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I have always considered West Avenue in Quezon City as our go-to place for either great buffets, late night ilocos empanada or persian food cravings. But now, when craving for healthy food to a whole new level, I can also count on the said foodstrip, more specifically when I crave for RawMatters Cafe.

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Cool earth colored interiors, and access to their shelf with a display of different health books and shirts for sale
Over these past few months of scouring over the streets to find worthy food finds, I admit that I just want to stop, or maybe even lessen the food that I eat. Why? Well, I haven't really found the perfect schedule for working out and exercise, and as of now, a few bulges already started popping out beneath my waist and arms. The chubbiness has landed folks.

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View of the second floor
But anyway, I find it extremely difficult to live my life eating just raw food, here at RawMatters Cafe, customers can eat a lot of great dishes without the guilt. And we are not just talking about plain greens and leaves. If you think raw food is boring, think again. RawMatters Cafe takes raw food to a healthy world full of deliciousness.

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photo taken from RawMatters Cafe Facebook Page

RawMatters Cafe opened its doors to the public with the inspiration of the owner, wherein two members in his family had Leukemia and Type 1 Diabetes, respectively. With the help of consuming raw and organic food choices in a period of a month or two, their health were restored dramatically. RawMatters Cafe can also give you the same way of healthy eating at a fraction of the cost that you might usually think, especially if we are talking about food that's either natural or organic.

Just so you know, RawMatters Cafe's menu is comprised of 80% raw food and 20% cooked food, although some dishes may looked liked they are cooked, like the ones below.

These Kimchi Hand Rolls marries both Japanese and Korean cuisines into one filling dish that can be considered as either an appetizer or main course.

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photo taken from RawMatters Cafe Facebook Page
RawMatters Cafe also serves this dish called Eggplant Bread Sammie, which I just have no idea what it is (haven't really tried it yet). But this one looks really scrumptious.

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photo taken from RawMatters Cafe Facebook Page
You can also try their salad called Garden Shredder, which is made with all the bright colored veggies you can imagine, and served with a pineapple and cider vinegar based dressing.

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photo taken from RawMatters Cafe Facebook Page
I would definitely come back for this Spiraled Spaghetti Marinara at RawMatters Cafe, which is not your typical plate of pasta. Obviously, the pasta is substituted with refreshing spirals of cool cucumber, topped with freshly made marinara sauce. Now how smart is that!

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photo taken from RawMatters Cafe Facebook Page
They also serve a bunch of cooked dishes that you can serve with brown rice which is readily available depending on your preference. And one of the highlights when you come to RawMatters Cafe is their roundup of no-bake desserts made from natural ingredients like cacao and other healthy grains and nuts.

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Try visiting RawMatters Cafe and be amazed with their surprisingly affordable menu, which starts at only 10 pesos to 260 pesos! Who would have thought that you can eat healthy without breaking your bank?

Miss Mabelle, manager of RawMatters Cafe, was even more kind enough to let us try these Cocoa Dots, which are made from natural cacao. These are like miniature fusion of chocolate truffles and chocolate crinkles, but only in small ball form. The filling itself is so chocolatey that's dark and not too sweet. Just the way I like it. These chocolate treats for instance, are sold at P10.00 a piece and available in Mocha and Chocolate.

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And also this Malunggay and Banana Shake is perfect to cool you down on any given day. Summer may be over, but this healthy treat is available at RawMatters Cafe all year round, and is priced at less than a hundred pesos.

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RawMatters Cafe is dedicated to make their customers healthier and more conscious with their food choices, so I highly suggest everyone to come to RawMatters Cafe. They advocate the importance of eating raw food and the great benefits that it does to the body. So let's start eating right as we go on to a healthier path in life, thanks to RawMatters Cafe.

For more information on address, menu, and new items at RawMatters Cafe, you may access them online through these pages:
RawMatters Cafe Official Facebook Page
RawMatters Cafe Official Website

RawMatters Cafe is also a proud supporter of World Thyroid day and one of the proud sponsors of the upcoming event spearheaded by The Philippine Society of Nuclear Medicine, happening on July 6, 2013.

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  1. Interesting food choices! Healthy eating is indeed important for a longer and better life! :)