Our 'Black Valentine's Date' at California Pizza Kitchen Greenbelt 5

Ahh, Valentine's Day. The day where you can see a lot of girls and boys holding flower bouquets on the street, chocolates are high in demand, and restaurants are usually filled with mushy, romantic, and sometimes, getting-to-know and getting-there couples.

Eitherway, this is not a different day to eat some good food with my officemates. Since Valentime's Day 2014 was held on a weekday, we all decided that we had to eat at somewhere special, instead of eating at the usual foodcourts near our office building. Yes, it was a Valentine's group date. A yummy one, even, because we had it at California Pizza Kitchen.

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Having to work within a Marketing team, I can say that we have had a lot of crazy ideas especially during Fridays. We would usually have themes on what color to wear or what kinds of prints to strut with. In this case, we all wore black on Valentine's Day. Not because we are all single and we are dreadful to assume that it's best to wear that color, but because it's just far from the norm, and marketing people are normally like that.
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As for our mini 'happy hearts' celebration, we all decided to have our Black Valentine's Day lunch at California Pizza Kitchen in Greenbelt 5, where I did see a lot more groups rather than couples. At least we weren't really left behind at all, right? Although we did have a couple with us when we eat out for lunch. 

I along with my seatmates actually got surprised when suddenly, one of our guy officemates was said to be 'late', only so we could find out later that he bought some flowers for her wife, who is also one of our officemates. Such 'kilig moments' indeed! We were practically shouting out 'yeeeee' and 'woohoo' and then a longer 'yeeeeeeeeee' before we got tired.

But we did had a great time enjoying CPK's dishes that I love, such as their freshly made pizzas,  pastas and wraps. 

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Like this Seafood Pomodoro, filled with all the bounties of the sea, tossed every so lightly with read sauce and served with a lemon wedge. It's like eating this by the sea with your loved one and you're all good to go.
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One of my officemates had this healthy Vegetarian Wrap, a toasted tortilla filled with different greens, arugula, nuts, cheese and apples tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette to make up for a sexy treat! 

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CPK may offer a lot of crazy pizza variations, but we opted for a Margherita Pizza, which is still one of my classic favorites. Oozing with fresh mozarella, tomatoes and a sprinkle of basil, one slice and it's gone...in a minute.

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This fresh Original BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad, which was made with greens, tomatoes and scallions, tossed together in a tangy and creamy ranch dressing, and topped yummy chicken, is outstanding. I did try the salad without the chicken, but for a full order, this was good enough for about 5 people.

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And of course, who wouldn't love this plate of spaghetti in Marinara sauce? Oh, this Spaghetti Marinara makes me want to go back to CPK right now.

As always, CPK is a winning hit for us. It's where we were able to celebrate a day where love is in the air, much in the food. And the good thing about it, we had fun eating there together! CPK's dishes is indeed, 'good for our hearts'.

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  1. Dishes look so tempting. Would love to try that Seafood Pomodoro out sometime.