My Buddha Bar Manila Experience: Part 3

Last March 1, I got the chance to be invited by Buddha Bar Manila to witness their grandeur lounge, restaurant and terrace and spectacle of food, drinks and other items as well. You can actually read more about it on my two previous articles about the amenities of the place and the divine menu bestsellers that they offer at Buddha Bar Manila.

More than that, I had one of the most luxurious moments of my life, which I was only able to experience so far. Call me posh that night, though at first intimidated as one may seem to normally be, as she steps into that other world reminiscent of a temple that is Buddha bar Manila. It's the one and only 7-star restaurant that's located in the Makati by the way.

I was also able to meet a lot of people from the social media and the blogging community. I really liked it when I talk to people about the different trends that we all share the same interest in (ahem, food). And I am hoping to see of them on events that I'll be going to in the future.

photo courtesy of Buddha Bar Manila

Mark, me, Ate Joy, Ayi, Ate Florenda

With fellow bloggers and Chef Soc Santos

After a quick introduction by Chef Soc Santos, executive chef of Buddha Bar Manila, that was when we got to taste their wonderful array of dishes and delectable desserts. I am really happy about the food and no complaints whatsoever about the service, since waiters were all over the place and I was accommodated my requests quickly. But we were advised that if we were to drive on our way home, take a little bit of concern as soon as we go upstairs to Buddha Bar Manila's terrace, since we are off for more surprises.

So after that light dinner we were escorted and I was so in awe with the way that they did the place. This is also where I experienced my first "Weekends at The Terrace" at Buddha Bar Manila --- which happens every Fridays and Saturdays from 8-11PM. It's actually where you get to relax on their comfy chairs and cabanas, while feasting on an all-you can eat buffet with grilled items like beef, chicken and pork as well as vegetables, stir fried noodles, and other bestsellers like their sushi and Buddha Bar Chicken Salad.

My favorite Mojito-oh-owo-oh
But wait, there's more! They also go with unlimited rhum and vodka mixed cocktails. And all for just P1,500 per person. And you get to hang out while looking at the beautiful night skyline of Makati while enjoying their own sounds of Buddha Bar compilations.

Shisha was also being "served", and I tried this bubble gum concoction as well.

I was actually able to get the chance of discovering and drinking some of their signature and bestseller cocktails, in detail below:

Heart of Darkness
Fresh grapes, cinnamon syrup, lemon juice, port wine and soda
I love the crushed fresh grapes which resembles jelly bits. Yum!

Fresh pineapple and basil with pineapple juice, syrup and vodka
One might say: but it's just pineapple juice! But apparently, too strong for me. 
The flavors, meantime, is sweet. Maybe if I'm in the mood I can finish this one.

Part of the event also covers giving away some great prizes from Buddha Bar Manila. So I got into this raffle draw where the participants from the social media can have the chance to win some uber cool prizes like some Technomarine watches, a trip for two to the hottest destination, the Ibiza Club resort, and some luxurious as well as collectible wines from Manny O.

So I was happy that my name was called, and I won this lovely bottle from Manny O. Wines.

I also got the chance of taking a picture with the owner of Buddha Bar Manila. A pleasure to meet you sir!

photo courtesy of Buddha Bar Manila
photo courtesy of Buddha Bar Manila

And of course, I got to end the night away drinking and chatting with blogger friends and the social media and marketing team of Buddha Bar Manila.

And before I left? I got some more wonderful freebies from Buddha Bar Manila, including this swanky discount card that I will use for sure when I come back. Probably on my birthday next month! :)

Oh and by the way, before I forget, I urge you to come to their Weekends at The Terrace because they are giving away some Fendi Perfumes for the Fendi Man and Woman of the night for FREE! This is only gonna happen during all weekends of March, so I would like to invite you all to go at Buddha Bar Manila and enjoy!

I believe this was the shortest account of my Buddha Bar Manila experience, but this sure wraps everything up...with lots of pictures that is! Thanks again to the wonderful 7-star treatment Buddha Bar Manila!

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