The Old Spaghetti House Never Comes Old With These Exciting New Dishes

It was a fortunate time for me to squeeze in my blogging duties on a workday, thanks to my fellow blogger friend who invited me to join in with other bloggers and try out some new and classic dishes at The Old Spaghetti House, or simply TOSH as a lot of people like to call it. So I hurriedly did a brisk walk on my way outside Eastwood City and just took a few minutes as I arrived at The Old Spaghetti House in Libis.

For those who haven't been aware about how long TOSH / The Old Spaghetti House has been in the food industry, well, how does 10 years sound to you? Dubbed at "The Pasta Experts", and with a tagline "treasures are waiting to be discovered", you can tell that they have surpassed even the pickiest of tastebuds with their mix of Italian and Filipino fusion dishes.

My usual one-hour lunch break with my officemates was then replaced with pizza and pasta favorites that define TOSH / The Old Spaghetti House as one of the simplest yet sought-after restaurants, with 24 houses to serve you, even as far as Batangas, Pampanga, Baguio and Cebu.

TOSH / The Old Spaghetti House's Marketing Manager Ace gave us a rundown of the oldies and the newbies on their evolving menu from their in-house Chef Agui. Starting off with one of their classics, their Pesto with Grilled Chicken. As usual, I did not touch the chicken during this time, but even before I got my allergies this was already one of my favorite dishes. It was way back when I use to eat at TOSH / The Old Spaghetti House at Robinsons Otis with my bosses after having meetings at Unilever. This is a simple alternative if you don't prefer red or white sauces at times.

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One of their Seafood Pastas came in next, like this Seafood Alfredo, made creamy and laid out with fresh shrimps, mussels and clams. The taste is just refreshing and had just the right amount of heaviness with the sauce. My only rant was on why I had just to avoid the shrimps, much like the chicken.

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Mylene's Creamy Pinoy Pasta is a pasta dish taken from one of the winners from their contest last year. The great thing about it is that the dish turned out to be one of the rising favorites of TOSH / The Old Spaghetti House customers. I personally liked the local flavors going around this dish. It is a mixture of cream, garlic longganisa and fresh tomatoes topped with tinapa flakes which served as the parmesan cheese topping of the dish. It's a must try for those who like to try something new to their palate.

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Another dish to try is their Gambasetti, which I think is insipred with the Gambas dish and adapted it, thus making a pasta dish with shrimp, peppers and garlic in a tomato based sauce. This I tried and it was just piping hot and amazingly tasty. You should try this with additional red pepper flakes to make it more flavorful, if I may suggest.

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But just before my stomach says no, I still devoured on more dishes coming on our dining tables. Like this Risotto Balls with TOSH / The Old Spaghetti House which I just love. Plated on a bed of marinara sauce, this dish is a winner. The quantity though, may feel a bit limited if I was hungry. Then again, it didn't disappoint me because of the fact that inside each risotto ball is a chunk of bacon goodness. At first I thought it was chorizo since it was not a pungent type of bacon that they used, but still I thought the bacon did its job very well.

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If you fancy on eating carbonara, you better try the Carbonara Wraps from TOSH / The Old Spaghetti House. Served with a bunch of fresh greens and crunchy bacon bits on top, this is another healthy alternative that you can devour on if you might be too tired of the usual carbonara pasta dish. Two thumbs up for the person who made this idea possible!

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This Veggie Pizza, of all the savory dishes that I tried, is the showstopper. It's packed with healthy goodness! A yummy mix of zucchini, tomatoes, with cheese and alfalfa sprouts on a bed of thin dough that you cal roll out. It's panizza at it's healthiest state, so you get to be full without the guilt.

Too bad I wasn't able to take a decent picture of the Thai Bagoong Pizza from TOSH / The Old Spaghetti House. but hey, it's made with shrimp paste, so maybe I can just try it next time as soon as I drink my meds.

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The drinks at TOSH / The Old Spaghetti House are also included with the list of dishes mentioned above. I ordered one of their featured Cool Sips drinks, Strawberry Yoghurt Shake. It was fresh and milky for me, but not that sweet.

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Some of my co-bloggers also ordered the Matcha Green Tea Shake, which I was assuming to taste like its name. I wasn't able to try this drink though, because I think I can just order it next time that I'll be visiting TOSH / The Old Spaghetti House.

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I am not sure though if their Iced Tea was brewed in-house or just made with Lipton Iced Tea. But whatever it is, it's not that sweet so it really does not hinder any flavors from all the dishes that I tasted.

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So with all the things that I have just mentioned on my post, can't you at least stay for dessert? You would ask, "how the eff did she finish all that food in one hour and even stay for dessert?" 

Let's just say I know how to manage my time. And most especially, TOSH / The Old Spaghetti House also luckily coincided with my schedule :)

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So given the extra time and space for my stomach to check on the dessert, we all feasted on this dessert platter by TOSH / The Old Spaghetti House. A trio of three of their best desserts, namely their Tiramisu, Golden Oreo Cookies and their Mud Pie. I had a mouthful of each dessert to top off my exquisite dinner. Mouthfuls of different levels of sweetness that satisfied my appetite with a bang!

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Just a few minutes before I finally left, my acquaintances happily graced me to taking a group picture, just for keeps (and documentation hehe). Thanks guys! My tummy is so happy, and so are my readers, who I'm sure just can't wait to set their schedules to going to TOSH / The Old Spaghetti House anytime soon!

TOSH / The Old Spaghetti House is available in different parts in Luzon and Visayas. You can check out their latest promos, dishes and updates by simply checking out their official pages below.

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