Donuts With A Filipino Twist: Pan De Donuts At Pan De Manila

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Pan De Manila, the makers of one of the best tasting pan de sals (filipino style bread) that I have ever tried in Manila, has taken a leap from making their traditional batches of pugon (brick oven) baked pandesal, soft and moist filipino sweet breads like mamon and ensaymada, healthy/naturally made bread spread selections and yummy sardines, and reached onto a whole new level.

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For me, Pan De Manila has done nonetheless a combination of old and new school awesomeness. And as corny as I might sound, it's not just a pan de sal. Heck, neither it is just a donut. It's a Pan De Manila's new item called the Pan De Donut.

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I got the chance to attend the official launch of Pan De Manila's Pan De Donut a few weeks ago at their flagship store at Market Market, and if I may just say, it's one of their newly renovated branches compared to the usual old rustic vibe from other stores in Metro Manila. It's vibrant in white with a vast artwork that's seen as you as you enter the store.

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Fun fact: Pan De Manila supports our country's local artists, and its a valuable thing to point out that they are sponsoring these people to share their talent. It always goes on that every year that the artworks of their sponsored artist is the one they use for their packaging and selected promotional materials. And thanks to Ryan Cayabyab's album compilation of Christmas songs on the background, the holiday season is definitely present and very much inviting for their customers.

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The basic differences of the Pan De Donut, to admit, is not noticeable at first impression. Looking at it, you'd think that it's nothing more than just another donut creation. But to be honest, looks can really be deceiving.

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For starters, the Pan De Donut is baked, not fried. The bread is made with the finest ingredients, and baked to perfection, giving you a soft and delicate texture. Although the bread is generally the same for all Pan De Donut variants, it really depends on your choice of toppings, fillings and flavors for you to fully enjoy it.

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As a matter of fact, there are a bunch of flavors to choose from when ordering these Pan De Donuts from Pan De Manila, and you can check out my full album with all the pictures and the highlights here. These sweet treats are definitely considered as a healthier alternative, especially for those who wanted to take better control of their sugar intake. The bread is not entirely sweet, but the toppings and fillings make up for its sweet factor.

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Now, I have been to a lot of food launches, yet by far this is the most exciting activity I have ever attended as a food blogger. And I did take my best effort to it when I found out that we will be designing our own donuts! It's nice to have a little competition from time to time, so we headed onto the challenge.

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A wide variety of toppings, coco jam, peanut butter, as well as melted milk and white chocolate toppings were prepared. We were given two donuts each, and I was very competitive with my boyfriend, much as the others.

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Everything was become more and more exciting as each one of us finished our designs. And all the finished entries were indeed very pretty. I'm sure they are equally yummy as well.

To me and my boyfriend's suprise, his design was chosen by the judges. It's funny because he was supposed to call it "Maning mani" - which takes a double meaning as having peanut overload, or saying the same thing when one finds something as easy to make or do. But the judges opted for the name it "Yolanda", as inspired by the tragic storm that happened a few months back in our country.

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Not only did we have a great time, but we obviously enjoyed eating a lot of Pan De Donuts too! 

Of course, my Pan De Manila trip wouldn't be complete without giving you a preview of the other yummy things that are readily available for their customers, like this unique Calamansi (philippine lemon) jelly and Mango/Guava Jams, which are all natural and made from local ingredients.

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Or maybe this sharp cheddar cheese which is definitely huge.

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And don't forget to get these cute paper bags which can also be used as gift bags. By the way, these Pan De Donuts are perfect gift ideas for the holidays, as they are neatly packed in these custom designed boxes from Pan De Manila.

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It's been weeks since I attended this event, but I was informed that currently these Pan De Donuts from Pan De Manila are only available at their Market Market branch, so all you foodies out there may have to take a little bit more effort to get these babies if you are not within the area. Here are their introductory prices based from the time I was there.

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For more info on the Pan De Donut and other exciting treats from Pan De Manila, check out their official accounts below:

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Pan De Manila Official Facebook Page
Pan De Manila on Instagram: @pandemanilaofficial

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