For The Love Of Thai Food: Silk Road Thai Bistro At The Fort BGC

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The new restaurant located at BGC (Bonifacio Global City) called Silk Road Thai Bistro at The Fort boasts of excellently crafted Thai food. And I got a chance to check out the place as well as try a number of their dishes last weekend. It was a great time for me to catch up with some other bloggers and writers, and broke out from all the other activities that I did all throughout that week. It also gave me an opportunity to explore and fascinate more about authentic Thai food that's readily available here in Manila.

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Silk Road Thai Bistro just opened about a month ago, with some minor fixes here and there. Silk Road Thai Bistro is still currently on their soft opening, so a lot of improvements are still ongoing. But I guess by the time that you get to read this, all is well with the place. This new Thai Restaurant at the Net Quad Building is enticing, from the spacious bar as soon as you come in, comfy dining areas, high ceilings with stunning lamps atop, as well as a huge buddha statue by the stairs going to the second floor VIP area just gives a wonderful appeal to my senses.

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I haven't been to the VIP area yet but the Silk Road Thai Bistro's owner Chef Cecille Chang told me and my colleagues that is it available for private dinners, functions and events. Call it a coincidence, but I didn't have any clue that Chef Cecille was also the same person behind other Thai Restaurants that I have been to before, such as Thai Bistro in Robinsons Magnolia and the then Thai At Silk restaurant at Serendra.

Since then, Chef Cecille hasn't stopped sharing her passion for Thai food, and having a conversation with her reminds me that with hard work will bear the fruits of your labor. She would still be making rounds at her "babies" (restaurants), and never really had any day off except when she can find time to do a little scuba diving.

Silk Road is like a one-stop shop of sorts. It's more of like a restaurant right now, but soon after Cecille is planning to turn it into a lounge / club where different DJs will be featured on certain days of the week. Cocktails would be like having a trip to Thailand, but I decided to refresh myself with a tall glass of Thai Green Milk Tea instead.

One of the few things to know about though, is that Silk Road Thai Bistro might be the first restaurant to have a foreign beverage consultant, so if you would notice on their menu, the cocktails are made to fit in with the overall theme and cuisine. Even the wine selection is not compromised at all. Each wine is specifically chosen to be best paired with their respective dishes. Now that, my friends, is hands-on work.

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Chocolate Dream (alcoholic)
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Green Tea Thai Milk Tea (non-alcoholic)
In the meantime, let me share with you an awesome feast that you can also experience at Silk Road Thai Bistro. The place is usually packed during lunch and dinner though, so if you are planning to eat here, you can contact them for reservations first.

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Siam Roti
If you may notice, my journey to Thailand's cuisine started with Siam Roti which was served with tomato salsa and curry sauce. I was used to eating the flaky, lighter type of roti, but the one at Silk Road Thai Bistro as slightly thicker. It's soft and chewy, and even though both sauces were well thought of, I liked the curry sauce better.

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Thai Spring Rolls
Silk Road Thai Bistro's Thai Spring Rolls are packed with healthy goodness of greens and reds, and when dipped in their sweet chili sauce, it's soooo good. This is how asian spring rolls should be: crispy outside, with a healthy dose of vegetable filling, and without the excess oil. I'm also impressed with the presentation specially executed by the chef. And take note, even their boat plates was imported from Thailand.

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Son-in-law Eggs
While you try to Google the reason on why Son-in-law Eggs are called as such, let me get into how I had the experience on eating it. One might consider it as the Thai cousin of our own kwek-kwek, but son-in-law eggs don't need no batter coating before it gets fried. You would be fascinated with how delicious hard boiled eggs can be once you tried this version from Silk Road Thai Bistro. It's different from the usual version since the half eggs where given special attention, each one laden with its own sauce and herbs on top.

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Soi Langsuan
Soi Langsuan, which is a salad made with green mangoes, apples and hearts of palm in a spicy sweet coco lime garlic sauce, and topped with seared pink salmon, is the bomb. This is one of the best Asian inspired salads I've had (since I love spicy food). If you're quite hesitant with their normal heat level (which I think was quite hot for the normal palate), Silk Road Thai Bistro diners are free to choose whether they like their Soi Langsuan mild or hot. This are also applicable to all the other dishes if you wish.

