Not Your Ordinary Pizza Joint At Benito's Kitchen Katipunan

Katipunan, Quezon City is turning out more to be a long stretch full of surprises. If you think that you are a "pro" with your restaurant/eatery/carinderia knowledge in the area, you just might be surprised when you see new food joints popping around the street corners. To some of you, yes, you might have scoured Katipunan already from coast to coast. To others, you don't have any clue what I'm talking about.

I was clueless when I first went to Benito's Kitchen the first time, as I was to go there for a seminar with other bloggers. When I first checked out Benito's Kitchen on Facebook (like I always do with other restos), I admit their address was pretty vague. The location that I had in mind was wrong, and little did I know that Benito's Kitchen in Katipunan was the one near White Plains, and just along it are other establishments such as a nearby convenience store and Ilocos empanada stand.

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Me with other bloggers during the seminar
Benito's Kitchen is one of the latest endeavors of Christian Uybengkee, among his other businesses, such as a travel agency, a furniture supplier, and a chocolate enthusiast, and he even sells those wireless antenna thingies that you stick inside your cellphones to get more signal.

But apart from all those surprising and impressive ventures, Benito's Kitchen takes the spotlight for now. Benito's Kitchen offers 'Mexitalian Goodness', and it stands out with their brick oven pizzas baked in a pugon oven, the use of fresh pizza dough made everyday. They also offer rice meals, pasta, and other mexician specialties such as nachos and quesadillas.

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This baby cooks the pizzas in less than five minutes, and cooks up to four pizzas at a time.
They currently sell all their pizzas in thin crust versions, and you can choose from solo, regular and family sizes. What I tried during that time is the Benito's All-in Special, which is currently one of their bestsellers, and a newer addition to the menu which is Benito's Ala Coron.

The Benito's All-in Special doesn't really need much explanation to describe because it has all the standard ingredients that you want in a pizza. But for me, you can tell that the dough is freshly made, and the toppings are not compromised at all. Aside from the usual veggies such as mushrooms, bell peppers and olives, the use of pineapple in this variant (one that you can only and usually get in hawaiian pizzas) gives good justice too since it balances the meat overload.

Also take note that the dough was thin but it almost tasted like fresh pita bread which I find a bit bland. Then again, it isn't the star of the show. I even find it a good thing because it does not overpower the rest of the toppings, which is supposed to be the main cast of the dish.

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Benito's All-in Special
I also got the chance to quickly getaway to Palawan because of the Benito's Ala Coron Pizza. This is actually inspired by one of the pizza joints in the majestic island of Palawan where eggs are included in the toppings list. Talk about a good breakfast, eh? And my does it look very appetizing.

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Benito's Ala Coron
The taste is delish, expecially when you bite into that soft yolk on the corner of each slice of Benito's Ala Coron. It is just as rich as the Benito's All-in Special, and for a very affordable price of only P217.00 for a family sized pizza, you won't even have to complain when you get to order this.

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Benito's Ala Coron
As I was listening to the seminar, I ate all of these and more. How I wish I can have my own pugon oven and make my own pizza masterpiece.

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If pizza is not your choice, Benito's Kitchen also has these yummy nachos to boot. The chips are fresh and hot, with flavorful ground beef, and hints of jalapenos and tomatoes below some cheese sauce. I adore jalapenos and it mild heat, which is perfect with nachos.

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Nacho Surprise
Aside from a lot of slices of pizza and nachos, my Benito's Kitchen foodtrip ended with this one. Soft Tacos filled with the works: beef, cheese, greens and tomatoes. It also has a bit of heat, which I think came from the sauce which they used. I was full, but I'd give this one a good amount of consideration to taste, and I'm glad I did. 

Crunchy on the outside, exploding with goodness inside. Better with hot sauce, and I wished I had eaten this with a cold beer.

I wasn't able to know how much this was though, but I'm sure that it's not going to break much of your budget. 

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Soft Tacos
Aside from the yummy food that I had, Christian also gave me and the other attendees a preview of his soon-to-launch chocolate creations, and I was one of the few who tried it first. I am not a huge fan for sweets, but I am a fan of dark chocolates. I also like the many opportunities of creating something new out of it (i.e. I make my own dark chocolate truffles). 

Like this one, which came in a sample size, it chocolate made from cacao beans from Davao, and mixed in with cocoa nibs, which are roasted and broken cocoa beans. I loved the fact that Christian gets his chocolate from local sources instead of getting it from the more popular countries.

As soon as I tasted it, it just proved that we have awfully good chocolate here in the Philippines. He calls it "Character Chocolates" and everyone should watch out for it soon only at Benito's Kitchen. 

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I also got the chance to try some Mocha Shots, coffee beans covered in rich chocolate, and Cacao Shots, which was made from cacao beans instead. I think that these Mocha shots would be a great alternative to those dieters who wanted to consume chocolate in smaller, controlled portions in the size of a mere bean. 

Meanwhile, I just wanted to gobble everything up. Maybe when Christian starts selling it that I can just buy a whole bag for myself....and share with my family and friends of course!

The Mocha Shots are intense, but I liked the Cacao Shots better. It was my first time to eat actual coffee and cacao beans so this is quite a memorable thing for me. 

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Nines vs. Food - Benito's Kitchen-11.jpg

Overall, I had a great afternoon. I met a lot of great and talented individuals, successful online figures, I ate a lot for sure, and learned new things too! Benito's Kitchen is a perfect place for a budget friendly food thrill with family and friends. The place also has an affordable VIP area where you can use it for meetings, intimate events, seminars and even photoshoots! A good 3 to 5 hours can cost you only around two to three thousand pesos consumable of food. Nice, right? 

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