Tagaytay's Bawai's Vietnamese Kitchen Now In White Plains Quezon City

I have another food find, but I haven't tried it yet. I am pretty confident I'd be available to try this soon though.

With a number of newly opened food spots along the Katipunan stretch (such as new restos at the Ayala UP Town Center), another well loved restaurant, this time from Tagaytay, has finally opened its doors too. That is Bawai's Vietnamese Kitchen, which is neatly located in the more tranquil area of White Plains.

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photo taken from Bawai's Vietnamese Kitchen's Facebook Page

After writing a quick post about one of the many local vietnamese noodle shops in Palawan, Lou Chaolong Hauz, those who craved for it (who can't leave Manila) can find some redemption with Bawai's Vietnamese Kitchen. Although expect it to be quite pricey, but I am positive that this is a good spot to devour on some yummy Vietnamese favorites such as pho, spring rolls and healthy salads. This is considering that they posted some magazine features of Bawai's Vietnamese Kitchen on Cook Magazine and Sidetrip Magazine (where one of my cousins is the publication's current editor).

I would love to try Bawai's Vietnamese Kitchen's pho in particular. Apart from the usual ramen, mami, and lugaw (rice porridge), I think that pho is becoming my better option especially during cold, rainy nights here in Manila, since the soup used in pho tend to be more subtle rather than tasting too porky or beefy. Plus, I love anything that has fresh basil leaves.

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photo taken from Bawai's Vietnamese Kitchen's Facebook Page

With all the food joints that I'm planning to go to this month, I really need to fix my schedule, and my budget for this....

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photo taken from Bawai's Vietnamese Kitchen's Facebook Page

Yet of course, it's always a different experience when you dine at Bawai's Vietnamese Kitchen in Tagaytay. But for those who haven't got the luxury of time to travel for a number of hours from Manila, then the White Plains branch is your best bet.

Check out Bawai's Vietnamese Kitchen's operating schedule on one of the images above. You can also access their Facebook Page below, but there aren't a lot of good pictures of their dishes to see, so better just visit the place to find it out for yourselves.

In the meantime, I have no exact dates on when to visit Bawai's Vietnamese Kitchen, but when I do, just watch out for my upcoming review :)

For more info on Bawai's Vietnamese Kitchen, check out their official account below:

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