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Updated 3/3/14: Hi readers! Please be advised that this Bar-B-Skew is now closed. ----- Nines

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Bar B Skew is one of the newest food joints in Quezon City neatly situated at the CTTM Square along the corner of Timog and Tomas Morato, which you can already see just when you pass by the rotonda area. Both Timog and Tomas Morato is a stretch of all the possibilities you can crave for, mostly Japanese, American, Korean, Chinese, Mediterranean, Vietnamese and Filipino cuisines from the high end restaurant lounges to the simplest carinderias.

And with such eclectic flavors being presented to the tongues of various nationalities, Bar B Skew stands out in terms of concept. The newly opened food joint caters to those who crave for local grilled street food much like the ones you see at ihaw-ihaw or barbecue stands on a bunch of street corners where you live.

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I have read an article once on food combos that needs to be available for the happiness of the consumers, one of which is yummy grilled isaw (intestines), atay (liver), pork barbecue or balun-balunan (gizzard) and rice. In my case, it's fairly easy because I have at least three ihaw-ihaw options near our house to choose from, and we always have cooked rice at home.

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For those who have no other choice on where you can get a dose of yummy streetfood, or if you are itching to eat some without the hazards of "double dipping", then your answer is simply Bar B Skew. As far as all the other articles that you have already seen while doing a research on the place, you can only read about how to eat their skewers. But let me be the one to give the real score on what to expect and what you can do when dining at this hip new street food restaurant.

I tried it out for the first time thanks to Aldous along with other bloggers last week. I'm not sure how Bar B Skew have already made some adjustments, but by the time you get to read this post, here's what I can say about you should expect (and what you can do) at Bar B Skew:

1. Bar B Skew is a self-service buffet restaurant - You should be the one to get your choice of which food to grill. Yes, they do have servers and waiters to accommodate your other requests, but unless you are just too tamad to get some yourself, please don't give them enough burden to do it for you. In my opinion, these guys are already too busy making new food skewers, collecting used skewers (once you are done eating), and filling up your grilling machines with hot coals.

At Bar B Skew there is a table with drinks and a separate tray with all the sauces that you can use for your skewers. They say that the Garlic Butter is considered as a crowd favorite, but they also have Hot Pepper, Pinoy Sweet, Soy Sesame, Sweet and Spicy and Sweet Chili to choose from. Taste wise? It clearly depends on how you utilize their sauces.

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2. About Bar B Skew's mean grill machine on your table - It is by far one of the coolest yet simple cooking machines I've seen on top of a dining table. It's like a mini sized version of the improvised rotisserie grills that you can see at roasted chicken and liempo stands. Nice, right? But still, one must be prepared!

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These grills are customized to cook your choice of meat, poultry, veggie, fish or dessert skewers the best way possible, but you should some heat and smoke wafting on your face while waiting. This is because the air inside Bar B Skew circulates rapidly that there would be times that the smoke vacuum tubes atop won't get. This goes also for the area outside the restaurant, which have no smoke vacuums at all. So expect more of what I'm talking about.

Not really a good idea to eat here if you just had a facial hehe.

Aside from heat and smoke, expect also that when the servers refill your machine with more charcoal, ashes may start flying around you and your table. So steer clear of those charcoal ashes that may end up on your face while eating.

3. Available food choices at Bar B Skew - Bar B Skew has the basics that you will need to make your own version of the ever popular streetfoods like chicken or pork isaw, BBQ, hotdogs, gizzard, liver, cream dory. I was told that the skewer lineup changes every other day, except for the ones that are often preferred more by their customers.

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The good thing about it is that Bar B Skew is that they are open to exploring more in terms of adding more choice to the current menu. So expect soon that Bar B Skew would be having other excitingly delicious options as well.

4. Cooking your skewers - basically, a lot of people at Bar B Skew would tell you that the cooking time on their rotating grill machines would take between 2 to 5 minutes of cooking. But in reality, that, my friend, really DEPENDS. Mine got cooked a little under 10 minutes, since I wanted to have that unique toasty texture that you can get from authentic streetfood. Just like the sauces, it greatly depends on you cook your skewers and affect its taste and texture.

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When it comes to their fruit skewers, it'll probably take around 5 to 8 minutes of cooking, and around 10 minutes for the veggie skewers since squash is definitely one hard vegatable.

If ever you just happen to have an encounter with marshmallows, then a quick number of seconds is all you need to toast them. Just don't make the same mistake that I did of leaving them for too long. Good thing I got it out of the grill even before all the melted mallow gooeyness would fall off the hot coals.

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The only thing that I had a personal issue with is this saba banana skewers (unriped bananas) which I cooked for around 10 minutes and did not looked completely cooked at all! But indeed, to my surprise, they have been cooked already. So watch out for 'you-think-they're-uncooked-but-really-they're-done' skewers.

5. Final tips - when it comes to the sauce, I suggest you try to mix and match them to create your signature sauce to glaze your skewers. About the other dishes served for the buffet, there isn't really a bunch of options to choose from, but hey, what's to complain when you can get these dishes and cook ALL the food skewers you want for P299.00?

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Again, you can revisit my ol' reliable post on how to stand strong during buffets. And my last tip is to try to bring an extra top or shirt just in case you might have to go to the club after having dinner at Bar B Skew but end up smelling like barbecue.

If you are very much into Filipino streetfood and interactive cooking, then Bar B Skew is your best bet. In my opinion, it does look promising. Maybe it's because of how I see the concept as one coming from the most humble of intentions of bringing something new to the table. I've been there only during their soft opening phase, so I did consider the fact that they were still getting into some minor adjustments.

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Bar B Skew is perfect for a lazy lunch or dinner, and the best part? They serve beer! Oh I would love to come back and cook my own proudly Filipino beer match skewers.

I assumed that the place currently accepts cash only, but they are open for reservations. With all these dibs, are you ready for Bar B Skew? If yes, then head on now and enjoy all the grilled treats that you can!

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  1. I would definitely try this! =) - Chris

  2. Great tips! I want to try this soon too =D

    1. Thanks Stacy! Have fun cooking your own streetfood :)

  3. The same thing happened to me with the marshmallow... whoops?


    1. Yes! Good thing you can still consider it as a "sweet mistake" :D
      (that was a corny line hahaha)

  4. Haha! Couldn't have put it better myself!