Vikings SM Megamall's New Buffet Experience Defines Elegance and Style

"Boy, do you Filipinos just love eating, like, all the time?!"

This is just one of the most memorable phrases that I've heard while talking to one of my British acquaintances while I was at this party at the British School Manila last week. Boy was he surprised while he was saying it, and boy was I proud! Not the usual reaction, you might suppose, but from someone who loves eating, well, most of my time, I have never disagreed any further when I heard the guy blurted the words out. 

And then I began to reminisce all my food adventures and thought that just like we Filipinos love to eat all the time, is the same way that we like to go out and dine at buffets. In a country where buffets are scattered like beansprouts, and cuisines come alive by using their own, personal touches, there are only a few that stand out, like Vikings.

Nines vs. Food - Vikings SM Megamall-1.jpg

Forgive my repetitiveness, but just in case people didn't know yet, there's a new Vikings branch inside the new Mega Fashion Hall of SM Megamall in Ortigas, and I was very impressed with the way things turned out in that place. 

Nines vs. Food - Vikings SM Megamall-2.jpg
This is just one of the display pieces at Vikings SM Megamall
Nines vs. Food - Vikings SM Megamall-3.jpg
A sturdy but creative wine rack 
Nines vs. Food - Vikings SM Megamall-4.jpg
Artsy Fartsy....I only love this because it's purple
Vikings, in general, may be considered as one of the best buffet destinations in Manila. But to those who have already tried it, dining at Vikings SM Megamall will give you a whole new meaning to your previous Vikings experiences. I've had the opportunity to have a comparison of Vikings SM Megamall with their other branches, specifically in SM Mall of Asia and North Edsa - The Block.

If you try looking at the windows of the 4th floor from outside Edsa, you won't even notice where Vikings SM Megamall is, as you would only see the ceilings in different designs that would make you assume that they are just different restaurants. The thing is, it's actually Vikings, and they executed an great form of artistry through their interiors, their food, and their services. 

Nines vs. Food - Vikings SM Megamall-5.jpg
Heads up! Just one of the ceiling artworks at Vikings SM Megamall
Nines vs. Food - Vikings SM Megamall-7.jpg
Gorgeous VIP Area. Perfect for intimate gatherings
Nines vs. Food - Vikings SM Megamall-8.jpg
Tables inside Vikings SM Megamall come in all shapes and sizes
You might be thinking that this is just another buffet restaurant around the block, but there are many differences that you can obviously see. It was mindblowing! If I would have to write about each dish, you may have to wait until next year. There's so much to see, so much to eat, in so little time!

Ont of the differences that I've noticed aside from the beautiful interiors is that the menu is more interactive than the two branches I've tried before.

Nines vs. Food - Vikings SM Megamall-9.jpg
Crabs, anyone?
Nines vs. Food - Vikings SM Megamall-10.jpg
Make Your Own Mongolian Feast
Nines vs. Food - Vikings SM Megamall-11.jpg
Create Your Own Pizza!
Nines vs. Food - Vikings SM Megamall-12.jpg
The 'Vikings Bakery' is open for you to get as much bread as you can
Nines vs. Food - Vikings SM Megamall-13.jpg
This impressive selection of fresh pasta is also available at Vikings SM Megamall
If you are looking for a place to celebrate your birthday with family or friends, Vikings SM Megamall also offers the Birthday Promo for celebrants. But take note, they only accept this if it's on the same day as your birthday (unlike in their Marikina branch where you are allowed to claim your free buffet 3 days before and after your birthday).
Nines vs. Food - Vikings SM Megamall-14.jpg
Birthday Celebrations are always fun at Vikings
There's also some new drink selections, featuring  one of the most popular tea brands, Twinings of London.

Nines vs. Food - Vikings SM Megamall-21.jpg

Not to mention one of my new found favorites, their Truffle Penne & Cheese. Truly exquisite!

Nines vs. Food - Vikings SM Megamall-15.jpg

And just about as many frozen yogurt as I want. Yumyum..I got three hefty servings of froyo during that time!

Another trivia I discovered, was that there is some sort of healthy competition between Vikings branches, including their 'boy bands', who approach you and perform their impressive and funny covers of songs. In one instance, I really got distracted and amused when I heard them sing to this couple from the table near ours. I even got the chance to let them sing me an advanced happy birthday, and they even asked me to take A LOT of pictures with them.

Nines vs. Food - Vikings SM Megamall-17.jpg

Mimai of even had the chance to wear the mighty Vikings hat!

Nines vs. Food - Vikings SM Megamall-18.jpg

And the staff were so friendly, they asked me to take a picture with the kitchen!!

Nines vs. Food - Vikings SM Megamall-19.jpg

Eating at Vikings SM Megamall is one of the craziest dining experiences I have ever had!  And it just makes me want to go back soon. Have lunch or dinner at Vikings today.

Nines vs. Food - Vikings SM Megamall-20.jpg

To see more photos inside Vikings SM Megamall, including what food they offer, check out my full album on this link: Vikings SM Megamall Photo Album

For more information, promos, and menu items, check out Vikings SM Megamall on Facebook:
Vikings SM Megamall Official Facebook Page

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*Disclaimer: The following post is written from the author's own thoughts and views on Vikings SM Megamall. 

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