My New Discovery Near Maginhawa: Homies Pinoy Fried Chicken

Author's Note: Homie's is now closed.

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Homies Pinoy Fried Chicken which is located in the food hub of UP Village is one of the new chicken joints which is very near the gastronomic areas of Maginhawa and Malingap streets. Although it only serves a few items on their menu, it has now been one of my favorite places to go to whenever I pass by the area, thanks to the owners who have painstakingly perfected the ways of cooking a decent batch of juicy fried chicken. 

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I already tried eating there a few weeks ago, and I now declare Homies Pinoy Fried Chicken as one of those hole-in-the-wall food joints where I can have my once-in-a-blue-moon fried chicken cravings.

The small canteen-like Homies Pinoy Fried Chicken is beside Chili & Ink and Stuff Over in the corner of Magiting Street, which is not far from Maginhawa actually. Once you see Mini Stop at the corner, you can just take a turn, and you won't miss Homies Pinoy Fried Chicken, thanks to their showstopping lights and that huge signage above their cool chicken chef mural.

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The place started with simple tables and chairs a few weeks after they opened...with only a few seats inside, at times, the place gets really packed!

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They also have these colorful little buckets which are used for their sauces and sides.

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It looked better when we got back, because now they've got these super cool paintings on their walls...

Nines vs. Food - Homies Pinoy Fried Chicken-8.jpg pay homage for the chicken that we all love to eat...

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My favorite order at Homies Pinoy Fried Chicken is their half chicken, which is priced at an affordable P150.00, complete with atchara (green papaya relish) and banana ketchup, which we all know is the best accompaniment to fried chicken. It's served with unlimited rice and a free drink. I can have two additional cups whenever I eat this one.

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Yes, for P150.00, you get a half of chicken, which might just be a bit bigger compared to one whole spring chicken at some other popular Pinoy fried chicken place...with all the rice you can eat. Then again, you can opt for a quarter chicken for P99.00 if you feel like it too.

I recommend this chick because it's SOOOO juicy, tender, and yeah, it does fall off the bone too. Nope, I'm not kidding....not kidding at all.

I believe that this chicken has got some potential because of the use of proper cooking techniques (and some other secret techniques) which result to having better meat texture and taste. Ever get used to eating white meat that's dry and bland? I haven't had any bland, dry, white chicken meat here. Just a perfectly cooked, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside piece of chicken that's perfect for my craving, and my budget.

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Their whole chicken is priced at P250.00 each, and I remember one of my friends telling us to order a box of Homies Pinoy Fried Chicken, and just eat it whole while watching the NBA playoffs. Smart idea, right?

I even got to take a photo of one of their delivery orders. Look how many pieces of whole chicken is on those boxes! I'm drooling as we speak!

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Here is their updated menu, where they also recently added some new items which are also worth ordering.

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I tried Tita Delia's lumpia, and she would have been so happy right now. One piece is P35.00, but you can have two pieces with rice for P88.00. It's crispy and very tasty.

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My friend tried the lagkit kawali, which is honey glazed pork belly with unlimited rice. The sauce is amazing, but a bit pricey for me if I'd order an additional serving of sauce (P20.00). Take note, it's not really the the type of lechon kawali which is thick-slabbed, but still a good bargain if you're aiming for a different kind of lechon kawali for your palate.

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Homies Pinoy Fried Chicken is not for the faint-hearted, but a must for chicken lovers out there! I hope this Pinoy fried chicken joint can get more attention from the Maginhawa foodies/loyalists soon!

For more information, promos, and menu items, check out Homies Pinoy Fried Chicken on Facebook:

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*Disclaimer: The following post is written from the author's own thoughts and views on Homies Pinoy Fried Chicken. 

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