Exclusive: Upcoming Dishes From The Apex Lounge At 7th High

Updated 9/21/2013: This establishment is already closed.

Updated 9/1/2013: Please be advised that 7th High now only runs on Fridays and Saturdays, and Apex Lounge at 7th High is also currently closed until further notice.

I recently went at the Apex Lounge at 7th High early this week to chill, hang out with some colleagues from the blogging community, and meet the people behind this all-around venue for the best in events and parties alike. Just in case you have been to The Club at 7th High for some kick-ass clubbing, maybe at some point you might want to try dining at the Apex Lounge at 7th High as well, whether it's before or after going to The Club.

Just before entering, and in between The Club and The Lounge, you can see this display of the different highlights about 7th High, including major events, such as the after party of Bruno Mars, parties featuring the best local DJs as well as those located in nearby Asian countries, Europe and the US.

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They also have a display full of various merchandise that's available for all the 7th High fanatics, including lighters, shotglasses and shirts.

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Now, when it comes to the food at the Apex Lounge at 7th High, one thing comes to mind: it's high-quality comfort food without breaking your bank. Sure, Apex Lounge at 7th High looks a bit intimidating to some people, especially when the lights are low. But before you turn your back and stop reading my post about this almost fine dining but super comfy place to relax and unwind, let me give you guys an EXCLUSIVE preview of the wonderful dishes that they are about to offer in the next few weeks.

These Cheeseburger Spring Rolls is considered as one of their more unique finger foods, and it gives a more American take on the usual Asian Spring Rolls, or simply Lumpiang Shanghai, as what a lot of establishments  might offer. Think of a deconstructed cheeseburger without the bun, but the meat, condiments and veggies (which are most likely garnish in this case) are still present. The taste? Nothing like a bunless cheeseburger on your mouth! And it's good for sharing too.

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Still, most of the dishes at the Apex Lounge at 7th High are all great for sharing, including their pizzas. This one is called The Works, and it's packed with flavor. The bread is more of like pita rather than the usual thin crust, and who cannot love pizza, right? By the way, one of their bestsellers also is the Adobo Pizza, so you better check that out when you drop by The Lounge :)

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I was surprised when we were given the opportunity to try some of the new dishes that is not yet on their menu. But anyway, it's going to be out soon, most probably later this July, so watch out for it! Here is my exclusive sneak peek on what they have been up to in the Apex Lounge at 7th High kitchen.

Apex Lounge at 7th High's New Dish #1: Roasted Pork Belly 
This hefty slab of pork that's roasted to perfection is served with a pumpkin potato mash, bacon sauteed spinach and drizzled with honey bourbon gastrique sauce. I am a fan of pork belly cuts, and as much as I crave for rice with this humble piece of meat, I was already satisfied to eat it with the mash and the veggies siding. I actually though at first that the mash was made from sweet potatoes, but the pumpkin did the job of mixing in a subtle sweetness to the usual bland and starchy potato.

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Apex Lounge at 7th High's New Dish #2: Chicken Milanese
This dish made me realize that I should bring meds always, because this is truly an unexpected moment for me to say hello to the chicken. If you have been reading my other posts which feature chicken dishes, I'm sure you have already been fed up with my rants. But the least I could do is try the pasta.

The Chicken Milanese is a large breaded chicken breast which is being topped over angel hair pasta Aglio Olio and a refreshing tomato feta salad. This dish is simple but elegant like a summer day in Italy.
For me, a tomato feta salad, with lots of fresh basil, is always most impressive even in its simple form.

Nines vs. Food - 7th High Apex Lounge-6.jpg

Apex Lounge at 7th High's New Dish #3: Osso Buco
Abbi, 7th High's Marketing Manager, has been raving about Osso Buco way before the dish finally came to our table. But of course, who cannot resist this? This tomato braised beef shank is served underneath a bed of warm saffron risotto and topped with gremolata. I was discussing with 7th High's In-house Chef Joaquin on how I believed his words on the effect of gremolata cutting down the heaviness of both the risotto and the meat, and it truly is one of the most memorable flavors I have ever tried. The almost invigorating medley of parsley, lemon, garlic and olive oil balanced out the wonderful flavor of the meat and the rice.

I just cant help myself that after everyone had tried it, I notice that they didn't touch the marrow part, so I politely asked it I can get it for my own enjoyment. The marrow was kinda "bitin", but thank you 7th High for putting a little bit of heaven on my palate.

Nines vs. Food - 7th High Apex Lounge-7.jpg

Apex Lounge at 7th High's New Dish #4: Pork BBQ Ribs!
The ribs were also served with the same pumpkin potato mash and spinach from the Roasted Pork Belly dish earlier. But this one is just one of the simple all-american comfort foods only served exclusively at the Apex Lounge at 7th High. It's big enough to serve up to 4 people, and I'm sure, this is something that is best enjoyed without the use of utensils.

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Apex Lounge at 7th High's New Dish #5:Chicken Quesadillas
I wasn't able to touch these yummy looking chicken quesadillas, but I did try the salsa that is served with it instead. It has an added flavor profile, thanks to the fresh mangoes, and instead of the usual savory taste of salsa, this one was more mellow and sweeter but not that kind of sweet that you can usually taste from desserts of course.

Nines vs. Food - 7th High Apex Lounge-9.jpg

And speaking of desserts, I'm coming back at the Apex Lounge at 7th High for these Churros Con Chocolate. Their version is that they sprinkle it with cinnamon sugar powder (I believe it also has a bit of cocoa powder, I guess) and the chocolate sauce is thinner than usual. This is definitely one of the best tasting churros I have ever tried in Manila. Better than the one where I usually buy it...where it is known to serve churros as well.

Nines vs. Food - 7th High Apex Lounge-10.jpg

Of course, great dinners are not complete if you haven't got great desserts. This Crepe Suzzette, soaked in hot orange caramel and topped with vanilla ice cream is a great ending, and a good choice if you plan to share dessert with your date or friends. One spoonful was all I need and my stomach was thanking me for a job well done.

Nines vs. Food - 7th High Apex Lounge-11.jpg

All of the dishes looked damn good despite the low, red lighting at the Apex Lounge at 7th High, but what looks damn even better is Markki Stroem, who graced the evening with some of his soulful/jazz renditions of pop songs. He performed right after an acoustic duo and his accompanied band as well, which are all very talented. He is a regular performer every Wednesdays at the Apex Lounge so feel free to come by without door charge and let him woo you with his voice. A lot of us are actually swooning over his performance that night, which I'm sure you can tell with the smiles on our faces on the photo below.

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The Apex Lounge at 7th High is also great for your events, debuts and more intimate birthday parties. You can contact them to know more of their packages should you prefer having your next held here. Just the same, if you are looking to just sit back, enjoy the music, drink a bit or feast on impressively delicious comfort food, then head on down at the Apex Lounge at 7th High and have a great time.

To check out other great artists and their schedules at the Apex Lounge at 7th High, or for other inquiries, simple check out their pages below:

Seventh High Official Website
Seventh High Official Facebook Page
Seventh High Official Twitter Account 

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