A Manila Pop Up Collab: Get Your Seafood Sandwiches on July 27!

My mouth has been watering for a few minutes after looking at these scrumptious photos of simply cooked seafood in bread.

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c/o Manila Pop Up Facebook Page

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c/o Manila Pop Up Facebook Page

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c/o Manila Pop Up Facebook Page

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c/o Manila Pop Up Facebook Page

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c/o Manila Pop Up Facebook Page

It's been a while that I had a GREAT sandwich, and I think I know where to go to this July 27.
Hoping to grab one of these yummy eats before they're gone! Manila Pop Up had recently collaborated with Chef Ed Bugia of Pino to devour us with these luxurious roster of sandwiches. Catch them fresh and hot while supplies last at The BRGR Project Jupiter starting lunchtime.

Here is an excerpt from Manila Pop Up's Facebook Page earlier last week:
We like sandwiches. There is something about the perfect bite that makes us giddy. The thought of being able to create a morcel with the right balance of sweet, spicy, tangy, salty and tasty has always facinated us. Sandwich making is an art and we treat it as such. We like seafood. In the Philippines, a conglomerate of islands, we feel that fresh seafood isn't visible enough on restaurant menus. So we looked around the provinces in search of the best Flathead Lobsters, Soft Shell Crabs, Oysters, Shrimps and yes, Lobsters. We put those two things together and came up with Manila Pop Up's Sandwiches. We collaborated with a local Chef but we won't tell you who just yet. Where is the fun in that? All that we can say is that on Saturday July 27th, from lunch time onwards (until stocks last - we are not sure if we should make 300 or 500 sandwiches yet?), we will be making these sandwiches fresh and selling them somewhere in Makati. We will also have some side dish favourites, including Shoestring fries with herbs, Spiked lemonade, Buko Ice Candy and more. We will announce the location 2 days before. So Stay tuned and follow the Bulb.

I should also try to catch a glimpse and maybe take a picture of super hot hunky chef Erwan Heusaff too. But anyway, happy fishing this weekend guys! 

For more information, check out Manila Pop Up's 
online accounts below:
Manila Pop Up Official Facebook Page

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