What's New at Brothers Burger as of April 2013

Brothers Burger just doesn't stop innovating their products, with over 14 years of bringing out the freshest ingredients and offering burgers by design, I am very happy to try their new additions and latest innovations that I never thought has been offered from other burger chains in Manila.

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Brothers Burger Petron DasmariƱas Makati Branch
It was a great opportunity for me to meet brothers Martin and Daniel Jose, as I got invited to check out their new and classic food items: The Brothers Burger Chicken Wings, Lettuce Wrapped Burger and the Lamb Burger. It was a hot Saturday afternoon and I am in for what I can say a man's lunch. Good thing my partner-in-food bf came along during that time and helped out with the eating.

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Check out these two latest additions from Brothers Burger!

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Brothers Burger has definitely made it's mark on designer burgers of course, but I'm sure that their new chicken wings would also be a surefire hit. You can get your Brothers Burger Chicken Wings in six pieces that's perfect for two people or one hungry gal like me (with my anti allergy meds of course hehe). They offer it in two flavors: Butter Parmesan and Barbecue.

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Their Butter Parmesan Wings is a cool and delightful marriage of butter and parmesan cheese, enveloped on crispy, juicy, tender-on-the-inside chicken wings. It was an instant favorite! Nothing beats the taste of hot-from-the-fryer chicken wings from Brothers Burger that makes me want to say something that you may read from another famous chicken joint that I should not name because I might be accused for getting their tagline.... :P

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Brothers Burger's Barbecue Chicken Wings, on the other hand, tend to be sweeter on my palate, which I didn't prefer personally (I'm more on the savory side), but it would be a great flavor option with the kids, and for those who are looking for a true American barbecue taste that I also agree with, when some of the invitees mentioned it during our taste testing like discussion.

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I've already had a few pieces of chicken, and starting to get full, but wait! Their Lettuce Wrapped Burger came out and my eyes were wide open with glee. I do commend Brothers Burger for coming up with this kind of dish. It's a burrito type food item with the same flame grilled burgers, along with tomatoes, onion and cheese, all wrapped in freshly picked crisp lettuce that's rolled into perfection! This is served with their signature Cilantro Cream, which I really loved since you get this cool refreshing taste of cilantro whilst it also has a bit of hot kick into it.

My verdict? Crispy Greens. Super flavorful meat. It's like salad on the palm of your hand! Simply scrumptious. I have to come back for this.

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"The hard part is actually the rolling", said Martin Jose, president of Brothers Burger. I mean, if I would do it it would really be very difficult. Good thing they have this available now. I highly recommend this to the health conscious and those who wanted to eat something light, and those who might want to go on a diet (ahem).

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But just when I'm almost near to getting full, here goes another classic from Brothers Burger that came out from the kitchen one by one to be served to me and the other people who were invited. Drum roll please: Brothers Burger Lamb Burger!

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It was an awesome sight indeed. A thick flame grilled lamb burger patty, lettuce, onion and tomato, with feta cheese, mayo and pesto. How can one go wrong? Considered as one of their classics, I only requested for some hot sauce, and devoured on it like a caveman.

Since Brothers Burger truly offers burgers by design, you can also make additional requests for toppings like sauteed mushrooms or onions, blue cheese, cream cheese with garlic, plain cheese and BACON.

For me, the taste of the burger was quite lighter yet distinct than beef, and with that huge of a burger, I'm glad it was able to hold itself despite my big bites. It didn't fall off the sides and it was one of the first times that I ate a burger in a clean manner haha.

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Although, my stomach limit gave in, and meat sweats started to rise on the sides of my face, resulting to leaving a small portion or burger which I cannot finish anymore.

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Oh and I almost forgot to mention, I would like to thank one of the guests Sarie for sharing her fondness for onion rings. So there, wish granted! Brothers Burger's Onion Rings is a perfect and not-so-heavy alternative to french fries. Not oily. Really good. I got some cilantro cream and smother the onion rings with it. Oh, and I still had some chicken on my plate. I smothered the cilantro cream on the chicken and WOW. No more explanations there.

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Brothers Burger's Martin and Daniel Jose
with muah in green and fellow bloggers Basti, KC and Mich  
Of course, it's always a good memory to take pictures with those whom you get to enjoy food such as at Brothers Burger. We did enjoy doing the J-pop pose during this moment! Thank you guys!

Wanna try and eat at Brothers Burger it like I did? Head over to your nearest Brothers Burger branch today and get yourself a burger, chicken and onion rings! And don't forget the cilantro cream :)

I haven't placed any prices as they may subject to change without notice. In the meantime, like the Brothers Burger Facebook Page to know their complete menu, list of branches, delivery details, store schedules, latest updates and promos!

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