Google's Women On The Web Philippines Summit on March 22-23: A Public Invitation

As a home based entrepreneur (as I likely would call myself) since I have been making chocolate truffles to generate sales, and mostly generating customers online, I instantly grasped the opportunity to volunteer as one of the people on this event called Google Women Entrepreneur Meetup.

Apparently, due to me busy schedule with work and other conflicts with events, it was unfortunate that I backed out during the last minute. Even bf got his opportunity to be one of the volunteers for the programme, yet we already confirmed with other priorities. But hopefully, I do hope that when this event does a second round next year, we can already be able to catch up on what's happening with the vast opportunities that we can do to make our businesses successful offline and most especially, online.

This is the first ever Women on the Web Summit in the Philippines after its launch in Singapore last year. It was not really a concrete plan to include The Philippines as one of their venues for this kind of event, but after hearing some good news about the economy, and specifically with how active the women entrepreneurs are, it was a great decision that they pursued doing it here.

And having to do this in time for Women's Month, I do felt that need to be informed about the trends in terms of promoting your business, collaborations, promoting your business and optimization trends only offered by none other than one of the most recognized search engines in the world.

What's great about this event is also the exclusivity of it, since they are only going to entertain the first 250 people who register. And I think what's best about it, is that I think this is for free! I heard that they need about a 150 more participants, so grab the opportunity today and register now!

Please see more of the details from the following pages/accounts below:

Official website:
Official Twiiter Account: @GBGph
Official Facebook Page:

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