Discovering Jelly G Thai Milk Tea

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Being the Quezon City baby that I am, I never get tired of coming back to Araneta Center. It wasn't the scary part of Cubao that a lot of pople once knew, and a lot of improvements like renovations, rising condo units and a better looking Big Dome have been made since then.

It's almost every weekend that I would just get out of the house and go there to eat, buy something, or just stroll around the different spots and numerous supermarkets (I love em'). Still, it was quite a while before I finally discovered Jelly G Thai Milk Tea, which is tucked away in the ground floor of Ali Mall.

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The deconstructed Jelly G branch in Ali Mall was like a small garden, with chairs reminiscent from my previous company pantry, and magazines on each table for reading. I am not a fan of crowded places, so it was a more peaceful alternative compared to the Starbucks joint upstairs filled with coffee shop campers.

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I was amused with this table sticker containing a bunch of Thai words and phrases that you can learn while waiting for your order. All of which "chan mai khao chai...."

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Jelly G Thai Milk Tea also sells affordable authentic Spicy Tamarind and Spicy Mango for your Thai snack craving fix. 

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I am not the type of person who got myself sucked into the trend of checking out every single brand of milk tea in Manila, but I admit I've had my share of favorite spots to get good quality milk tea.

Since most of them are Taiwan and locally made mixes. I became a bit curious with Jelly G Thai Milk Tea because of their unusual but interesting array of authentic Thai Milk tea blends. I became more curious after the Green Milk Tea that I had a week earlier at Silk Road in Taguig.

Jelly G has an impressively extensive menu of other blended milk tea drinks for your refreshment, but I decided to order the King Thai Milk Tea instead.

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Thanks to two entrepreneurs who established the brand Ang Gara and Kush Hair Accessories (an apparel brand with a store located in Market Market), they decided to put up a milk tea shop that's slightly different than the rest of what we see around.

What makes the King Thai Milk Tea different from the others I've tried before is the orange stinge that comes from real steeped tea leaves from Thailand, mixed perfectly with sugar syrup, ice and milk. The taste is a balance of strong and sweet flavors, and it was indeed creamy for my taste (hence the tagline "I AM CREAMY TEA"). I ordered mine plain without anything to chew in so I can appreciate the drink better. People can add a number of additional items such as grass or coconut jelly, pearls, and egg pudding, as well as adjust the sugar levels (they even have Splenda) depending on how you like it.

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The King Thai Milk Tea at Jelly G was refreshingly sweet, so I turned my focus to ordering their Spicy Tom Yum. While Jelly G also served creamy tom yum and minced pork noodles, the spicy tom yum is comprised of a big bowl of noodles imported from Thailand, topped with sliced squid balls, fresh water spinach and bean sprouts served with separate bowls of additional veggies and their Tom Yum Soup base. I decided to use the soup as a dipping sauce, much like eating soba noodles in Japan.

The soup was spicy enough but I liked it! It was as simple as it gets. Plus, for the normal price of P120.00, the dish is served with unlimited veggies too! This is a perfect alternative if you are opting for an el cheapo yet filling Thai inspired meal.

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And yes! Thanks for cheap food finds and Halloween promos! The Tom Yum Noodle soup was sold at half the price when I went there :)

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Another cheap food find is Jelly G Thai Milk Tea's Teawich, made with two humongous slices of bread with your choice of either ham and cheese, veggies, chicken or tuna fillings. I've had the Tuna Teawich and it was so big I did not finish everything. This is good for two people. Perfect for snack time or after-shopping duties with your BFF.

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Check out these cool Jelly G Bread Toast variants, and their featured combo meals on their menu. One of my all time favorite drinks is Jasmine Green Tea which is why I am very excited to try to Queen Jasmine & Cheesy Cheese Tea Toast Combo soon.

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Jelly G has a lot of branches all over Metro Manila (and even one in Marquee Mall in Pampanga) but their biggest branches are located in Ali Mall and Sta. Lucia Mall, where they can accommodate a Jelly G Party Thai-m Event (pronounced party thinking hehe).

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And like most milk tea shops, customers can also avail of their Loyalty Card, where you can get a free drink of your choice after ten orders of drinks at Jelly G Thai Milk Tea.

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Jelly G Thai Milk Tea may have been operating for quite some time, but now I'm definitely hooked. Being the picky eater and drinker, this milk tea joint deserves a thumbs up!

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And yes, they do deliver! Jelly G is one of the brands being catered by the guys from City Delivery. Just call 87878 or 09176387878 for queries.

Check out more exciting updates and promos from Jelly G Thai Milk Tea on their account:
Jelly G Official Facebook Page

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*Disclaimer: The following post is entirely made from the writer's own thoughts and views on Jelly G Thai Milk Tea and its products :))


  1. I remember trying this branch as well at Ali Mall. Their menu looks really promising and ate is nice enough to explain everything about their products. Great review! :)

  2. It's not really a pish posh place one might expect it to be, but they sure have decent and well thought of products to begin with, so all is well with Jelly G! I was told that the Honeydew Thai and Wintermelon Blends are bestsellers so you may want to try it out as well :))

    Thanks for your wonderful comment Krisella!