My Sudden Craze for Crazy Katsu

It's been awhile since I last explored Maginhawa Street, and what better way to feature another japanese resto that just keeps piling up on my list of posts. Say konichiwa to Crazy Katsu.

Crazy Katsu has been around for quite awhile, but I always suspected it to be one of the restaurants in Maginhawa which looks humble but might break my budget, so I try to steer away to this kind of place. Again (and again), I always find myself to be wrong, and it took me another craving for Katsu, which was why I came with the decision to go at Crazy Katsu. Besides, it'll be for the sake of exploration. People seem to know the place. A number of my officemates from UP likes hanging out there. I love Japanese food. So I guess it won't hurt to try, right?

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What I can say about Crazy Katsu is that the menu is no craziness in the first place. Crazy Katsu is simple, has quite a limited number of items being offered, but everything narrows up to be all good. Besides, the place isn't that big to accommodate a lot of people. I also assume that the guys behind Crazy Katsu planned their menu to just have a few items for some reason.

Pictures of their dishes are neatly displayed on their walls, and a very unique and beautiful piece of wooden art which I consider as one of the focal points inside the establishment. A lot of people, mostly from the nearby houses and even from farflung areas, come to Crazy Katsu to try some of their specialties, such as Tonkatsu, Chicken Katsu, Katsu Curry and Chicken Katsu Salad. As for what we ate, I ordered the Tonkatsu since I am a sucker for simple dishes, and just plain Tonkatsu is one of them.

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Crazy Katsu's Tonkatsu comes on this plate with a bed of freshly sliced greens, rice and their special tonkatsu sauce. It's not really the tonkatsu that I normally like (it's not that thick), but I cannot help but appreciate the taste of Crazy Katsu's Tonkatsu Sauce. It's not overpoweringly sweet, yet it complements the texture and natural taste of the pork very well. There's no fuss on this dish, but the only complaint that I had was that it lacked presentation. Of course, red plates are very well noticeable in a number of Japanese restaurants, but maybe you can try using black sesame seeds on top of the rice?

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The Katsu Curry came next. A huge plate with a perfectly laid out tonkatsu chop underneath rice and on a bed of a LOT of curry sauce with veggies such as carrot and potatoes. I really liked the curry sauce from Crazy Katsu. Not too much on the authentic Indian side though. I do believe that the Japanese had their own way of perfecting the curry dish, and Crazy Katsu delivered it.

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What's good about Crazy Katsu is that the prices are affordable. Plus, if you wanted to spot some local musicians and other Maginhawa loving artists and personalities, Crazy Katsu might just be one of the places where you could see them. Although at this point where the summer sun is at its peak, I suggest that you guys do not stay at their al fresco area during noon, unless you wanted to get awfully hot and toasted in the scorching heat..

For more information on their menu / branches, latest updates, and exciting promos and announcements, be sure to like their Facebook Page and check out their official website. See you sometime at Crazy Katsu!

Crazy Katsu Official Facebook Page
Crazy Katsu Official Website

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