cream cheese and butters too!

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Looking forward to more Pan De Manila visits soon!

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