Tissue 101 with Sanitary Care Products Asia

I am a tissue lover. I really can't find myself in a situation to not use it. I decided to write this article on a safer note, so guys, before I gross you guys out, let me give you a few major reasons on why I love tissue. For one, I am prone to allergies. So keeping my nose clean is a must. Tissue is obviously handy enough to do the job compared to an overused handkerchief.

Tissue is also very essential when it comes to food preparation and actual dining. You might need it while cooking or handling ingredients, until you are done with your meal and would need to wipe off your face with it, or simply to use it before or after washing your hands, it's simplifies my life, really.

Lately, I am taking tissue to a deeper appreciation when I found out these very neat infographics from the Sanitary Care Products Asia (SCPA), a proud and innovative Filipino brand which serves as the major manufacturer and distributor of tissue and absorbent cotton brands such as the following: Sanicare, Tisyu, Femme, Cheers, Jade and Naturale, which you may want to learn about on their official website.

As we all know, tissue papers in all forms might now be as safe as how it should be. I have heard some stories before about tissue papers which are recycled from hazardous materials, and it may be harmful instead of helpful to your health. And have you ever experienced using tissue which smells like old paper? From the smooth to the grainy, I've seen and used it all. But if you want to be secured with the tissue that you are using and not spend as much, why don't you try and stick to the brands from Sanitary Care Products Asia.

I suggest you all learn more about Sanitary Care Products Asia on their official website. Find out the real deal on tissue, their sustainable goals, and all the cute and very nice infographics on this page. To make things more convenient for my readers, you may want to check out this infographic on letting you know of different tissues for every situation, and you might slowly, never look at tissue the same way again.

SCPA The Role of a Roll

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