Don't Miss Out On The Great Times With Yellow Cab App!

For all you pizza lovers, have you tried eating at Yellow Cab Pizza lately?

Just last night, I was treated with slices of delicious New York Style Pizza, Charlie Chan Pasta, Spaghetti with Meatballs and Galapeño Tango's Garlic Parmesan Chicken and Jalapeño Fries. And I would like to make a shoutout to my officemates who graciously offered their blessings last night!

Apparently, I didn't know about the Great Times With Yellow Cab Promo which is currently live on Yellow Cab Pizza Co.'s Facebook Page.

screencap from the Yellow Cab Pizza Co. Page

So yeah, I was actually blinded by great food c/o my friends, and I only knew about the Great Times promo after my officemate told this to me today. And now, I would like to give this chance to my readers instead and would like to advise you not to make the same mistake that I did. So let me ask again, have you seen the Great Times with Yellow Cab App on Facebook already?

Great Times with Yellow Cab is actually a creative photo and story contest that everyone aged 18 and above can join. All you have to do is read the mechanics on their app, which I conveniently indicated below if you're itching to know how to join.

(taken from the Great Times With Yello Cab App Mechanics)

1. The promo is open to all Yellow Cab Facebook Fans ages 18 years old and above, and residents of the Republic of the Philippines.
2. To join the promo:
a. Go to Yellow Cab Pizza’s Official Facebook Page
b. Click “LIKE”
c. Click on the Great Times with Yellow Cab promo tab
d. Register your Name, Address, Contact Number, Birthday and Email Address
e. Share with us your most creative Great Times with Yellow Cab story along with a photo supporting your story
f. The photograph should showcase Great Times with Yellow Cab Pizza. Yellow Cab products, store, or branding should be part of the photograph but not necessarily the focal point of the image.
g. Click on the “SUBMIT ENTRY” button
h. Wait for the notification message that reads: “You have successfully submitted your entry for screening. Please check your registered email address within 24 hours for the confirmation of your entry. Thank you and Good luck!”
3. All entries submitted will be screened and validated by Yellow Cab Pizza before being uploaded for public viewing. Yellow Cab Pizza reserves the right to determine if entries are valid or not according to the given guidelines. The decision of Yellow Cab Pizza on this regard is final and not subject to dispute.
4. Upon confirmation of entry, the participant will receive an email bearing a unique code that will be attached to your entry. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours, you are advised to email us at
5. Participants may opt to share their story by selecting from their friends list and ask for votes
6. A notification will be sent to the selected friends for them to be able to vote for the participant’s entry
7. Participants’ friends must Like the official Facebook page of Yellow Cab Pizza in order to vote
8. Only those with complete registration forms will be qualified.
9. Promo period runs from April 19, 2013 – May 19, 2013.

Then again, just in case you do not prefer putting your face on their interactive photo album filled with inspiring stories from other contestants, you may also check out the other entries on the Great Times with Yellow Cab to vote for your favorite photo and story! The App will be live until May 31 so feel free to check it! But just so you know, if you join, you might just get one of these awesome prizes: a Samsung Galaxy Camera, Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini or even an Ipad Mini.

So now, would you like to check out the Great Times With Yellow Cab App now? Just simply click on it on Yellow Cab Pizza Co's Facebook Page below. Don't miss this guys! You only have until May 19 to join so hurry up and good luck!

Yellow Cab Pizza Official Facebook Page
Yellow Cab Pizza Official Twitter Account
Yellow Cab Pizza Official Website
Great Times With Yellow Cab App  - Direct Link

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