On Being A United Nations Advocate For The World We Want Philippines

The internet has always been the best way to communicate with people from different parts of the world. Back in the days where a few minutes of long distance landline calls is like buying a few expensive dinners, we now evolved dramatically and even get to interact through this online medium. With all the different interests and various advocacies from millions of individuals all over the world, it is never impossible to get feedback, or at least even a far better reach than just trying to shout out your views at even the most crowded of places.

With this, the United Nations are doing this project called The World We Want, wherein any individual online can simply answer their survey, by choosing six of their most prioritized global problems. I am very proud to say that as far as my site's topic on eating food is concerned, I did not hesitate to volunteer, which is why now get to officially join as one of the advocates of such initiatives taken from the United Nations.

After all, one of my life goals is to help make the world better. And no, this does not need to come from any beauty queen to make this happen.

Just so everyone knows, after UN evaluates the survey, they will then reposition all of these concerns based on priority, and will then be integrated with their goals that the UN plans to reach in 2015. My mission is to share this important information with you and hope that you can help the UN in making a difference by presenting these issues and asking for the people's concern on which they can work on first.

As for me, I chose six distinguished global issues, such as:

Better Healthcare
Action Taken on Climate Change
Protection against crime and violence
Phone and Internet Access
Protecting Forests Rivers and Oceans
A Good Education

After which, I also get to check out the current results, which is also very much detailed, considering that it has already been divided in terms of gender and age range.

Of course, this is only the current results and will change until they reach their needed figures. Everyone is free to visit and participate on the United Nation's The World We Want Global Survey right here.
If you would like to know more updates, please like and share the official Facebook page of The World We Want here

Joining in and taking action for this advocacy is very simple, so I urge you guys to share this to your friends and take part in making a difference in our world. 

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