Definitely Posh: Sartorial Night Fridays Launch at Buddha Bar Manila

Last May 3, I got to go back to the grandiose Buddha Bar Manila to join in on the fun with the launch of Sartorial Night Fridays, a spectacle of the best in music, fashion and food all combined to one classy package. 

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This is one of the exclusive weekly events from Buddha Bar Manila and what better way for me to start off the night than to devour on their specialty dishes, like these yummy dimsum, sushi, yakitori and a glass of their in-house special blend Buddha Bar Iced Tea that I can't get enough of the last time I was there.

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The night was filled with stylists, models, noted celebrities and figures from the fashion industry, the media,
and other guests, such as these beautiful candidates of Miss Earth Philippines 2013.

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I even had the chance to meet them, thanks to my equally beauty-queen like friend Sed along with her boss and one my aunt's girl friends, Miss Peachy Veneracion of Carousel Productions whom I was surprised to see that same night at Buddha Bar Manila.

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A fashion show featuring the works of the great designer Frederick Peralta are showcased by the ladies and gents under the Professional Models Association of the Philippines (PMAP). The grand launch of Sartorial Fridays started with a short introduction from Buddha Bar Manila's Marketing Manager Arianne, and the program was hosted by none other than the sultry and sexy Phoemela Baranda, whom herself is internally part of PMAP.
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Apologies with my slow shutter speed camera, but I wasn't able to take a good picture of all the outfits presented, but here is a quick peek of what happened during the classy fashion show during the first Sartorial Night at Buddha Bar Manila. I personally love the outfits and imagine myself strutting down to these gorgeous dresses.

This black Victorian inspired short dress really is impressive.

Nines vs. Food - Buddha Bar Sartorial Night-7.jpg

A full frilled silk-like top surely made a statement. And I love the make-up!
Nines vs. Food - Buddha Bar Sartorial Night-8.jpg

Another shot of a Victorian style gown. Love the collar ♥

Nines vs. Food - Buddha Bar Sartorial Night-9.jpg

The girl wearing this pink short dress started walking down the stairs by covering this with her large pink fashionable trench coat style top. A perfect way to hide, and surprisingly show that cute little outfit inside. Very nice!

Nines vs. Food - Buddha Bar Sartorial Night-10.jpg

I also loved ♥♥♥ this black-red gown, in which the red part of the dress was initially made as a hoodie.
That's class and spunk made into a cocktail.
Nines vs. Food - Buddha Bar Sartorial Night-11.jpg

These white sequined gowns by Frederick Peralta are truly gems to my eyes. Perfect for future brides to come!

Nines vs. Food - Buddha Bar Sartorial Night-12.jpg

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Nines vs. Food - Buddha Bar Sartorial Night-14.jpg

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Nines vs. Food - Buddha Bar Sartorial Night-17.jpg

With the beautiful Phoemela Baranda

Nines vs. Food - Buddha Bar Sartorial Night-18.jpg

And a nice photo op with the master designer himself! I can't wait to give your number to my aunt who may be in need to wear your wonderful creations! It's such a privilege meeting you sir!

Nines vs. Food - Buddha Bar Sartorial Night-19.jpg

During Buddha Bar Manila's Sartorial Night Launch, a number of prizes had already been given away, such as trips to Bali, Kuala Lumpur, and a South Sea Pearl Pendant Set in 18K Gold worth $600 from Jewelmer, so if you are racing for these wonderful prizes below, then there's no need to decide! Book your gimik nights at Buddha Bar Manila every Fridays to earn more chances of winning!

Lastly, one of the major highlights at Sartorial Night Fridays at Buddha Bar Manila is that you get a chance to win this lovely bag which is only priced at P100,000++ So starting May 3 and every Friday until June 28,2013, feel free to come with your beautiful friends at Buddha Bar Manila for a chance to win this!

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Of course, before I left, I got to meet these wonderful ladies from PMAP. Good thing I was able to mask my arms a bit and made them look thinner than usual hehe (or maybe I was kidding).

Nines vs. Food - Buddha Bar Sartorial Night-21.jpg

Of course, none of the models from PMAP would stand out without the help of the make-up artist to the starts, Jing Monis, whom I took a picture along with the Miss Earth 2013 Candidates.

Nines vs. Food - Buddha Bar Sartorial Night-22.jpg

I even got to take a beauty queen pose picture with them! Uh-oh, and I did it using my invisible heels! Hahaha! I was thinking twice if I had to post this, but anyway, it's not so bad to dream. I really laughed at myself when I saw this picture. Photo credits to you Sed!

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Feel free to check out more photos on the event here.

For more information on Sartorial Nights at Buddha Bar Manila, you may contact these numbers - 8566719 or 8566859 or visit their official website, and follow them on twitter. You may check out their social media accounts below too.

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Or, if you might not be available on a Friday for Sartorial Nights, feel free to check out their other promos available at any day of the week, such as the following:

*Shisha Nights - Available at their Terrace and Al Fresco areas, dive in to shisha flavors such as Lemon with Mint, Grapes with Mint, Cocktail, Cola, Watermelon, Orange, etc. for only P300.00 per flavor

*Weekends at The Terrace - Fridays and Saturdays, devour yourself on an all-you-can-drink rum and vodka cocktails with unlimited barbecure items for only P1500 per head! (from 8 to11PM)
- you may check out one of my articles to know more.

*Early Bird at Buddha Bar Manila - 20% discount on all food items from 6 to 8PM (up to May 18 only)

*After Work at Buddha Bar Manila - a whopping 50% on cocktails from 5 to 8PM only, plus groups of 6 get to have free bar bites! (up to May 18 only)

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