My Best Food Forward 2013 Trip (Day 1)

Last April 20, I got a ticket from Wazzup Pilipinas to come to one of the biggest and most exciting food fairs this summer. Dubbed as Best Food Forward, the event showcased different local and imported goodies that you just can't resist to try!

The Best Food Forward 2013 event happened for two days at the NBC Tent at Bonifacio Global City, just across The Fort Strip. What's different about Best Food Forward from the other usual food fairs in Manila, is that this only happens annually and although they sell tickets just to get inside the venue, all proceeds go to various charitable activities instead.

It has already been a few days since I went to the Best Food Forward 2013 event, and honestly, it took me quite awhile to think of how I would have to write this post. With all the different things being offered at Best Food Forward, it's like coming up with my own booklet if I get to cover eveything in a single article.

I then decided to just choose a number of things which is kinda new for me, meaning these are not the ones that you usually see at night markets. You can check out the my Best Food Forward 2013 photos on Facebook for the complete list of vendors during that weekend.

As soon as I entered the venue, a number of stalls are already outside prior to entering the actual food fair. Most of them are from the online and traditional media industry, such as a photobooth from, Appetite Magazine, Flavors Magazine, Yummy Magazine, I-Grab and Openrice, etc.

Here is Best Food Forward's logo projected located beside the stage area.

Nines vs. Food - Best Food Forward 2013-1.jpg

This cute Cremosa stall displays a very artsy poser. Their Cremosas are sold at less than a hundred pesos.

Nines vs. Food - Best Food Forward 2013-2.jpg

These are Coco Royal Drinks which are imported from Thailand. Most of them are Coconut based but I tried the Basil Seed with Honey Drink (the one with the cool texture) and it's just like drinking what I think could be our version for sago/gulaman.

Nines vs. Food - Best Food Forward 2013-3.jpg

Some guys who went at the Best Food Forward 2013 probably bought these cool wines from Spain for their ladies. They also have organic wines as well. Perfect for the classy ladies out there.

Nines vs. Food - Best Food Forward 2013-4.jpg

Have you ever tried pure cacao / chocolate tablea but you kind of get a bit off with the gritty texture? Well, I found this "Tsokolate ng Sindikato De Cacao" by Choco ATBP.

Nines vs. Food - Best Food Forward 2013-5.jpg

French Macarons are now easy and accesible at the Best Food Forward 2013 thanks to Celeste and Cafe Angeline.

Nines vs. Food - Best Food Forward 2013-6.jpg

Nines vs. Food - Best Food Forward 2013-7.jpg

These white chocolate covered polvoron are not only delicious, but they are also super cute! They're like mini figurines and the best thing about it, is that even the toppers are edible.

Nines vs. Food - Best Food Forward 2013-8.jpg

How can you define a chocolate bar cake at Best Food Forward 2013? I did find Choco ATBP's cakes made from chocolate tablea quite unique and pretty as well!

Nines vs. Food - Best Food Forward 2013-9.jpg

I really liked colorful things when it comes to desserts, and at only fifty pesos each, one can devour on this special rainbow cupcakes from one of the vendors at Best Food Forward 2013.

Nines vs. Food - Best Food Forward 2013-10.jpg

The cuteness just doesn't stop at Best Food Forward 2013 with these ipod mini inspired cookies.

Nines vs. Food - Best Food Forward 2013-11.jpg

This stall with different flavord gelatos caught my eye. Why? Because I saw a Tequila Rose flavored gelato! Only, I'm not in the mood to have ice cream that day.

Nines vs. Food - Best Food Forward 2013-12.jpg

However, I saw this other ice cream cart which is similar to the ones that we see on the streets near our houses. I think that this summer, even at night markets they should have dirty ice cream. If you don't know what Dirty Ice Cream is yet, you can check out Andrew Zimmern's Philippines adventure on youtube.

Nines vs. Food - Best Food Forward 2013-13.jpg

Although when I asked the guy handling the icecream cart if I can take a picture of the icecream, I just wished that the dirty ice cream that usually pass by our house should look like this :)

Nines vs. Food - Best Food Forward 2013-14.jpg

Cupcakes in mini buckets? This one I only see at Best Food Forward 2013.

Nines vs. Food - Best Food Forward 2013-15.jpg

Most of the stalls here are also from restaurants and patisserie shops, which is like this one, which is said to have the best and awfully good tasting tarts and cakes in Makati.

Nines vs. Food - Best Food Forward 2013-16.jpg

Taiwanese Fried Chicken, anyone? Or how about some Apple Bourbon Chicken Chop Burger?

Nines vs. Food - Best Food Forward 2013-17.jpg

They also offer some good ol' longganizas (or sausages) from different areas in the Philippines. Vigan seems to be on top of the food taste section.

Nines vs. Food - Best Food Forward 2013-18.jpg

Japanese Mayonnaise! Here is Kewpie's stall, which also has a promo for giving away their cute Kewpie dolls for a minimum purchase of their products. If you like making/eating authentic takoyaki and okonomiyaki, Kewpie is the way to go.

Nines vs. Food - Best Food Forward 2013-19.jpg

Check out these unique dips only at the recent Best Food Forward 2013 Food Fair.

Nines vs. Food - Best Food Forward 2013-20.jpg

Lastly, here I am at the corner of the NBC Tent with a lot (and a very high) quantity of one of my nephew's favorite snacks, Piknik! They're on sale (gosh I forgot how much was the discount) and this promo was only until April 21, Sunday since it's only available exclusively for Best Food Forward 2013.

Nines vs. Food - Best Food Forward 2013-21.jpg

Did you like what you saw on this post? Just in case you wanted to ask regarding the stalls behind the photos here, feel free to comment below and I will give you their business names and contact numbers. To see more photos, check out my Best Food Forward 2013 photos on Facebook and feel free to comment on it. I literally collected all the brochures available on the venue so I can help you out just in case you might be ineterested to buy these products. As you can see, not everything has a flagship store and most of them are homebased and per order types of businesses.

For more on Best Food Forward or if you want to volunteer and check out their vendor inquiries, you can simply visit their pages below:
Best Food Forward Official Facebook Page
Best Food Forward'Official Website

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