Affordable Pizza Parties with S&R's Pizza

The people working in our office love pizza parties. It's fast, it's yummy, really filling. Blame it for its perfect mass feeding capabilities. Hahaha.

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This pizza from S&R Membership Shopping really does that trick though. It's really different from the usual pizza chains in Manila, especially those who offer supersized pizzas that's a winner in size but lacks flavor.

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We do a lot of pizza parties in the office, but we always devour on pizzas from S&R because my previous Team Lead and friend prefers to buy this over the other pizzas out there. The best thing about the pizzas offered in S&R? They're cheap. It's just around 500++ per box, with the quality of flavorful and size that's quite similar with the new york style pizza.

Originally, the pizza and other food items from S&R (including calzones, churros, unlimited drinks, salads and burgers) are only exclusive for the shopping members at their different locations in Manila and some provinces. But now, you can get the same food and service without getting a membership by going to different standalone branches instead.

I'm just not sure where else this is available in the rest of Metro Manila, but in my case, whenever I have cravings for S&R pizza, they have a standalone branch inside the ground floor inside Puregold Cubao Branch (right in front of Farmers Plaza Cubao and near the Aurora-Cubao LRT Station).

You can also check out all their menu items on S&R's official website by checking out this page

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  1. I love S&R Pizza! :) I usually get it from Subic. :P