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Christmas Season may mean a lot of things (I'm thinking killer road traffic, parties, and lots of ham) but one thing that everyone would agree in, is the fact that this is the time where we feast on more food and alcohol compared to any other season of every year. 

With parties here and there, lots of Christmas dinners to go to and more pig-out sessions with family and friends, sometimes a lot of people just get a bit tired of all the fuss about celebrating the spirit of Christmas. In reality, aside from the usual get-together, family bonding and gift giving, a lot of people might also probably be stressed out on what food to prepare, how much time it would take, and how long it's gonna last to serve all their hungry guests. Such a skill that domestic goddesses in this world can only possess, to whip up an easy and hassle free christmas feast, is unfortunately not something that everyone have. As much as we all want to make a perfect ala Barefoot Contessa party at The Hamptons, some of us are either too lazy or too tired to work on. Hence, the idea of easily dining out at good buffet restaurants.

Dining (or hanging out haha) at buffets are perfect alternatives for those who want to relax instead of dreading inside their kitchens. It's just a delicious idea of delegating a responsibility. It's smart and practical, but sometimes, it is in fact, very pricey.

Which is why we now turn our heads at Triple V's Dads Buffet Restaurant's new concept and makeover, which is now known as Dads World Buffets.

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Dads World Buffets is an eat all you can feast with nothing but the best dishes from, you've guessed it, different parts of the world. In my opinion, it's not really an original concept to begin with. But when it's coming from the Triple V group, who is just one of the longest running buffet restaurants in the country, I'm pretty confident in saying that they manage to make it better, innovative and all too gastronomic for their loyal patrons and new customers. Basically, it's an enticingly yummy orchestra of various buffets rolled into one. 

This makeover from the brains behind Triple V, the fearless twins Mara and Cara Villavicencio, just started the launch of Dads World Buffets at their SM Megamall branch in Ortigas. Apparently, their other branches in EDSA and West Avenue would have to wait until next year to complete the whole new dining renovation.

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For starters, Dads World Buffets came up with an extensive selection of dishes from fifteen of the most popular of cuisines today. Not to mention, our own Filipino cuisine.

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I had the opportunity to try eating at Dads World Buffets last weekend. During Saturdays and Sundays, the place is always jam-packed with hungry diners, so if you want to go and eat with a smaller crowd, I suggest you come for weekday lunch or dinner instead. This dining destination has a lot of food choices indeed, that I can't seem to fit all of my photos on this post. Feel free to browse through all the delectable sights from Dads World Buffets by visiting this link here.

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Of course, Dads World Buffets is your perfect alternative for Christmas celebrations and parties alike. You won't ever have to worry about buying ingredients, long waits in the kitchen and cleaning the dishes. From an assortment of appetizers, main dishes to desserts, Dads World Buffets has got you covered. Aside of their newest cuisine additions, Dads World Buffets is now serving up different kinds of juices, as well as a wider selection of desserts for the kids and kids at heart.

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Another thing that differs Dads World Buffets from the rest of their competitors is Triple V's trademark hospitality that exudes in all their employees. Here, the waiters and servers themselves at Dads World Buffets are the ones approaching the guests on what else they need like drinks or other dining requests, instead of the other way around. From the receptionists, to the servers, to the waiters, cooks and even their ever so talented musical groups (who can belt out even the most popular and most difficult of songs). Only Dads World Buffets has become one of the pioneers for having this friendly aura inside buffet restaurants, and I believe this is now being imitated by their other competitors. 

Lastly, dining at Dads World Buffets is not overly cheap, but rightfully affordable. Sometimes, I see some diners really don't eat a lot, but then they are still paying the same price. This is true for most buffets, and I am impressed that the guys at Dads World Buffets thinks of it that way. And wait for it....diners over seventy years old, regardless of nationality, eats for half the price. Now how is that for value of money!

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Other ongoing promos are the free birthday lunch or dinner for celebrants, as well as their 1 free buffet for groups of 10.

from Dads Kamayan Saisaki Facebook Page
from Dads Kamayan Saisaki Facebook Page
For me, I can just have all the uni (sea urchin) that I want and more for an affordable price.

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I didn't say that eating at Dads World Buffets is guilt-free, but it is definitely stress-free. Aside for accommodating your upcoming Christmas celebrations, Dads World Buffets is also available for other events like parties, baptisms, corporate events, even weddings.

For more info on Dads World Buffets (including Kamayan and Saisaki) as well as their other branches, including menu, promos and updates, check out their official website and account:

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