Soon To Open: Slappy Cakes Manila at Eastwood City


It was just last month where I remembered being literally glued to the TV screen as I visually devoured myself to some good shows from the Food Network Asia, and it's where I cannot help but get curious with Slappy Cakes. It was a rare occassion for me since our cable tv at home unfortunately doesn't cover this particular channel (I was at bf's kinda like ancestral house in Manila). But anyway, I cannot forget that moment when they showcased the best breakfast spots in America, including Slappy Cakes.

As I watch how the customers at Slappy Cakes in Portland, Oregon "played" with different kinds of pancake batter and made spider or heart shaped cakes on the grill on their table with different fruity, sweet and savory toppings, I couldn't help but get all giddy with the idea that I am seeing. Make your own pancakes? Seems like a simple thing to do at home. But putting it up as a restaurant concept? I thought it was a great investment!

Apart from all of the smokeless grills and hot pot restaurants that are scattered all over Manila, I find that no one has ever thought of this kind of venture before. A Slappy Cakes restaurant in Manila was not what I had in mind yet. But anyway, let's just say that I have underestimated some businessmen who likes franchising what's popular somewhere else in the world. But thank goodness that I don't have to save up for a ticket in the US just to experience eating at Slappy Cakes, because just this week, I saw this huge sign / tarpaulin at Eastwood City:

Nines vs. Food - Slappy Cakes Manila Opening Soon-1.jpg
Nines vs. Food - Slappy Cakes Manila Opening Soon-2.jpg
Nines vs. Food - Slappy Cakes Manila Opening Soon-3.jpg

I can't believe my eyes! Slappy Cakes is coming to Manila! Right below my office! My secret prayers have been answered, I guess. Woohoo!

Based on my research, I believe Slappy Cakes Manila will be the third store to open globally next to Portland, Oregon and Tokyo,Japan. I'm sure that it's going to be definitely one of its kind. You can check out the official website of Slappy Cakes to know more. Watch out for my next blog post about Slappy Cakes Manila!

The soon-to-be-open Slappy Cakes is located at the ground floor of 1880 Building beside Ramen Bar at Eastwood City. More details soon!

You can also read the updated post on Slappy Cakes Manila's opening date and details here.

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