Breakfast and Brunch Hub in Shaw, Mandaluyong: B&P Is Where The Heart Is

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It's been roughly two months since I started working in Makati and I must say that I haven't stayed as much in our house, compared to the time when my job was situated in Eastwood. Waking up in the mornings is not really my thing (yet), traffic is always bad, people are in a rush, and sadly I've got no time to eat breakfast at home. Either way, I'm slowly getting used to it.

Although sometimes I do miss the smell of pancakes with homemade syrup which our Lola used to make when we were kids, or my Mama making us breakfast and packed lunches (yes, lunches hehe) before going to school, me just having my 'cooking show moments' in the kitchen during weekend mornings. and making my own version of different kinds of breakfast staples at home (think PB&J french toasts, adobo rice and tocilog), which I now consider to be one of my long lost pastimes.

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B&P may be a bit far from my Quezon City turf (it's located along 515 Shaw Boulevard in front of S&R in Mandaluyong), but going there feels like coming back home and enjoying homestyle and comfort food that we crave for. It's one of the newest concepts from The Cravings Group and spearheaded by Ms. Annie Guerrero, which is inspired from the owners' love of family and tradition, and memories of growing up.

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B&P may mean a lot of things, but although they serve all-day breakfast meals, it doesn't mean that the place also serve pies. B&P actually stands for owners sisters Bea and Pia Trinidad, and if I am right, they are the third generation of Guerreros starting from Ms. Annie. These lovely sisters share their passion for food, lola's cooking, crushes, and their family's moments at home and using it as a powerful inspiration to come up with dishes that it actually something people already know of. 

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I had the opportunity to check out the place in it's early stages a few weeks ago. And as far as I've known, they were still undergoing a few changes here and there, so I just think that some of the things I would indicate on this post is already ongoing. B&P, nonetheless, is already fully operational, including these cute ceramic doggie-shaped salt and pepper shakers, which I find so cute that I wanna take it home (but I didn't, hehe).

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Chef Boom Jota, one of the brains behind the re-creation of B&P's favorite dishes, posed at the restaurant's cute compact kitchen with the happy faces from the rest of the restaurant's chefs, who are all girls by the way, so it may resemble mama or lola's cooking even more. Trivia: B&P's kitchen is designed to keep up with the schematics of fastfood service, so you still get the high quality of the dishes in faster time than usual. Plus, the design of the kitchen is quite similar from the owner's actual kitchen at home. Neat, right? :) 

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One of the owners of B&P, was with us that morning to guide us through what the restaurant is all about.

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I had a great time chatting with her by the way! We do look alike, don't we? Haha, just kidding.

Mom Badjie Trinidad, her daughter Pia, and feeling-adopted daughter, Nina. Hahaha!
 I did find B&P's plates are impressive, along with very classy cutlery.

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When I was at B&P, their menu is all 'fanned out', but they said that in a few weeks, this printed out menu will be uploaded online instead, as B&P is putting up iPads to make ordering more up-to-date and convenient.

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As soon as got seated, I was asked what to order, and felt that I needed some Vitamin C that day. So I got their Lemon Cucumber Pandan Cooler, which was only temporarily served to us because apparently they ran out of celery and replaced it with cucumber instead.

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Their fruit quenchers at B&P are placed inside these cute little jars that you would usually use to store homemade juices these days, and I liked this because for me, it tasted very much like lemonade but with hints of pandan, and it was not as sweet as their Strawberry Lemon Quencher. Not only that, I loved their surprise Boba pearls, which oozes out a lemony kind of flavor as soon as it gets popped in your mouth. I had a great time getting all the pearls like a kid while waiting for the dishes to arrive.

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A complimentary plate of sweet and savory knick knacks made from nuts and corn snacks was served to us before the first batch of dishes arrived on our table.

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The first dish which was served was their Creole Style Eggs; which is actually indicated as one of their Breakfast Specialties Category. It's a classic yet tweaked combination of two poached eggs over a perfectly cooked beef patty, surrounded by a rich spicy buttermilk cream sauce, melted Swiss cheese. The beef patty wasn't dry, and the sauce was not overly spicy, but really helped in appreciating the meat more. Although it seems like a lot of the elements are 'swimming' on the sauce, but it's enough to make your mouth water for sure. I tried this (and found it better) with some garlic rice though, even if it should normally be eaten by its own. As with the poached eggs,  it's definitely fresh and when mixed with the cream sauce, then dipped in bread...woah woah woah..

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Most of their breakfast dishes are plated in Korean style bulgogi bowls, Don Malutong, one of the dishes mostly ordered ever since they started, is filled with their yummy crispy pork belly strips that's seasoned just right, signature garlic rice, choice of cooked egg and homemade papaya relish. This dish is under their 'Our Chef's Table' Category.

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We also got this very cute container only to find out that this is their House Salad, filled with julienned carrots and lettuce with a creamy thousand island-looking sour cream dressing. This is usually served also when you order most of their entrees.

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B&P's Baby back Ribs are baked, fork tender and smeared heavily with Texan Style BBQ Sauce, served with the same tossed green salad and house fries. This is soooo good, and you can't go wrong with this dish. I don't know how you would imagine it but for me it's a good blend of spicy, savory and sweet....but I needed more Tabasco and lot of garlic rice while I ate this. It's actually enough to feed three to four people.

