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Have you taken your vitamins lately?

Before, I am not what you can say as a healthy person. Just so I can give you a quick overview of my health status, during my childhood and highschool years having asthma attacks is but a common thing. While in my college years I was more active with cheerdancing, and going to school via commute so I was healthier than usual.

After college and as soon as I started working, it was where I was able to encounter the most abuse that I did with my body. Stress is just one thing, by the way, but it affects all other aspects in your life. There's innumerable instances of headaches, body aches, flus and coughs along with the occasional drinking that I have been doing all these years, and while hoping that I could go move towards a better lifestyle, I just can't seem to live without it for now. I wasn't even able to exercise as much, and I have gained more weight than usual.

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Just last year 2012, I was having a number of sick leaves per month and can't seem to keep up with a perfect attendance. My previous work was also on the line, since I wasn't able to accomplish my tasks efficiently. Although I was still delivering my work tasks on time, health wise, I was a total mess.

Apart from that, I don't really take vitamins to ward me off to all these bad substances. Not only do I see them as ineffective, but overall, a pure waste of money. My mindset was that there is nothing that's really, really effective if you can access these products easily. This is why I tend to spend more when my health is concerned. I don't just self-medicate when something in my body is not functioning well. The way to go is to have a check-up at the hospital so a doctor can give me a proper medication.

But the thing is, after taking my meds, soon after I go back and encounter the same problem all over again. It sucks, right?

Then again, a friend of mine started to talk to me about investing on my health, but the first few times that she was asking me, I always hesitated. Traumatic of my past experience with my health related issues, I finally declined her. But soon after, I was hooked by the products that she was also using, because I can really see how successful she is now with her career because of being a healthy individual.

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Since then, I have been taking my vitamins from USANA. I take USANA Essentials once a day, without really following the instructions on the bottle (considering my assessment re: daily activity), as well as their optimizers, Hepasil (since I am an occassional drinker) and Proflavanol (to fight off the flu) until I ran out of those optimizers. Right now I am taking the Active Calcium (because I had a check up and the dietitian advised me to increase my calcium intake) and Biomega (for memory enhancement) along with my USANA Essentials.

After just a few weeks, and until the next months, I was slowly becoming a believer. And I am very happy to share that since December of 2012, until the last day of my previous job (which ended a few weeks ago, I wasn't able to file for any official sick leaves. Though I admit, there were times where I get to have the usual flu (because of changes with the weather), I never really had any major sicknesses which led me to not going to the office. I am very happy with my decision of trying out the vitamins from USANA, and I am committing myself to prioritizing my health over other less important wants.

I am sharing this to you guys because as much as food and eating healthy is important, you also need to take extra care of yourselves. If you look at it, not everyone can have the money to want to buy on vitamins, but if you think about it, instead of buying gadgets, why not start saving up on your health? You need to be healthy to be able to work harder, be better, and earn more, so I highly suggest that health should NEVER be compromised.

So without any pretentions, go ahead and make a research about it. Right now, along with the millions of people across the globe, I am proud to have shared my testimonial about USANA.

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