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My First Bibimbap And More At Kogi Bulgogi Eastwood

HI GUYS! Missed me? :)

I know that Kogi Bulgogi in Eastwood has been operating for a number of years already, but nothing beats the first time.

And when it comes to Korean fare, nothing also beats my favorite restaurant in Kalayaan which serves a mean samgyupsal deal with unlimited rice and soup (fyi, their unlimited samgyupsal is already good on weekdays too! found about it a month ago). 

As my tastebuds for the cuisine is still quite limited, an opportunity opened when me with my former officemates agreed to eat at Kogi Bulgogi Eastwood on our final day at work. 

Nines vs. Food - Kogi Bulgogi Eastwood-1.jpg
Me, Jay, Dianne and Meo
The array of side dishes at Kogi Bulgogi Eastwood isn't all that fantastic. There's the usual kimchi, sweet and spicy dilis (fish), sweet potatoes, cooked veggies, bean sprout salad and a somewhat braised kikiam which was more Chinese than Korean for me. Don't expect much from the sidings here at Kogi Bulgogi Eastwood. But I have yet to judge with our orders instead.

Nines vs. Food - Kogi Bulgogi Eastwood-2.jpg

My officemates Meo and Dianne of ordered Kimchi Rice (P105.00) and found out that Kogi Bulgogi's serving doesn't have any fried egg included in it. The serving is not exceptional, and is only a typical rice dish with, you guessed it, Kimchi. This really isn't something that I can eat by itself, but I think it would be best to serve this with their grilled meat and fish items on the menu, like the ones that they ordered below.

Nines vs. Food - Kogi Bulgogi Eastwood-3.jpg

But before that, my bestfriend Jay, blogger of, ordered this Bulgogi Dub Bap (P245.00), which is one of the rice topping dishes at Kogi Bulgogi Eastwood. Didn't really remember to try tasting this though, as I was waiting for my Bibimbap to arrive at our table in a bit. Also, I was quite famished that I didn't really want to finish the dish that my officemate was having. 

Nines vs. Food - Kogi Bulgogi Eastwood-4.jpg

But I got to taste small pieces of the Chicken Kalbi (P280.00) from Kogi Bulgogi Eastwood. It came with a plate of fresh lettuce, and I instantly remembered those days eating all the samgyupsal that I can eat. What's great about Korean food is that there are really no rules, you can serve the grilled items either as a viand with rice, or as small pockets of goodness by wrapping them in lettuce leaves with the usual condiments such as sesame oil with S&P, soybean paste and chili paste.

Nines vs. Food - Kogi Bulgogi Eastwood-5.jpg

The lablabs, as they call themselves, also ordered Norweigan Salmon, which was quite exceptional. I have loved eating fresh salmon sashimi from all those Japanese fooidjoints, but to eat it this way was a delight. No salmon-in-a-can taste with this one. It's flaky and sweet and fresh! The sauce was quite sweet, but the fish meat's texture is quite satisfying. I wouldn't complain with the size of it as well. For P298.00, it was reasonable, considering that salmon is one really quite expensive.

Nines vs. Food - Kogi Bulgogi Eastwood-6.jpg

My order came in last, a big bowl of Yuk Hoi Dulsot (P220.00), which came at our table just smoking hot (like me, or maybe not). This is one of Kogi Bulgogi Eastwood's Bibimbap items. It has raw egg and raw beef, which I did not mind its raw state, cause that's how Bibimbap goes right? With a bit of elbow grease I mixed everything in, trying to cook and eventually heat everything using the very, very hot bowl lined inside this wooden box.

Nines vs. Food - Kogi Bulgogi Eastwood-7.jpg

Nines vs. Food - Kogi Bulgogi Eastwood-8.jpg

And voila, my first Bibimbap! It looks glorious like how I make "fried rice by myself" - which means that I am limitless to how much meat I'd want to put it it. It was a big bowl indeed, and I admit I wasn't able to finish everything. I had to give some to the guys so it wouldn't be a waste.

The taste was like sweet, just like how kamameshi tastes like, but richer in flavor. There are hints of soy sauce and soybean paste too. The veggies are generous and the meat came out tender because of the gentle cooking that it got from the bowl's subsiding heat. The egg served as a binding agent to all the ingredients, and it was really filling! No diets for Bibimbap because of the amount of rice per order at Kogi Bulgogi Eastwood. but I do think asking for extra Kimchi can help you balance the heaviness of the dish.

This is perfect for a quick Korean craving with bf or bff. It's big enough for at two hungry people or four girls on a diet.

Nines vs. Food - Kogi Bulgogi Eastwood-9.jpg

To date, I am honestly searching for more Korean food finds here in Manila. If you do have some good places for awesome Korean food, for pete's sake, WHERE IS IT!?!?
Feel free to share in your comments below!

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