The Snack Shack Offers Burgers with Tender Loving Care

Whenever I get to meet new people, I don't normally introduce myself as a blogger. Although I totally respect those who do that kind of thing, it's not really my cup of tea. The fact that I'm into food writing usually comes out whenever I see some connection to the conversation, or some friend/s start blurting out that I am a food blogger.  

But just to make it clear, I am not a know-it-all when it comes to food. I always try to be grounded, and still am the same average consumer that you would see strolling in the mall, looking for food to eat, sitting next to you at the bus, and most of the time, even standing at bus aisles with you.

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One of these kinds of scenarios would be meeting Angela, a previous officemate of mine who found about that I am a food blogger when we were talking about ideas on how bloggers and blogging should be. She's a writer too, only better than me. I really appreciate her music preferences, and the fact that The Snack Shack came out as her one and only straightforward recommendation which offers the best burger she's had in Quezon City. 

I've only known The Snack Shack through browsing other websites and their Facebook page, and although they seem to be popular among different crowds, I have yet to know what's the real deal behind the beach-vibe name. 

I got myself into an 'extreme longing for burger' when I sent repetitive Facebook messages to bf with only the word 'burger', which transformed to 'berjer', 'borjer' and 'burjir' by the time I got intense cravings for it. There were few attempts to visit the place, but sadly I was either too early or too late. Me and bf finally arrived at the place on one weekend morning when the sun was high and only a few people can tolerate the heat to go out and order a burger.

Upon arrival, you can already see this massive blackboard greeting you with all their 'snacks' available which only consists of burgers, sausages, add-ons, and drinks. You can see the prices of burgers on the menu too. I'm not sure how much they were before, but it's obvious that the prices were just added recently.

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At The Snack Shack, there are no fancy chairs, attentive servers and aircon. It was downright simple, with a waiting/dining area in front of this prep and paying counter, which tells you to wait for a few minutes as soon as you make your order. This is not the fast food that you normally encounter with the clowns and the bees. This is not-so-fast food that's worth the wait.

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There were even times when lines were long, so it's best to read some of their announcements, which are both informative and really amusing.

Photo from The Snack Shack Facebook Page
The next thing I remembered was ordering a half pounder with double cheese for myself. For 135 pesos. I repeat: one hundred thirty five pesos. That's about $3.00 based on today's currency rates. After paying, one of the guys at the prep area began to shape a burger according to my order. He was precise but gentle with how he handled the meat, and then he gave it to another guy who started to cook them atop this improvised grill, which is made of a sheet-like metal and angled in a nice way that the fats and bad stuff from the meat begins to drip off of the sides of the grill.

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I imagined looking at these burgers on top of this roof-like griddle. It was quite smart, actually. It made me feel that I wanna make this kind of grill someday and always have burger-beer parties. Soon enough, the burger patties start to cook through, but I know you won't really enjoy this bad photo below because of the oil spats which I wasn't able to avoid while taking this.

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But this, on the other hand, was like looking at burger heaven. I would like to sleep on that burger bed and cuddle myself on that melted cheese please.

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Burger tip: If you plan to order burgers at The Snack Shack, you will usually get them wrapped neatly like this. I know others can't wait to chow this baby down, but I like to just let them sit for about a minute or two so that everything marries together, and the heat of the burgers steams up the veggies a bit so that eventually they shrink a bit and begin to stick well to each other. In short, it's a way for me to avoid veggies from falling off my food.

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And now, the moment I've waited for.

It was delicious, warm, and comforting. I really liked it that they really don't smear in a lot of condiments, and mine had no ketchup, which I think is really a bad condiment when it comes to burgers and sandwiches. There was a bit of mayo though, but it wasn't too much that the burger loses its integrity to the point that you feel that there is a salad bar inside your bun. 

Thanks to that ratio of fat to meat, The Snack Shack's burger is not dry at all, and with a nicely charred, not burnt flavor which I think is the very essence of any good burger.

The bun, however, was nothing really special, but dang, I don't care. Then again, they're not the buns which are usually available in supermarkets and resembles 'drum rolls' (you tap them and they're a bit hard that you can make drum sounds). Get it, drum rolls? :)))

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The verdict? I recommend you guys to try it. It's really good. It's just a simple burger that's tasty for my palate, and super affordable. I'm not sure how much are the add-ons though, but as for me, I don't really need them.  

I know that there are a lot of places and/or restaurants who feel that they also make the cut in burger supremacy in Manila, and I think that The Snack Shack has a place in that list. Plus, it's the only burger joint that's made with love and where staff gives free hugz (yes, hugz), where else can you find a place where burgers make them with TLC? This is why The Snack Shack deserves a place in my heart.

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