My Buddha Bar Manila Experience: Part 2

Buddha Bar Manila takes off as an ethereal venue for dining, drinking and even dancing. Basically, if there is a new place to enjoy that's right in the heart of Makati, it's Buddha Bar Manila. The place has been wonderfully made like an Asian Temple (see my previous article) and it's a great opportunity for me to try their awesome tasting dishes last week.

But before showing you the dishes that I have tried, let me share with you this Buddha Bar VIII compilation, one of the items that they are currently selling at Buddha Bar Manila. All the compilations are laid out for you to choose, and they also sell spa products, t-shirts, and other novelty items that you might want to purchase at a cheaper price, if in any case you have been to Buddha Bar in Paris or New York and haven't got the chance to buy it there. Or you can also check out Buddha Bar Manila's site as well.

One of the things I find so great about Buddha Bar Manila is their house music. In the afternoon, they usually play more soothing sounds with their mixture of compilations, but come 6:00PM onwards, you can enjoy their awfully magical and playful tunes that get faster and faster by the hour without stopping. And their lights automatically dim according to its surroundings. Only a place like Buddha Bar Manila offers this kind of exclusive luxury even with our sense of hearing and sight.

But more than that, let me give you a taste of what Buddha Bar Manila has to offer to satisfy your palate. From what their Executive Chef Soc Santos explained to us last week, their cuisine is defined as PanAsian - a plethora of French, Asian flavors that gets rolled out into unison. One may define it in the best way they can, but whatever it is, it sounds deliciously tempting! Here are some of their bestsellers:

Nines vs. Food - Buddha Bar Manila - 21.jpg
photo courtesy of Buddha Bar Manila

For starters, they served me this big glass of Buddha Bar Iced Tea - a blend of lychee and kiwi flavors in their own brewed tea (which I need not explain further, it may be a secret haha). I love this drink! And I was even a bit curious as to why they normally serve this with two straws when I was the only one to drink it. So it's really meant for sharing. Same goes with all their other food items below.

Nines vs. Food - Buddha Bar Manila - 22.jpg

Pink Lady 
*Made from breaded shrimp with avocado and cucumber, and served with their special unagi sauce and Buddha Bar Sauce. A must try. You can really tell that the sushi is made fresh when you bite into it. It's a sweet and savory treat that starts off as an appetizer or main dish if you ask me.

Nines vs. Food - Buddha Bar Manila - 23.jpg

Crunchy Rice Shrimp Jalapeno
*Deep fried Japanese rice with avocado, topped with jalapeno and shrimp. The rice, even though deep fried, is not oily at all. One of my favorites. And it goes well also with their Unagi and/or Buddha Bar Sauce.

Nines vs. Food - Buddha Bar Manila - 24.jpg

Boneless Chicken Wings
*Never tried the chicken (allergy alert!) but I love their spicy Thai Ginger Sauce Dip that came with it. As my fellow blogger Joy from Gastronomy by Joy says, it tasted like Tom Yum. I agree! A special thanks to Chef Soc for giving us a hint on what the special flavor was on the dip. She always get the best ingredients from our suppliers. So if they don't meet her expectations, shes gives it back to them! :)

Nines vs. Food - Buddha Bar Manila - 25.jpg

Sea Bass Tamarind
*Soft plump fish that's marinated in giner, lemongrass and cumire and roasted to perfection! Served with a sweet tamarind sauce. This is no wonder, one of their bestsellers.

Nines vs. Food - Buddha Bar Manila - 26.jpg

Buddha Bar Chicken Salad
*Another chicken alert - I never had the chance to try this as well. But it's offered in big servings and it's marinated chicken tossed with Buddha Bar's special dressing with crispy wanton chips and chinese cabbage topped with sesame seeds. I wanna try this next time though!

Nines vs. Food - Buddha Bar Manila - 27.jpg

Black Pepper Beef with Thai Basil
*My most favorite pick! And one of the crowd's favorites as well! It's tender beef cooked in their signature Black Papper sauce. Its sweet with a bit of slight heat from the black pepper, but it's so yummy that I tried this with the coconut and lemongrass rice that is usually paired with the prawns below hehe. Such a flavorful dish if you ask me.

Nines vs. Food - Buddha Bar Manila - 28.jpg

Thai Curry Prawns
*Never had the guts to try this last time, but I wish I had meds that day :) It's made with fresh tiger prawns in red thai curry sauce, served with coconut and lemongrass rice.

Nines vs. Food - Buddha Bar Manila - 29.jpg

Chocolate Creme Brulee
*It was a chocolate overload when dessert came! I love the crunchy sugar on top and the smooth creaminess of the chocolate custard below! It's served on chinese spoons that I adore. Their like small pieces of artwork! Superb!

Nines vs. Food - Buddha Bar Manila - 30.jpg

Chocolate Sesame Bars
*Also one of the best selling desserts. It's a duo-layered treat of sesame wafer below and smooth, chocolate that is not too sweet. Like KitKat but not really. It's only what you can get from Buddha Bar Manila.

Nines vs. Food - Buddha Bar Manila - 31.jpg

*Moist chocolate cake. Surprisingly, the story of this was that it was just made for one of their customers who had a birthday, and through Instagram it became well known and now part of their menu. Deliciously sinful!

If you think the place looks intimidating, here are just a few of their food items! And all of them was lavishly plated and tasted really different. Different yet sumptuously good. And only a 7-star restaurant like Buddha Bar Manila can give this to us.

Then again, Buddha Bar Manila encourages everyone that they too can experience a world class service without breaking too much of your budget. They do cater for a wider range of patrons, not just people like those of Heidi Klum, the Jonas Brothers, Sarah Jessica Parker, Lady Gaga, Eva Mendes, Paris Hilton, Rod Stewart, Jennifer Lopez and Madonna.

Would you believe me if I tell you that it's cheaper to dine and drink here compared to all other five-star restaurants which are probably those located in the most established hotels in the country? Now isn't that just something, right?

I still got a lot to say, so watch out for Part 3 of My Buddha Bar Manila Experience! Meantime, visit on to Buddha Bar Manila today for lunch or dinner during this weekend and feast your senses on their wonderfully crafted Asian Pacific Rim menu.

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