Trying out the new Galapeño Tango at Yellow Cab Pizza Co.

I do believe that there is always a right time for writing.

I had one of my previous Yellow Cab Pizza Co. trips lined up as one of my upcoming blog posts and I didn't expect that I would be invited on one of their events. Here is a previous photo of me and bf while enjoying our pizza at one of their branches. Make a guess on where this is :)

Last Saturday, I got the chance to tickle my tastebuds once again as I tried Yellow Cab Pizza's newest food bundle called the Galapeño Tango. As much as I was expecting guys dressed in jalapeño designed polos or jalapeño mascots doing the tango, what I got myself into was one afternoon full of the best pizza, chicken and pasta dishes that only you can find at any Yellow Cab Pizza joint nationwide.

Nines vs. Food - Yellow Cab Pizza_2.jpg

I got the chance to meet the guys behind Yellow Cab Pizza's newest product, Miss Kat (marketing) and Miss MC (research and development), as they talked about the newest craze that has been added on their original menu.

I never really knew on how they got inspired on why they named the food bundle Galapeño Tango, but all I know was that everything at Yellow Cab Pizza is ghhooood. As soon as I saw their poster which shows a plate of chicken and a bucket of potato wedges, I hurried myself up to make sure I drank my meds before we started eating. The last thing I want is for my face to start to swollen up again (allergy alert!).

Yellow Cab Pizza's Galapeño Tango features Garlic Parmesan chicken Wings and Jalapeno Potato Wedges, wherein you can order a combination of both products or you can just have each served ala carte style. "This is really a hit with kids, and others who might not like our Hot Wings because it tends to be a bit spicy for them", adds Kat.

Nines vs. Food - Yellow Cab Pizza_3.jpg
Nines vs. Food - Yellow Cab Pizza_4.jpg

Though the usual garlic parmesan wings (normally) may seem to just be dredged in a combination of garlic powder and white cheese powder, or like in the form of a sauce, but the one that Yellow Cab Pizza offers are full sized chicken wings with a layer of fresh butter & garlic sauce tossed with real parmesan, and finally garnished with dried basil. I can definitely say that the ingredients on this dish are legit.

I tried the chicken wings and they were crispy but not dry. Inside, the chicken is aromatic with garlic, has a naturally salty covering of parmesan, and the chicken meat was evidently juicy and moist. And by the way, the chicken wing pieces are huge! You can surely get your money's worth when you order this.

Nines vs. Food - Yellow Cab Pizza_5.jpg

As for the Jalapeño Potato Wedges, I thought that they would be excessively spicy, but as you bite into its crispy unskinned wedges down to its center which is soft and tender, you get that aftertaste of nothing but mild heat of jalapeño. Both are actually served with the same blue cheese sauce, which is snow white in color with small cubes of cheese that melts in your mouth as you eat it with the Garlic Parmesan Wings and Jalapeño Potato Wedges.

Nines vs. Food - Yellow Cab Pizza_6.jpg

Even tried both the chicken and potato wedge at the same time. I can hear the manly voice in the popular game Candy Crush saying "Divine"!

Although, I'm sure a lot of people would be coming again and again for Yellow Cab Pizza's signature pizza. So what if you wanted to try the Galapeño Tango food bundle and still want some pizza? Try Yellow Cab Pizza's Galapeño Fleet instead!

Are you and your friends hungry for Yellow Cab? How about a pizza party with friends and/or officemates? For those of you who wanted to treat your family and friends to some scrumptious food from Yellow Cab Pizza, you can also try from two packages and wow your friends with their Galapeño Fleet Packages! Great for family dinners, graduation celebrations or game nights! And I hope my boss/work supervisors/officemates can read my post so they too can have an idea on what to buy for our next office pizza party next time! *demonic laugh*

Nines vs. Food - Yellow Cab Pizza_7.jpg
Nines vs. Food - Yellow Cab Pizza_8.jpg
Nines vs. Food - Yellow Cab Pizza_9.jpg
I smell fennel! :))
Nines vs. Food - Yellow Cab Pizza_10.jpg
Nines vs. Food - Yellow Cab Pizza_11.jpg

The Galapeño Tango Fleet A is a food bundle with Yellow Cab's 18-inch pizza of any flavor, 4 servings of pasta of any choice, one dozen of Garlic Parmesan Wings, a bucket of Jalapeño Potato Wedges and chug it all down with two pitchers of Coke for only P2,800.00 and good for 10 to 12 persons.

The Galapeño Tango Fleet B, on the other hand, includes Yellow Cab's 14-inch pizza of any flavor, 2 servings of pasta of any choice, 4 pieces of Garlic Parmesan Wings, a bucket of Jalapeño Potato Wedges and chug it all down with a pitcher of Coke for only P1,400.00 and good for 4 to 5 people.

Nines vs. Food - Yellow Cab Pizza_12.jpg

What's really great about this is the wide variety of choices that you can choose from considering that you are ordering one bundle of food! You can choose from the more popular flavors of pizza, such as their meat lovers and four seasons. You can choose from 4 different pastas: the famous Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta, Alfredo Pastas and Spaghetti with Meatballs. And of course, you still get to enjoy their new Garlic parmesan Wings and Jalapeño Potato Wedges.

Nines vs. Food - Yellow Cab Pizza_13.jpg
My seatmates! Milo and Loren from Candy Magazine and Francis!
Nines vs. Food - Yellow Cab Pizza_14.jpg
Nines vs. Food - Yellow Cab Pizza_15.jpg
With fellow bloggers! Glad to see some of them again!
Nines vs. Food - Yellow Cab Pizza_16.jpg
Yours truly with the Marketing / Research Development Team
of Yellow Cab Pizza - Philippines
So aside from enjoying my food, I also get to bond once again with friends from the PR group of Yellow Cab Pizza, fellow bloggers and writers from other publications. It's always fun for me to come to these events and meet new people who inspire you more to improve on your craft. It was very nice meeting everyone!

I also wanna say a big thanks for the complimentary tokens aside from serving us a whole lot of yummy food!

Nines vs. Food - Yellow Cab Pizza_17.jpg
Gift courtesy of Yellow Cab Pizza.
Nines vs. Food - Yellow Cab Pizza_18.jpg
Club Yellow Cab Card that offers 10% discount for every food purchase
for dine-in, take out and delivery transactions
So please, go now, and visit Yellow Cab to experience Galapeño Tango! All the offers mentioned above are only limited until April 30, although I wish that the Garlic Parmesan Wings and Jalapeño Potato Wedges will soon be decided to be included on Yellow Cab's original menu. :))

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    Thanks again for coming. :) Hope to see you guys again in our future events! :)


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  5. Hi Nines,

    Our Galapeno TANGO is extended until 15 May 2013. Come visit us again soon! :)


    Best regards,
    Kat Lopez

  6. WOW! Thanks for the update Ms. Kats! Will share it on my FB and Twitter pages as well :))