A Hangover Meal In Puerto Princesa At Lou Chaolong Hauz

I have been a junkie for Vietnamese food, and one of the yummy food finds that I discovered in Puerto Princesa are the abundance of chaolong houses. Though originally, chao long is known as a rice porridge dish in Vietnam, here in the Philippines, specifically in Palawan, chao long houses are simple noodle houses with their own versions of the Vietnamese pho. Take, for example, Lou Chaolong Hauz.

The availability of chaolong houses in Palawan does not differ with the pares joints in Manila. And both, I must say, are great recovery meals for hangovers! I got word from some locals that one of the best is Lou Chaolong Hauz, which is conveniently located near the Airport. I'm not that sure is they are saying it's the best because it's very near where the locals are staying, but I tried it anyways, and here is what happened.

I went to Lou Chaolong Hauz on an easy Sunday morning, wherein I planned on eating some good hot soup to ease my mini hangover from drinking the night before. And what a sight. There were only two people at that time eating their noodles. More seats for me then.

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Lou Chaolong Hauz serves up locally made phos, and like ramen, it varies depending on the type of stock being used, and the toppings being served. You can conveniently look through their menu below. In the meantime, I ordered a beef stew, and some bread pork, which is just another name for a lowdown type of banh mi. I am astonished with how affordable their food items are, and expectedly, I did not expect that much.

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My beef stew noodle from Lou Chaolong Hauz came in a few minutes after, and it really is a local type of pho. You would get the usual plate of bean sprouts, lemon and basil if I was in a Vietnamese food joint in Manila. In Palawan, I got a piece of calamansi. Cool.

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If you might notice it's not the kind of healthy food that you might have in mind. Looking at the amount of oil that's on the surface of the soup, it is admittingly not that tempting. But anyway, it does taste good, just don't forget to mix everything once in a while to incorporate the flavors. It's not really different from when you mix in some chicken oil on top of rice when eating Chicken Inasal.

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And then the bread was brought on the table. And now I knew why it was priced at thirty pesos. It's a personal sized baguette with a few slices of pork, cucumber, mayo and ketchup. Not really impressive, but at least it went well with my noodle soup. TIP: Don't order this if you are expecting a banh mi with generous fillings. Just don't.

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My beef stew, on the other hand, was comfortingly good, but it was not that impressive though. The soup was more on the salty sweet side, which is why you would really need that calamansi juice to cut out the overwhelming flavors for a bit. I loved the noodles though. It was a bit chewier/thicker than the usual noodle used to the usual pho. 

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But after spending only P90.00 for an almost Vietnamese meal, I won't complain eating at Lou Chaolong Hauz. I felt better, especially after chugging down a cold bottle of lime soda before I left the place. Still, I won't forget this place, and I am looking forward to coming again to Lou Chaolong Hauz if ever I'll be back in Palawan.

*unfortunately, there is no available Facebook Page for Lou Chaolong Hauz

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