Reasonable Vietnamese Food Cravings at Pho 24

Hi there! First of all, I'm so sorry I wasn't able to update you guys with my latest food escapades during this last weekend. I was too tired and busy celebrating my __th birthday and I still had to find some time for rest before juggling into this world of blogging that we call. Hehe!

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After doing a bit of research about the unfamiliar brand, I found out part of the share holdings of Pho 24, had been recently acquired by Jollibee Foods Corp. It is a Vietnamese based shop that has already been sprouting like actual bean sprouts with branches in Vietnam, Macau, Hongkong, and here in the Philippines.

With their first 2 branches being situated at the Rockwell Power Plant Mall and Ayala Triangle Gardens, I'm just not sure if their branch in Libis is their third, considering that my research about the Pho 24 ownership was published way back in 2011. Their branch is just outside the office of the PBA (Philippine Basketball Association) and in front of Korean Restaurant Jang Gun.

Pho 24 is a new sight for me and me and my bf recently visited the place since it's conveniently at an area that is just before you enter Eastwood City. Although we might know that one of the current restaurants who are more popular in serving the most authentic Vietnamese Dishes is Pho Hoa, we might have to check on Pho 24 and prove their worth as well.

First up: Pho 24's Fresh Rice Rolls. I was not really feeling well during our trip to Pho 24 due to a slight hangover so I needed some veggies and soup. The rice rolls were ordinary, with a few slices of meat, 2 small pieces of shrimp (which I took out - allergy allert), veggies like carrots and greens and rice noodles. Although I really liked the texture of the Rice based spring roll wrapper that defines Vietnamese cuisine, the taste of the sauce was not exceptional, but good.

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Banh Cuon: Shrimp and pork fresh rice roll  - P138.00

The beef brisket soup at Pho 24 was quite an affordable thing if you ask me. After putting a little bit of the lemon, bean sprouts and basil (I ate the lettuce separately hehe), the soup was entirely filling and very flavorful. A bit sour, quite smoky, natural white broth without the heavy oily aftertaste that you get at the back of your tongue when consuming other kinds of soups like bulalo or pork sinigang. And thanks to their soup, I felt a bit better than I used to when we entered the resto.

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Pho Chin: Beef brisket Noodle Soup - P138.00

Although I never really fancy eating anything else at this point (I didn't touch the meat and only had a few of the noodles, and only one spring roll), I got my tummy feeling full already. Today, I can say that my eating habits is a disgrace :)

I didn't even touched or tried the dish the bf had ordered, which is this sweet and sour pork rice dish. I'm sure it looks appealing and all, but the taste seem to be good since bf finished the whole plate! Ay caramba.

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If you happen to drop by Libis, you can try Pho 24 for those extra affordable cravings for Vietnamese food. I'm planning to go back for their noodle soups next time, but I hope by then I'm not that sick anymore.

As of now, I haven't really seen any official Local Facebook Pages for Pho 24 in Manila, but just the same, feel free to check out the current menu on munchpunch for their Rockwell Power Plant branch in Makati. But I hope in time, there will be more Pho 24 branches to pop around the metro, so stay tuned!

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  1. I seriously haven't tried Vietnamese. Must give this a try after summer.hahaha. :)

  2. The beef pho I had at Pho24 tasted good, considering how much I spent for it. Of course, it's nowhere near to what I had at HCM, but it was good enough.

    I then took some photos of their menu, hoping that I could tell my friends how affordable they are compared to the Vietnamese restaurants at Eastwood. Their manager, however, politely asked me to refrain from taking photos any further. He added that this is the same policy with most fastfood joints elsewhere.

    Well, I just hope that they would establish their 'social media presence' soon. Or send out menu flyers too, so that more people would know that they have actually opened already in this part of the metro.

  3. You should try it soon Mich! It's actually a healthier alternative, well at least for me :))

  4. Hi Baktin,

    I wasn't able to encounter the same thing that happened with you regarding restrictions with taking pictures, but it's unusual for me since everyone as of now (at least most people) are taking pictures of their food, especially for us food bloggers. But yes, I definitely agree that they should improve their social meadia presence because there really isn't even any Philippines-based Facebook page of Pho24 as of now.

    And at least the manager was polite enough and not rude when he told you that :) Meantime, you can just share my blog to your friends so they would know about Pho24 as well.

  5. We just bought our food in Pho 24 Libis. When we got there, tulog yung guard nila sa door. Nagising lang pag baba namin. And our verdict: "sana nag bucket ng jollibee nalang kami, sana nag mcdo nalang kami... and worst, sana niluto ko nalang yung sardines sa cabinet." Resto is over rated, the price is too high for that quality of food.. Too salty, other dishes we ordered kulang yung taste. The Pho, super taste like your drinking fish sauce straight from the bottle. The Fried spring roll doesn't have sauce. Pho Hoa / Pho Bac parin kami kahit a lil more expensive than Pho 24, it's worth it. Very worth it.

  6. I'd have to agree that is not a good experience. But thanks for sharing it to us! Me kasi I usually order the fresh spring rolls for take out (now sold at P99 instead of P138) and I hardly order the other items after m first visit. After reading this comment, I might have to think twice before trying some of the dishes you just mentioned. But I do hope they can see this as a sign of improvement na rin :)