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They also have a good variety of egg omelettes and scrambles (under the category which coincidentally, is called Omelettes and Scrambles, hehe) which is mostly made from organic ingredients. Trivia again: 70% of their ingredients are from organic sources, so if you are thinking healthy and sustainable, then B&P is a good choice.

Their Baxter Omelette (or as I may call it, the 'breakfast of health conscious champs') is made with grilled onions, mushrooms, spinach and served with bruschetta, a side of avocados, olives and cheese. Simple ingredients made very special only at B&P. 

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Another B&P 'Breakfast Specialty' is their Salmon Hash and Eggs, which is also considered to be one of their bestsellers - made with poached eggs and a special hash made with fresh salmon, garlic, peppers and onions, with a hefty serving of homemade fries. It's actually too heavy for me when served with fries, but I really liked the freshness of the ingredients, especially the salmon, and it makes this dish extra special.

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The B&P Chick to Chick is a half chicken cut into pieces, and cooked twice: first, it's simmered in different herbs and spices, then coated with a special buttermilk based batter and deep fried. It's normally served with homemade french toast, peppered gravy and sour cream dip. This, I'd have to say, would have to be the fried chicken with one of the lightest batters ever, not to mention it's juicy meat inside. It's yummy for me even without the gravy. The 'Don't Eat That Chicken Police' should be arresting me at that moment for eating a big piece of chicken without medicines. I even tried eating this with their pancake syrup. Unusual yes, but worth trying. Yep, it's that good.

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The one which was served, however, includes a yummy pancake instead of the usual french toast.

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With a lot of food on my plate, then came The Heat Is On, a medley of spicy sausage, jalapenos, cheddar cheese with salsa and sour cream, and served with warm french bread slices. The heat is definitely on with the jalapenos included on the dish, but the heat is off for the rest of the ingredients. This is not a bad thing if people would want to have some sausage for breakfast. Not all people are spicy daredevils like me, so this dish is a keeper. 

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The B&P Baked Macaroni is rich in different types of sauces. It's got with bolognese, bechamel and cheese sauce, then baked into gooey perfection. It's like a cheese swimming pool that you couldn't wait to dive your spoon in. This is considered to be one of America's comfort foods, and when you get it at B&P, you wouldn't really have to wonder why it made the list.

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B&P Primera Tapa is made with not your usual tapsilog, but it's tapa made with premium angus beef, served with scrambled eggs, garlic rice and pickle relish. Another favorite of mine that's brought back to life and dressed differently: meat is tender and slightly salty, just the way tapa should be. I'd prefer sunny side up eggs, but B&P does scrambled eggs so perfect that I really don't mind it that much.

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Looking at the dishes, you might be thinking, isn't breakfast supposed to be light? Actually, breakfast is supposed to be heavy, but just in case you are following a strict diet plan, B&P also serves items under their Grandma's Get Fit Menu. Just like their dish called Zumba, made with three scrambled egg whites, and served with mushrooms, a cup of steamed spinach, a sliced tomato and one tablespoon of goat cheese. Less of the calories, more of the flavor, and all organic. 

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And to top everything off, why don't we end up with a sweet doss of pancakes? B&P is proud to serve pancakes that are not from the box, and claims to be better than the more famous pancake brands out there. It's made fresh once ordered, and you can tell the difference once you try it. One of which is B&P's Triple Decker. It's three layers of real, thick pancakes filled with nutella, fresh bananas, caramel and topped with whipped cream.

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I don't know if this is something normal when ordering this, but we got an extra dose of nutella when we tried this. Plus, you can never go wrong with pancakes served with a jar of ol' maple syrup. Yomeyyy....

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Meanwhile, the Pancake Supreme is five layers of pancake, filled with various fruits such as strawberry, bananas, orange, mango and bluberries, served with whipped butter and different syrup concoctions.

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I actually liked this one even more because of all the different fruit components, which is still recognizable in terms of taste since you are getting it in layers. You get the sweetness of the mangoes, tartness of the blueberries, charming taste of strawberries and fresh ripe bananas. After a few mouthfuls of these, I'm so done with brunch that day.  

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I even went home with this surprise package from B&P which included a Strawberry Lemon Quench Cooler and different baked goods like cupcakes, muffins and cookies. Thanks for the sweet treat!

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If I were to be asked what my B&P favorites are, I would have to choose the baby back the ribs, fried chicken and the pancakes. Then again, every dish is not a waste when you are to eat in this cozy nook on this side of Mandaluyong. It's a great hangout for anyone who wanted to know how special breakfast or brunch is. Because if you want to feel like you're always home, then B&P is where the heart is.  

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B&P is open everyday and very early from 7:00AM to late at night at 12:00MN.

To know more about 'the works' (address, contact numbers, updates on menu, photos, and promos), check out their official page and like them: B&P Official Facebook Page

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  1. One of the hottest and yummiest food ever... With this one I know I will be satisfied with the food I serve.. This is the most trusted flavorful spices that a food can have.. Taste so good and nothing can beat its magic... I always bring one of these at the office for my emergencies that needs flavor :)

    1. I'm assuming B&P is close to your office, so that's really nice! Glad you enjoyed it too! :)