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Gerry's Grill Opens 52nd Branch in Lucky Chinatown Mall Binondo

Gerry's Grill as one of the quintessential examples of Filipino owned establishments which successfully ventured beyond its natural borders and went to branch out in other countries. I'm sure that Gerry's Grill never fail to give our fellowmen as well as other people from different nationalities a taste of what a typical Filipino hangout is defined: A few bottles of good ol' SMBs (San Miguel Beers) or RH (Red Horse), mounds of various pulutan (barbecued pork belly, squid heads or pork sisig), good music, and lots of laughs from stories with friends. It's not hard to find this fun vibe in Manila, I know.  

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But it's nice to know that it's also something to look forward to if ever you are staying in the US, Singapore and Qatar. Not only that, Gerry's Grill is also a perfect place to dine with your friends and family, and feast on different Filipino specialty dishes that isn't far from what you use to enjoy in your mother's kitchen. You can check out the official website of Gerry's Grill to know about their branches in these countries.

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Full house at the opening of Gerry's Grill inside Lucky Chinatown Mall

But going back to Manila, just last Friday, September 7, I was invited as one of the VIPs who celebrated the grand opening and blessing of Gerry's Grill in the heart of Binondo. Their newest branch is located inside Lucky Chinatown Mall along Reina Regente Street. Guests are comprised of loyal patrons of Gerry's Grill, management, and bloggers.

Unfortunately, I was fashionably late (so much for being a 'VIP') because I had to travel all the way from my work and I had to go back home first (I left my phone that morning) before I finally arrived at Gerry's Grill. 

Too bad I wasn't able to take good documentation photos, but at least I get to have a bit of snapshots during the night. Like these sweet, smokey Pork Barbecue sticks, which obviously is one of their specialties.

Nines vs. Food - Gerry's Grill-3.jpg

Lumpiang Shanghai, one of my favorite Filipino staples, came in bite sized pieces, which I apparently devoured without the usual sweet and sour sauce. Yet, each piece comes with flavorful ground pork and spices to fill me up. Yum.

Nines vs. Food - Gerry's Grill-4.jpg

Bangus Ala Pobre is perfectly salted with spices and garlic. All of these are perfect as a viand or with a few cold bottles of beer.

Nines vs. Food - Gerry's Grill-5.jpg

I also got some Beef Caldereta with a generous amount of cheese all over, and some Palabok to replace my half of my usual rice serving. There's also some Chicken Barbecue but I preferred not to have some to prevent further allergy triggers during that night.

Nines vs. Food - Gerry's Grill-6.jpg

The grilled items tasted even better with this special Inihaw Sauce from Gerry's Grill. I can taste the familiar soy and ginger flavors, but could not really determine the rest of the spices used in the sauce. Nevertheless, this would go as a great option in replacement of the usual condiments. I wonder if this is available in other their branches though.

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I ended my home style meal at Gerry's Grill with this generous amount of Buko Pandan, which I think is something you can find as a perfect ending to almost any usual Filipino family gathering. For me it's not overly sweet, and the textures of the gulaman and nata makes me happy. This is not really something that you can say as exemplary in a culinary sense. But it is a fact that most simple things always turn about to be better, if not the best.

Nines vs. Food - Gerry's Grill-8.jpg

Nines vs. Food - Gerry's Grill-9.jpg

And as I have said on the first part of this post, my moments at Gerry's Grill is not complete without a Bucket of icy cold beer. I am wanting to a cold one, but apparently, I need to travel alone on my way back to Quezon City, and since I am currently not in my turf, I decided to pass on this one.

Nines vs. Food - Gerry's Grill-10.jpg

You'll know that I'm dining with bloggers. Just see for yourselves on how serious they are with taking pictures hehe. It's fun having conversations with people with other passions in life. You'd never know what new information you'll end up knowing next. 
Nines vs. Food - Gerry's Grill-11.jpg

Also included as one of the guests are ex-Ginebra Kings players and other representatives from the Philippine Basketball Association. I am not entirely a PBA fan, but it was an honor to have a photo op with these guys!
Nines vs. Food - Gerry's Grill-12.jpg

And I wouldn't dare leaving on this event without a quick photo op with Mr. Gerry Apolinario, founder and owner of Gerry's Grill. I told him how my Tita Cecile, during her recent visit in Manila, told us about her short foodtrip at Gerry's Grill in Tomas Morato (the first branch of Gerry's Grill) and how she liked the dishes that were ordered for her.

I appreciate that talking to Sir Gerry was a very humble experience. It just proved that even at the height of success, some people remain to be grounded. And good thing he is familiar with my aunt, or else he wouldn't really have a clue of what I am talking about. 
Nines vs. Food - Gerry's Grill-13.jpg

On the other hand, I wasn't able to make a comprehensive review about the service about Gerry's Grill Lucky Chinatown Mall. Considering that the resto is on its first day of operations, service should never be compromised. It was when I did a quick browse on their Facebook page, and I noticed that service is an issue with other branches. I don't really know about this because the same night of the event, I stayed at Gerry's Grill Tomas Morato just like any other customer (they don't know that I am a blogger), and the waiters were all friendly and accommodating. 

Just in case, I am pretty sure that after 52 branches and counting, this issue can come to an end. And I hope that Gerry's Grill can review these small issues for them to stay on top of the game. But comments are very much welcome on my post, so feel free to share your opinions here! :)
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For your beer and a wider range of pulutan fix, drop by at the new Gerry's Grill at Lucky Chinatown Mall or in other branches near your area. And to end my experience, I wanna make a shout-out to Gerry's Grill for your 52nd branch! Looking forward for more branches soon!

To know more about Gerry's Grill, their menu, specialties, and promos, you can check out their official accounts below:

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Disclaimer: Despite being invited on this event, I made sure that all opinions written on this article are honest and true. 


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