Hail to General's Lechon! Now Open in Makati

March 20, 2013 – So I woke up at 5:30 in the morning just to go out of the house and try the #1 voted lechon in Manila according to Spot dot PH last 2012. Hail to General's Lechon!

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I pity myself for not knowing all about General's Lechon until today. Good thing I was able to be chosen as one of the lucky people to join in and witness their humble store opening and store blessing at the 2ndfloor at Petron Gas Station on Edsa corner Pasay Road, Makati (right on the corner entering Dasmariñas Village). 

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I am taking an account of the story of General's Lechon with my perspective, since I have been doing my own research and man, they're all talking about the same thing! It's really quite boring to read the same content after all. For me, General's Lechon was born out of love for each other from owners Bryan and Lynn Ong, who started from the time when Lynn had a love at first bite experience with the lechon that she tasted during a time where she went to Bryan's province of San Carlos, Negros Occidental.

Lynn, who was pregnant, was on a higher note of being a perfectionist. At one time, she craved for it and was looking for the distinctive taste which is now evident with each bite of General's Lechon.

Fifty lechons, a jokingly exhausted husband Bryan and some other exhausted lechoneros later, they decided to take it into making it as a home based business. So they scoured the different provinces, did some research (recipes and pricing), bumped into some other discoveries (pigs being cultured to determine the pig having the right amount of fat and all). Little did they know that a lot of people were already raving about it, including some surprise write-ups on periodicals to the point where General's Lechon was raved by one of the most famous home chefs in the Philippines, Sandy Daza.

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Things were sprucing up, and more features on (online and offline) publications added to their now recognized lechon. And it was a very happy year for them that General's Lechon was voted as one of the best lechons (#1!) in Manila last 2012 by a famous website who does a lot of top ten picks of recommended food.

The Ong couple are busier than ever, and a year later after that, they decided to open up a take-out and pick-up point right at the 2nd floor of the Petron Gas Station at Edsa corner Pasay Road, Makati. I assume a lot of the people from the Makati villages are going to have a rad time enjoying General's Lechon on a regular basis hehe. Their lechunan is located in Parañaque and they specialize in 4 distinct flavors of lechon: Original, Garlic, Chili Garlic and Curry. I haven't got a chance to taste all of the flavors, but their Garlic Lechon was the star of their opening day.

I went as one of the early birds on this event, and I do felt a bit of tiredness since I went from Quezon City to Makati with my "enjoyment" for the early rush of Edsa traffic. We had to wait for a bit until everyone is complete and settled. Bryan and Lynn arrived separately with the lechons, since it was being brought in by a separate delivery vehicle.

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Contrary to my abnormal state for waking up and being out of the house early in the morning, Bryan Ong's enthusiasm was slowly spreading throughout the store like a virus. In an instant, after these funny stories from the beginnings of lechon up to this opening day, we were hooked to the fact that this couple really are passionate about what they do. I remember one of the bloggers asking him, "so why is it called General's Lechon?" Bryan instantly answered with glee, "Ask my wife!! Hahaha!" Surely to all you guys out there, you would figure this out. 

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As soon as the lechon arrived, we can all savor the wafting aroma of garlic, lemongrass, and other spices that makes out a Negros style lechon. The airconditioned room was now placed with a General's Lechon scented air freshener. Oh and I can't wait to taste the actual product. Hahaha.
After the blessing, Bryan showed up some of his surefire tips to serve lechon the proper way. It's really a no-no to mix the skin with the meat since the skin will lose its crispy texture. You can see all these important tips as soon as you visit the General's Lechon website.

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So one of the servers at General's Lechon opened up the package and what a sight to behold. Golden brown and slightly crackled skin. My mouth is watering already.

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He then scored the pig in crisscross manner, which separated the skin and offered it to me and the rest of the guests for tasting. The skin was definitely flavorful, and the garlic didn't overpower the natural flavor of the skin. I wanted to eat more, but I was a bit concerned as I realized, "....oh so I'm having lechon for breakfast. Good job Nines! Have a cholesterol loving day!" Maybe I can have another piece again. I'm gonna burn it anyway as soon as I go home. Hahaha!

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After the skin, the meat was next. Lean, with only a small lining of fat, which I think acts as a natural sauce as it melts in your mouth. Again, garlic, lemongrass, with a slight amount of saltiness. Everyone was agreeing that maybe the owners of General's Lechon should offer some rice to go with their takeouts as well!

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General's Lechon really needs no sauce, well in my case. But they also offer the usual liver lechon sauce and vinegar with minced onion mixture. Lynn was explaining to us that she prefers using the vinegar instead, and I couldn't agree more because it acts counters the richness of the lechon and balances out the flavor, as well as your palate.

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One of the important tips of General's Lechon which I was looking forward to is tearing up the ears. I am a fan of pork ears and I had the chance to taste it when Bryan offered it to us. It was so crispy and I was like a child who was given some candy so I can stop myself from crying! I thought it was fatty but it's not. I thought it was too chewy, but only slightly. I thought that the ears were not as valuable, but with General's Lechon, it is! And very much! Bryan said it is one of the less fatty portions of the meat, and I think this is what lechon aficionados would not resist.

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After chit chatting with the bloggers, I finally got the chance to thank Bryan and Lynn for the opportunity of being one of the people who have seen just how a couple can make it through venturing a business together that is General's Lechon. For me, their passion is considered truly as an inspiration for all other married couples out there. I also wanna thank you for the lechon take out. I tried it with hot rice and after a few hours the lechon skin was not as crispy, but not chewy at all. I loved it!

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General's Lechon in Makati offers take out by the kilo and as a pick up point when you order whole lechon. They are also selling atchara (pickled papaya) and paksiw na lechon. Currently, General's Lechon is priced at P850.00 per kilo and prices for whole lechons range from 6,000 above depending on the size. You may contact General's Lechon today to know more about their prices.

You may also check out, add and follow their pages below:
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