An Oldie But Goodie: A Better Sidebar El Pueblo Gets Renovated

Sidebar El Pueblo. Ortigas, Mandaluyong City.

Case in point, I don't usually go to far flung places just to get a drink. I'm a true blue QC girl ever since I was born, and most instances I only limit myself to places like Timog, Tomas Morato, Eastwood and nearby places in San Juan.

And yet, discovering places is still a necessity, including those that cater to people like me: those who love living the nightlife. One place that stood the test of time though, is Sidebar El Pueblo.

I went to the place recently and the guys from Sidebar El Pueblo told me that the place has been operating for twenty years and counting. What started previously in Malate where Sidebar had its first branch, the said establishment then transferred to El Pueblo, a place that once was the "it" place to be.

Today, Sidebar El Pueblo is still the place to go to for yuppies, mainly those working in the surrounding buildings of the Ortigas Business Center, and what I heard, is also a mainstay for a couple of celebrities as well.

More than that, I ain't a celebrity, but I'm in for a treat and tried the new dishes and drinks that have been and are now being served at the newly renovated Sidebar El Pueblo. Check out the cool, chic interiors inside this small but very classy joint. The place normally caters to only limited number of people, but I really think it's great for intimate parties and birthdays as well. Private functions even. You may check out their Facebook page to inquire (see the link below this article).

Nines vs. Food - Sidebar El Pueblo-1.jpg
Schedule posted just outside the entrance
Nines vs. Food - Sidebar El Pueblo-2.jpg
Cool artwork of famous musicians
Nines vs. Food - Sidebar El Pueblo-3.jpg
View from the terrace like area, a mini second floor for me
Nines vs. Food - Sidebar El Pueblo-4.jpg
HBO? Basketball? They have a number of TVs inside for your viewing pleasure
Nines vs. Food - Sidebar El Pueblo-5.jpg
I like Guinness, which is why I took this shot. This is near the bar
Nines vs. Food - Sidebar El Pueblo-6.jpg
Margarita glasses is on shine-bright-like-a-diamond mode
First on the list, Cheese and Chorizo Risotto Balls. It's just a perfect combo of the subtle risotto, savory flavor of chorizo, and gooey and salty cheese, all served with some sort of a tartar sauce. I really liked the way that Sidebar El Pueblo did. Although it also gave me an idea to try making this at home sometime too. Hehe. But overall, this is one of my more favorite appetizers :)

Nines vs. Food - Sidebar El Pueblo-7.jpg
Cheese and Chorizo Risotto Balls
Next is The Sisig Experience. Basically, sisig, avocado, some greens and cheese wrapped inside this cute flour tortillas. It's like a fusion of Filipino and Mexican flavors all rolled into this piece of pork heaven here. By the way, it comes with a brazilian rhum on the side (which tasted like Patron Tequila for me). I commend Sidebar El Pueblo for this one. Tip: This can be served best by biting into the sisig wrap then taking a sip of the rhum. Try it. And with that, I am now inventing the word "rhumyum" for this one.

Nines vs. Food - Sidebar El Pueblo-8.jpg
The Sisig Experience

And now to dish number three: Pulled Pork Sliders! It comes with identical mini sandwiches made with pulled pork and an array of julienned veggies mixed with a vinaigrette. I do wanted to eat this all up in two bites, but ate it slowly instead. Soft, sweet meat with veggies on a bun. Oh I hope I don't lick this goddamn computer.

Nines vs. Food - Sidebar El Pueblo-9.jpg
Pulled Pork Sliders
Here is Ms. Lani, Sidebar El Pueblo's in-house bartender. She discussed on how she took off as a regular at Sidebar El Pueblo  with having several jobs including working in a cruise ship. If only I had enough money, I'd get her as my personal bartender. Hah!

Nines vs. Food - Sidebar El Pueblo-10.jpg
Ms. Lani of Sidebar El Pueblo
Anyway, she also explained some of Sidebar El Pueblo's drinks, which only you can find there. She then concocted the best drinks and of course, with the use of their own sour mix for the different cocktails. It's all about old favorites and new additions, like this Lemon Drop right here that's made from vodka, triple sec and sour mix. This one I tasted and is a perfect ladies drink.

Nines vs. Food - Sidebar El Pueblo-11.jpg
Lemon Drop
Next is the Golden Rush, a drink made with bourbon whiskey, honey and lemon juice. I didn't really get to enjoy this one though, since it was too strong for me. Guys, this one is for you. Sidebar El Pueblo can really make a mean drink. I'm not even sure if the boys can take this....

Nines vs. Food - Sidebar El Pueblo-12.jpg
Golden Rush
My favorite when it comes to the drinks that they served at Sidebar El Pueblo is the Mojito Punch. It is said that this is the owner's favorite drink. Well Sir, you're not alone! It's a mixture of their in-house sour mix, muddled mint, orange juice, and gin, which is really a great combination! Not the usual mojito which is normally made from white rhum. This one I really like (i had two of these!) and I highly recommend it.

Nines vs. Food - Sidebar El Pueblo-13.jpg
Mojito Punch
What I also recommend from Sidebar El Pueblo, especially for groups of friends, is this cute container full of oyster shooters. This one has three kinds, depending on the level of alcohol tolerance. You actually start from the one below, which is a lemon drop oyster shooter, and move forward to the japanese rice wine oyster shooter, and finally, a bloody mary version! I was actually with two of my co-bloggers, Lin and Hana, and I didn't know that I got the "strongest" shooter, until Ms. Lani finally explained it.

Nines vs. Food - Sidebar El Pueblo-14.jpg
Oyster Shooters
Of course, I tried the Bloody Mary oyster shooter, because I like celery! It was just a new experience for me, and soon I'm planning to come back for this. The cutest thing, is that the shotglass container is quite a showstopper! It can stand and it can also lay out on a table like this. Another tip: to those who wanted this kind of container on your mini bars at home, this one is available at Gastrochef.

Nines vs. Food - Sidebar El Pueblo-15.jpg

Sidebar El Pueblo may be an oldie, but with all the new things going around this establishment, I'm sure it will never be forgotten by their loyal patrons. In that instant it became like a new home for me. Service is great, food is great, drinks are super great, although prices are kinda steep (food prices range from P150.00 and drinks start at 70 and up except for beer which I think is cheaper), so what more can you ask for? Hmmm...maybe a companion?

I was actually going solo already soon after my co-bloggers had left, and as I was waiting for bf to fetch me, the servers are accommodating and willing to talk to you about the history of Sidebar El Pueblo. Nope, it's not like the scenes about desperate heartbroken people ranting in from of the bartender kind of thing. Hahaha.

Lastly, the fact that they stayed for so long is already too impressive for me. Way to go Sidebar El Pueblo!

Nines vs. Food - Sidebar El Pueblo-16.jpg

You can check out and like Sidebar El Pueblo's page to get the latest updates on new dishes, drinks and latest promos.
Sidebar El Pueblo Official Facebook Page 

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