Happy New Year Foodies! Cheers to 2014!

So it's been two weeks since my last post, and I sure am very eager to post one today! As much as I told myself that I would have enough time to write during the holidays, well, truth is, I never found it. 

I was out and about these past few days doing the usual routine that almost every Filipino would go through during the holidays, and then some. I have gone to parties, ate food, drank a lot, gave and received gifts, and have gone out-of-town with the family. 

The only difference was that of all the years that I have been jumping and screaming and greeting everybody a Happy New Year, I preferred to get stuck on my bed and slept while my family and neighbors are celebrating outside. As my introvert skills were unlocked, my New Year's Eve seem to be awfully boring, and yet I enjoyed it very much. 

Nope, no hangovers for me today, so this is a new thing for me this year. I woke up to a healthy start! 

I also decided not to post any new year related statuses, as I am already blinded by my flooded news feed full of posts from all my friends.

I guess I had too much to eat for dinner earlier that night, and I got easily tired and rather sleep despite hearing the noises of loud people and fireworks outside.

And if there are restaurants called Tipsy Pig, Flying Pig, and Black Pig, then I should call myself a happy pig last night.

But hey, it's now time of the year to get back on track and lose some pounds, right?

Then again, I'm a foodie, and sometimes, I don't care even if I gain a bit of weight. After all, eating is better than working out. I'm sure I'm able to shed them off once I get back to work...tomorrow.

Hello again 2014! Looking forward to more tummy worthy food trips this year!

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