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Catch the Grand Pizza Day at Papa Johns on December 17!

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Hey, Papa John's lovers in the Philippines! Tomorrow, December 17, is a great day for Papa Johns as they celebrate their Grand Pizza Day! :))

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As much as I wanted to explain every good detail of the food items that you can devour at Papa John's, apparently, I wasn't able to attend their pre-event last week. However, I was saved by my knight in shining armor along with one of my blog's representatives and headed to Papa John's Greenhills branch to replace me.

Reason for this is because I am now working in Makati CBD which was why I wasn't able to catch up during the event. But the good thing is, I am very much excited to scour the Makati sidestreets and try to check any good food joints in the area soon! I am also very excited (as always) with my new job, But of course, I know I won't stop blogging about food.

There are lots of surprises in store for Papa John's, as follows:

Nines vs. Food - Papa John's Grand Pizza Day-3.jpg

Grand Pizza Day Surprise Treat: For every purchase of either a pasta dish, or any pizza variant from the list below (single transaction), you get a FREE 9 inch Garlic Parmesan Chicken Pizza - a yummy new item made from only the tastiest pizza dough from Papa John's, butter garlic sauce, grilled chicken, onions and a three-cheese combination of mozzarella, exquisite parmesan and nutty romano cheeses.

Take note, this goes out for among the first 100 customers per branch only.

The best thing about this? The Garlic Parmesan Chicken Pizza is only currently available in the Philippines. Now that's a good thing in terms of putting up the latest innovations for Papa John's in general.

Both my representatives sure had a great time tasting this new addition at Papa John's, and they even had a chance to make their own pizzas during the pre-event!

Nines vs. Food - Papa John's Grand Pizza Day-4.jpg

I'm so jealous that my mouth is watering again while I write this. Hahaha. 

Prize with Every Pizza Slice Promo: get a raffle coupon for every 350 Pesos food purchase or an order of Papa John's Garlic Parmesan Chicken Pizza and get a chance to win the following prizes!
  • 12 Limited Papa John's G-Shock Watches (cute!)
Nines vs. Food - Papa John's Grand Pizza Day-5.jpg
  • Overnight Accommodation for two at The Berjaya hotel
Nines vs. Food - Papa John's Grand Pizza Day-6.jpg
  • 20 Papa John's Gift Certificates worth 1,500 Pesos
  • 10 MyPhone mobile phones
But fret not, this raffle promo is until December 31 and deadline of submission of entries is until 9:30PM of January 2, 2014. 

The Papa John's Prize with Every Pizza Slice Grand Draw witll commence a few days after on January 7, 2:00PM at Papa John's SM Megamall Branch (Mega A Building, 3rd Level).

For more info on the Papa John's branches and other exciting promos, check out their official accounts below:

Papa John's Official Website

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*Disclaimer: The following post is part press release but with some of the writer's own thoughts and views on Papa John's, even if it means not going to the event. 
*All photos except for one are taken from the official Facebook Page of Papa John's Philippines.


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