Quick Ice Cream Fix at Merry Moo SM Aura

Following my post on Ogetsu Hime, I was about to leave SM Aura that same day but felt that I needed something to wash down all the Japanese food that I had during lunch. Longing for something cool and sweet, I was on the lookout for a decent dessert.

I wasn't into pastries or sweet breads that day, so I decided to get myself a scoop of Merry Moo ice cream instead. This was my first time to try this and thought it was a good opportunity for me to write about it.

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Like most artisanal ice cream and gelato places, Merry Moo is open to let you try out their ice cream selections before buying. 

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Their store is in the form of a cart which is located near Ace Hardware store and Bono Gelato. I adored their creative panel laid with all the lovely messages made with different colored markers on small pieces of plywood which I assume are from previous Merry Moo customers.

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Merry Moo offers unique and standard flavors. Candied Bacon is said to be their most popular, but I prefer to try their Earl Grey Tea ice cream instead (both priced at P80 per scoop), which is said to also be one of their bestseller. My decision s based on the fact that I find it to be the perfect ending to a great Japanese meal, and an alternative to Green Tea Ice Cream.

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Bf decided to try the Coffee Kahlua, which I didn't like during that time because I found the coffee flavor to be a bit strong. My choice, however, was really good. It wasn't the super sweet ice cream I was accustomed to as a kid. I was so happy that it served as a palate cleanser rather than a sweet ending. I'm a big fan of tea, so I am in love with this flavor. Take note, I'm not really a fan of sweets, but I'm willing to come back and buy a pint of their Earl Grey Tea ice cream.

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Yes, they are available in pints! You can take them home and enjoy it with your family....or by yourself if you feel a bit down and you need something to lift up your spirits.

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It's also great because they have available insulator bags too! It fits up to four pints, and this way, you don't go home with an awful messy container full of cold but melted goo. Although I'm not sure if this was free or you have to buy them separately.

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Next on the list...I'm going to try their Salted Caramel soon! I'm still not that brave with the Candied Bacon ice cream. Then again, were you able to try Candied Bacon before? Is it good?

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Apart from their cutesy canvass, Merry Moo gives you a break from all the blue, red and gold tins of ice cream that's mostly available in the market. 

For more information, visit their page:

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*Disclaimer: The following post is written from the author's own thoughts and views on Merry Moo.

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