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Thai Ravioli
The Thai Ravioli at Silk Road Thai Bistro would also have to be another favorite among the appetizers. It's wisely made not with Italian style pasta, rather, a normal ingredient in Thai food: rice spring roll wrappers! The dish is moist, salty, and hearty thanks to the beef and shitake mushroom combo. The sauce served with this dish wraps up Thailands flavors: sweet, salty, tangy and spicy. And I'm drooling while writing...again.

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Jasmine Rice
After trying the appetizers, each of us got a small bowl of freshly cooked, piping hot Jasmine Rice which we would need for a number of main courses which will be served in a few. With almost 80% of the ingredients are coming from Thailand, you would know that you are getting topnotch quality with your dishes.
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Pad Thai
Silk Road Thai Bistro's Pad Thai definitely screams creativity. And as much as I got so interested with the net-like design using scrambled eggs, the dish tastes very yummy and filling with the pork, shrimps and bean sprouts. You can also adjust it according to your taste, as the dish is conveniently served with all four condiments placed in cute shotglasses to complete Thailand's flavor profile.

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Sugar, Chili, Fish Sauce and Vinegar
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Next up was Kha, which was made from battered and fried fish fillets married with a sweet and pungent combination of caramelized sugar and ginger sauce, topped with chillies and herbs. This went very well with the rice that was given earlier. And quite spicy too!

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Siamese Pork Ribs
Another spectacle from Silk Road Thai Bistro's magical kitchen is the Siamese Pork Ribs, which was creatively served in a brick like container with hot charcoal in it. There's no smoke though, but it was more for presentation purposes. The ribs were marinated generously with caramel and cinnamon. And no, this did not taste like dessert at all. I was surprised that even in a flavor combination relevant to apple pies and pastries, it went well with pork. Apart from the limited serving per order (which I think is just good for two), this is another dish to look forward to when dining at Silk Road Thai Bistro.

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The Hormok seemed intimidating when it arrived on our table, since basically it looks more like steamed rice cake or puto. But it's actually a steamed fish fillet with curry mousse underneath, and with a mild coconut cream topping. As soon as I tried it, it tasted like fish curry, only thicker, richer, and without the effort of taking out any fish bones along the way.

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Lamb Shank Massaman
Our main course was not complete without these Lamb Shank Massaman, which is a perfect choice for special occassions (or treating yourself with a special lunch or dinner perhaps). This lamb shank was given enough TLC before it goes on your table to your plate, thanks to a slow, 8-hour cooking in its special sweet curry sauce, and addition of all things crispy on its sides. Crispy noodles, sweet potatoes, and shallots wraps up this dish to perfection. Just trying to taste a few pieces of this dish with some rice and I have reached foodgasm.

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Silk Nest
In all honestly, I was full and satisfied. It's been a while since I started battling my cravings and was getting picky with my choice of foods, but with Silk Road Thai Bistro, I had the best Thai feast yet and no complaints with the food at all. I would just like to commend Cecille Chang for sharing her passion for Thai food with us.

I only had a few space left for dessert, but it's perfectly okay since Silk Road Thai Bistro's Silk Nest and Silk Road Dessert Sampler was for sharing with the rest of my companions. The Silk Nest was made with a combination of light, homemade young coconut ice cream and a sweet caramel sauce; while the Dessert Sampler is a medley of different homemade ice creams (mango, durian and coconut), sticky rice with mango, coconut custard and a cool blend of coconut milk, ice and water chestnuts. All of which are dessert and snack staples from Thailand.

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Silk Road Dessert Sampler
Silk Road Thai Bistro is perfect for business lunch and dinner, or romantic dates with your loved one. The fact that the establishment resides in an upscale business district, expect prices to be higher than usual but reasonable at around P300 and up.

*Silk Road Thai Bistro's Facebook Page and website to come out soon

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